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Retarus Press Release

Retarus joins French IT security alliance Hexatrust

With this membership, Retarus strengthens its position as the leading e-mail security provider in Europe.

Milano, 04.04.2022 // Retarus has become a member of Hexatrust, an French alliance of leading IT security providers similar to the German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT). France is one of several countries in which Retarus is advocating for innovative and secure email security solutions. The enterprise cloud provider is also aiming to expand its partner network in France and reinforce the company’s position as a trusted and reliable email security expert.  

The Retarus Secure Email Platform enables companies to effectively safeguard their business-related email communication from all forms of cyberattacks. Intelligent, multilevel security mechanisms and patented components preventatively protect the company network against advanced threats such as ransomware, spear-phishing, and CEO fraud. Retarus also makes it possible to detect previously unknown threats and to rapidly and retrospectively react to them.

In addition to comprehensive email security services, the Secure Email Platform offers extensive modules for email infrastructure such as Transactional Email and Email Continuity. Retarus also supports its customers in complying with regional and international compliance requirements, including law-compliant real-time archiving of e-mails, Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention. This makes Retarus the only European provider to offer a complete range of services from a single source covering all aspects of the communication channel e-mail.

A trustworthy European partner for email security


“Many companies still don’t have sufficient protection against sophisticated email attacks or other disruptions to their communication infrastructure. In addition, they now have to grapple more intensively with data protection regulations, including topics like sovereignty and governance. As a European company which fully complies with data protection regulations like the GDPR and operates its own data centers in Europe, we place a special emphasis on such matters,” says Martin Hager, founder and CEO of Retarus.

“Through our active participation in Hexatrust we are continuing to advance the European discourse on IT security and we are supporting companies in significantly reducing their exposure to cyber risks – especially when it comes to business communication.”

“Our commitment to Hexatrust is the next logical step in our development within the French market. It enables us to now establish Retarus as a trustworthy partner in the French cybersecurity ecosystem, as is already the case in Germany and other regions in Europe,” adds Cyril Derrien, Head of Channel & Alliances at Retarus France. “We are looking forward to a productive exchange of opinions and close collaboration with companies that share Retarus’ values.”

Informazioni su Retarus

Retarus offre soluzioni Enterprise Cloud per Messaging, Email Security e Business Integration, garantendo il massimo in termini di assistenza, prestazioni elevate, sicurezza, conformità alle norme sulla protezione dei dati e diffusione globale. I servizi di Retarus vengono utilizzati con successo per la cloudificazione e la protezione delle infrastrutture di messaggistica e di posta elettronica, nonché per l'automazione intelligente di processi e flussi di lavoro aziendali. Retarus, azienda con sede a Monaco di Baviera, è stata fondata da Martin Hager nel 1992 e da allora è gestita dai proprietari. L'azienda vanta circa 500 collaboratori in 19 filiali, dislocate in quattro continenti. Oltre il 40% delle società quotate nell'indice S&P Global 100 si affida a Retarus. Per ulteriori informazioni, visitare il sito:

About Hexatrust

Hexatrust, founded in 2014, is a French alliance of companies which are active in the field of cybersecurity. Hexatrust has set itself the goal of representing the interests of the cloud computing and cybersecurity sectors, as its main association, in its dealings with the government and relevant authorities. The Hexatrust alliance stands for “cybersecurity made in Europe in cooperation with the European Cyber Security Organization”. It is already well-known on the market and firmly established in the cybersecurity ecosystems. The companies comprising Hexatrust join forces to promote and strengthen trust in the excellence of cloud and cyber computing.


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