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Retarus Cloud Services for the Insurance Sector

The insurance sector finds itself in a period of fundamental transition. Low interest rates for life insurance policies, fierce new competition from direct insurers, price checks via internet portals, as well as increased service expectations are fueling the need for digitalization and automation. At the same time, sensitive customer data is currently exposed to ever increasing risks due to virus attacks.

Secure Cloud Services for Insurers

With cloud services, insurers are gearing themselves up for the digital future and opening up opportunities in new fields of business. Thanks to contemporary customer service and innovative service options, insurers are able to optimize their complaint management and speed up their communication processes significantly. Registrations and other forms can be digitized by means of optical character recognition and flow into automated work processes (black box processing). By means of self-service portals, customers make critical changes themselves––safeguarded by two-factor authentication via mTAN. Personalized SMS messages remind customers of policies soon to expire, assist in the first registration of a new vehicle or provide a timely warning to policy-holders of upcoming storms, helping them to avoid damage to property. Thanks to the automation of these standard processes, staff have more time to focus on account management for offers which require intensive consultations, such as nursing care insurance or the new cyber insurances policies.

In Retarus we have found a trusted partner that enables us to send messages securely and reliably to our customers by means of SMS. The technical quality of the services, the high rate of delivery as well as use-based billing were key factors in opting for Retarus.

Vincent Pacton, Head of Operations and Telecom, Europ Assistance France

Why Retarus

Retarus offers insurance companies comprehensive data transmission services from a single source, including highly professional support, trouble-free integration, use-based billing and support 24/7. Our cloud messaging services open up new opportunities for insurance products and services, while also enabling automated processing of contracts or handling of damage claims.
The Retarus Enterprise Cloud has sufficient capacity to meet the most demanding speed, quality and data security needs. In this way, the cloud services are compliant with the requirements of local data protection laws and regulations such as the GDPR, BaFin (German Banking and Finance Authority), or HIPAA and conform to PCI-DSS and auditing standard ISAE 3402.

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Application Integration

Communication by way of fax, e-mail, or SMS straight into and out of applications – ideal for automated transmission of vouchers, receipts and invoices as well as the delivery of electronic acknowledgement of insurance policies, and the confirmation of appointments or mTANs. Flexible, needs-based and transparent. Saves companies the effort and expense of running their own infrastructures. Reliable and secure.

Email Security & Compliance

The comprehensive solution for e-mail communication free of virus and spam: includes reliable encryption, Patient Zero Detection®, legally compliant archiving and data processing in accordance with local data protection guidelines in Retarus-operated data centers.

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Desktop Communication

Fax and SMS services for desktop and devices: straight from existing Microsoft Windows, Office and Exchange environments or HCL Notes Domino. Maximum levels of user-friendliness, speed and efficiency. Ideal for sending and receiving forms and contracts, as well as everyday communication in the course of handling claims. Without installing a fax server or SMS gateways.

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Broadcast & Content Delivery

Broadcast Services to meet all requirements for internal and external e-mail, fax and SMS communication––intuitive to use and not dependent on specific platforms. Your employees independently draft their own emails, text messages, and faxes via the web browser and send them with absolute precision and great reliability even to large distribution lists.

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