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Add-on to safeguard and resend Transactional EmailTrace and Recover: The Intelligent Short-Term Storage for Your Application Traffic

Complement Retarus Transactional Email with the Trace and Recover add-on module. It’s the best way to safeguard emails sent from business applications and accelerate your workflows and processes. This smart short-term storage enables your service team or contact center to quickly resend transactional emails to customers at anytime. No need to intervene in the actual workflow or access the business application itself.

Send Transactional Emails Even without Access to Business Applications

With Retarus Transactional Email, companies can automatically send large volumes of emails directly from business applications via the Retarus Enterprise Cloud, without straining their own email infrastructure. With the Trace and Recover add-on service, defined employees can quickly trigger transactional emails that have “gone astray” to be resent directly via their browser. Often, this option is not possible from directly within the business application: business processes may be too complex, involve multiple applications, or employees don’t have the required access rights. Trace and Recover is particularly useful for companies with complex application landscapes and workflows, saving them time and money, all resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Fully Automated Storage to Find and Resend Transactional Emails Quickly

Trace and Recover saves all emails generated and sent by Retarus Transactional Email and keeps them in short-term storage from the moment they are first sent. If requested, additional reference information can be supplied – such as a customer or transaction number – to make emails easier to find at a later point in time. Employees with the appropriate authorization are able to find emails quickly, using the web-based Retarus administration portal, myEAS. They can view the emails with the preview functionality and resend transactional emails via Retarus. It is even possible to change the recipient address when resending, such as in cases where the original address had a typo or if an error was made when registering it in the browser input screen.

Use case

Typical Use Case for Retail and E-Commerce

An international retail chain has its own online shop. Goods ordered online can be picked up at the local store (click and collect). Often, customers picking up an order do not have the necessary pickup confirmation/receipt with them upon arrival. Because of the extremely complex application landscape and workflows in the backend, up to now it was not possible for the retailer’s support center to regenerate these emails directly from the application. At least not without an enormous amount of research or recreating the initial order again.

Similar problems arose with documents such as warranty receipts and invoices. From an accounting standpoint, it was often not possible to create a new one. With Trace and Recover, customer service now has a user-friendly tool at its fingertips to help them respond quickly and easily to these types of customer inquiries. All without having to access the e-commerce or ERP system.


Retarus Trace and Recover at a Glance


Trace and Recover safeguards your application traffic by caching transactional emails securely in an intelligent short-term storage.

  • Smart temporary storage for 45 days
  • Simple search and resend option for support and contact center workers
  • Add reference details (e.g. customer or process numbers) for even easier search
  • Preview capability for emails before resending
  • Edit recipient before resending the message
  • Continuous monitoring and event data for resent jobs
Trace and Recover Process

Trace & Recover Process

Email, Made for Business.

Retarus Transactional Email allows you to automatically send large volumes of emails via API directly from business applications through the powerful, 100% GDPR-compliant Retarus Enterprise Cloud, without straining your own email infrastructure. Thanks to CSA certification and sophisticated reputation management with excellent delivery rates.

Further protect email traffic from your applications with Retarus Trace and Recover and accelerate support processes. The intelligent short-term storage enables service or contact center employees to quickly find and resend lost transactional emails without having to access the business application that originally sent them.

The Retarus Bounce and Response Manager is the perfect enhancement for transactional email. It allows you to manage your inbox, even when email volume is high. For example, customer inquiries can be automatically separated from out-of-office replies and hard bounces, significantly accelerating response and reply times.

Stay productive with Retarus Email Continuity even if your own email infrastructure isn’t available at that moment. Retarus provides transitional, ready-to-use, pre-provisioned webmail inboxes for your users. If an incident occurs, routing for your down email infrastructure can be redirected without interruptions to the active backup.

With Retarus Predelivery Logic, the processing of incoming emails can be fully automated and rapidly accelerated. Based on your own rules, messages are sorted by content, language, or other criteria and diverted, blocked, deleted, flagged, or edited accordingly—even before they reach your infrastructure.

Do You Have Questions about Retarus’ Trace and Recover?

Do you want to make sending emails from business applications even more reliable and accelerate your support processes? Contact our experts and allow us to introduce Retarus Trace and Recover to you.