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Retarus Press Release

Retarus expands development capacities at the Lisbon tech hub

Following the move to larger premises, the company is searching for more staff

Madrid, 13.05.2022 // Roughly ten months after Retarus founded its subsidiary in Lisbon, the Munich-based enterprise cloud provider has nearly doubled its number of employees in Portugal and is now relocating to larger premises. The move will provide enough space for the next step in the company’s growth in the important European IT hub. The employees in Lisbon bolster technical departments such as software development, IT operations, and application management as well as global marketing for the head office in Munich.

The co-working space initially rented for the opening of the site last year could no longer keep pace with the growth of the Portuguese organization and had become too small for the number of employees. Retarus responded by leasing larger, light-filled offices for the staff. As of the middle of May, seven Retarians in the development and marketing teams will work in the new offices, along with a colleague from Munich who will join them on international rotation. Additionally, several other open positions have also been advertised.
Retarus office Lisbon opening

The new Retarus office is located between Lisbon’s harbor on the Tejo River and the Tapada das Necessidades park. The opening of the new office was celebrated at the beginning of April, attended by representatives from aicep Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency (AICEP) as well as Martin Hager, founder and CEO of Retarus.

“Our decision to establish an office in Portugal with its excellently educated specialists has proven to be the perfect choice,” explains Hager. “We are proud to have expertly trained employees here, who are making a significant contribution to the development, operations, and marketing of our globally successful services, all while closely collaborating with their colleagues in Munich. Lisbon provides the ideal environment to continue growing our capacities and find the talent that we need.”

Retarus Portugal Unip Lda. is the 13th country organization founded by Retarus, joining Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Romania, the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and the USA.

More information and current job vacancies can be found at and

Acerca de Retarus

Con sus excelentes soluciones y servicios, su infraestructura inteligente y sus tecnologías patentadas, Retarus gestiona la comunicación para empresas en todo el mundo. Las tecnologías de vanguardia, los centros de datos de alta disponibilidad y la innovadora Cloud Messaging Platform de Retarus ofrecen máximos niveles de seguridad y rendimiento, así como continuidad empresarial. Gracias a su experiencia en la gestión de flujos de información a nivel empresarial, Retarus se encarga de que toda información llegue, de forma segura y fiable, en el momento adecuado, al lugar adecuado y en el formato adecuado. Desde 1992, y con 19 sucursales en cuatro continentes. Más del 50 % de las empresas del EURO STOXX 50, del DAX 40 y del CAC 40 y el 25 % de las empresas del S&P100 confían en los servicios de Retarus. Entre nuestros clientes se encuentran, entre otros, Adidas, Bayer, BNP Paribas, Bosch, Cepsa, Continental, DHL, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, Honda, Iberia Cargo, Línea Directa Aseguradora, Linde, Puma, Singapore Airlines, Sixt, Stellantis, T-Systems y Zeiss.

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