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Retarus Cloud Services for the Internet Economy

Reliable, speedy and timely transmission of orders and messages is of particular importance for the business models of internet economy companies. Be it hotel booking platforms, car sharing providers or delivery services – it is crucial for the success of any digital enterprise to use services that reliably process all orders without any delay. This is why companies appreciate both the immediate availability and global flexibility of cloud solutions by Retarus.

Messaging Expertise for the Business Concepts of the Future

Booking confirmations sent via SMS or email, automatically generated delivery notifications transmitted via fax or authentication realized by means of secure two-way SMS – to keep users and partners reliably informed, web portals and communication systems need to be integrated as seamlessly as possible into existing systems and individual business processes. For no matter whether you are using a classical browser or a mobile app, orders are nowadays received simultaneously via numerous channels. Even at peak times and with fast growing demand, it remains crucial to transmit and process these orders within seconds. That’s why an increasing number of leading internet portals are optimizing their communication processes by making use of Retarus’ tried and tested messaging solutions.

We process several thousand orders per day on behalf of online delivery services. Thanks to Retarus, providers can continuously maximize their delivery rates. In addition to increased order throughput, they benefit from significantly less manual processing in customer support.

Martin Hager, founder and CEO, Retarus

Why Retarus

The internet sector poses special demands for their communication service providers – innovative internet companies require a partner which facilitates fast and flexible growth and allows them to break into new international markets. At the same time a great deal of expertise and experience is required in addition to reliable solutions. Retarus’ cloud services are highly available and meet the most demanding requirements for speed, quality and data security. It is of great advantage to maintain absolute control at all times, while also having available the capacities that meet their needs. In this way, the complexity of the company’s IT infrastructure can be kept low or reduced. Thanks to multi-client enabled reporting functions and a pay per use billing model, the costs of Retarus’ messaging solutions are 100 percent transparent. That’s what more and more internet companies around the world are banking on.

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Application Integration

Flexible, transparent and customized communications services that allow you communicate via fax, email, and SMS directly from and to business applications – reliably, securely and without needing an on-premises infrastructure. We are PCI DSS-certified for both data centers and services. Our services are the perfect solution for critical applications such as sending out PINs, passwords and SMS notifications.

Email Security & Compliance

Our end-to-end antivirus and antispam email communication solution provides gateway-based encryption, data processing through Retarus’ own PCI DSS-certified data centers that meet the most stringent data protection guidelines, as well as innovative email management and audit-compliant archiving.

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Desktop Communication

Fax and SMS services for desktops and devices: Seamless integration into Microsoft Windows, Office and Exchange or HCL Notes Domino environments. Efficient services that ensure maximum usability and deliverability. No need to install fax servers or an SMS gateway. Our services are the perfect solution for sending documents and transmitting information to customers and business partners.

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Broadcast & Content Delivery

Broadcast services designed to meet every need for efficient business communication and high-volume transmissions via email, fax and SMS. Our web-based solution is platform-independent and easy-to-use, allowing you to act promptly when it comes to sales, customer service, marketing, IR, PR, or staff and association communications. Create your email, fax and SMS mailshots intuitively via web browser and send them out reliably and exactly as scheduled – all within two minutes.

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Each Customer Is a Recommendation

Please review our references for examples of how businesses in the internet economy industry have successfully mastered specific requirements thanks to Retarus’ Cloud Services.

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