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Tag: Retarus Transactional Email

  • 07/10/2021 – With its new Trace & Recover service, Retarus offers an innovative service to benefit companies that send emails directly from their business applications. The service complements Retarus Transactional Email by caching transactional emails securely in an intelligent short-term storage – such as to allow service and contact center staff to send the messages again effortlessly at any time should the need arise. This is especially beneficial to companies with complex application landscapes and workflows, who gain substantial value from the time and cost saved as well as achieving significantly higher customer satisfaction. The new service is immediately available as part of the modular Retarus Secure Email Platform.
  • 30/08/2019 – Munich-based cloud service provider retarus GmbH has added secure document handling to its API for high-volume email transmission, including automated encryption of attached files and the option of providing a template for email jobs detailing the design of the message (templating). Along with these technical advances, the service is being strategically repositioned at the same time.