Encrypting Sensitive Patient Data with Retarus E-Mail Encryption

Encrypting Sensitive Patient Data with Retarus E-Mail Encryption

Long-term care planning, complaint management, or current information about the progression of a disease – for senior care facilities and nursing homes active in the healthcare industry, daily communication with family members is essential. The preferred channel of communication these days is email. It is the easiest and fastest way to exchange information, around the clock and inexpensively.

Personal and highly sensitive data must be protected from unauthorized access

The problem is that sending email via the Internet is like sending a postcard: Anyone who is in some way involved in the transportation process can theoretically read it. Generally speaking, the data transmitted in the health industry is personal and highly sensitive, and it must be protected from unauthorized access through sufficient encryption technology.

Installing complex end-to-end encryption is often much too involved for private users. Senior care facilities and nursing homes are not in the position to provide IT support for end users, nor are they able to manage encryption themselves.

Encrypted email transmission via Retarus E-Mail Encryption

With Retarus E-Mail Encryption, healthcare companies can ensure the confidentiality of their communications and comply with applicable data protection regulations, such as the security measures set out in the German Federal Data Protection Act against unauthorized access of personal data during transmission. Using a customer-specific set of rules, confidential messages, including all file attachments, are automatically encrypted and then sent securely to the recipient. The intelligent email filtering function offered by Retarus E-Mail Security Services ensures that outbound emails (before encryption) and inbound emails (after decryption) are always checked for viruses and blocked as needed.

Retarus E-Mail Encryption enables emails and their attachments to be encrypted, using established standards such as S/MIME, PGP, and OpenPGP. Connection via VPN or TLS ensures that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access at all times and in each phase of the email sending process.

Retarus Secure Webmailer: Secure email communication with privat users

For communication partners who use neither S/MIME nor PGP, Retarus offers Secure Webmailer. Confidential emails are automatically encrypted for the recipient and stored on the web-based portal. The recipient receives an email with a link, and via an HTTPS connection, can not only access the email securely, but also send an encrypted response directly from the platform.

As an alternative to encrypted email transmission via Secure Webmailer, the email to be encrypted can also be delivered to the recipient within a password-protected PDF document. The recipient must only enter the correct encryption password. The PDF document contains both the email text and all attachments that were contained in the original email.

Discover more details about Retarus E-Mail Encryption here or from your local Retarus contact person.

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