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Digitally Integrate Suppliers Who Don’t Use EDI into the Ordering Process

Manual order processes in the supply chain are time-consuming and cost-intensive. But how can B and C suppliers, who do not use EDI, be digitally integrated into the supply chain? With WebConnect for Suppliers, you can now easily digitalize and automate manual order processes with suppliers who don't use EDI and save a significant amount of money in the process. What does this mean in terms of real numbers? Use our interactive calculator to easily determine your savings potential.

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Entdecken Sie die Cloud für sichere Business-Kommunikation

Messe Nürnberg
25. October 202227. October 2022
Besucher der it-sa kennen Retarus als Anbieter für E-Mail-Sicherheit. Unsere Leidenschaft gilt jedo...
Improving Email Security with Retarus

Online Webinar
25. October 2022 · 02:00 pm03:00 pm
In our webinar, we will present how Retarus Secure Email Platform can help organizations protect the...

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