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Retarus Press Release

Retarus intensifies channel sales worldwide

Partners selling Retarus Secure Email Platform benefit from exceptionally high levels of flexibility as well as strict compliance with the EU’s stringent data protection regulations.

Madrid, 22.09.2020 // Cloud services provider Retarus is launching a new partner program for its Secure Email Platform. Channel partners are set to benefit from the impressive flexibility of Retarus’ cloud services, which allow partners sufficient options for independent implementation and configuration of the services while also fulfilling the most stringent European data protection guidelines and regulations. The new two-pillar channel sales model is directed both at those potential partners simply providing standardized email security packages and those selling highly customized services at enterprise level to customers with huge, complex email infrastructures.

With this strategic expansion of its indirect sales model, Retarus is responding to a constant rise in demand for innovative cloud-based email security services, which also have to be able to stand up to the stringent European guidelines on data protection – as the recent ECJ Privacy Shield ruling has now made clear. So far, the services provided under the Secure Email Platform banner have predominantly been sold directly. Just recently, Retarus announced its entry into the eastern European market, where the cloud platform will be sold exclusively through channel partners. The company is now also increasing its focus on channel partners at its other locations, especially looking to gain systems integrators, managed security or email service providers, hosters, outsourcers or value-added resellers as sales partners.

Retarus offers attractive profit margins without laborious certification. The company also places great importance on ensuring that its email security products are especially well suited to the partnership and that customer-specific tailoring can be achieved without a great deal of effort. One recent example of this is the recently launched Predelivery Logic service, which allows Retarus‘ partners to contribute their own know-how and process expertise to customer projects in a targeted manner, for instance by setting up their own rules for processing and distributing emails.

Successfully collaborating on implementing customer projects


“Our channel sales business is now set to become another core component in our international sales strategy for the Secure Email Platform. It will help us to develop an even stronger presence on the global market for email security cloud services,” says Martin Hager, CEO and founder of Retarus. “We are pressing ahead with ongoing targeted development of our products, to ensure that our partners can carry out customer-specific tailoring with as little effort as possible. As a result, we are able to successfully carry out even highly complex customer projects together. In this way, Retarus Secure Email Platform provides substantial added value compared with rigid, inflexible security services. Above and beyond this, the recent ECJ ruling on ‘Privacy Shield’ has made our service even more attractive.”

Comprehensive protection for your email communication

Retarus‘ Secure Email Platform provides protection from cyberattacks, including safeguards against advanced threats, early detection of previously unknown malware (Retarus’ patented Patient Zero Detection) with automated response processes as well as wide-ranging monitoring, flexible and detailed SIEM integration, all backed up by local support which is free of charge. The cloud platform fulfills the most stringent provisions for data protection and legal compliance, while also offering exceptionally attractive profit margins for channel partners. In its Now Tech: Enterprise Email Security Providers, Q3 2020, analyst firm Forrester lists Retarus Secure Email Platform as the only the only independent, fully-fledged secure email gateway based in Europe. The platform also includes Retarus Transactional Email, a powerful engine for the bulk mailing of email messages from applications.

Potential channel partners are invited to contact the company at or take a look at to find out more about Retarus Secure Email Platform and the company’s new partner program.

Acerca de Retarus

Retarus ofrece soluciones empresariales en la nube para Messaging, Email Security y Business Integration. Con el máximo nivel de servicio, alto rendimiento, seguridad, conformidad con las normativas de protección de datos y a nivel global. Los servicios de Retarus se utilizan con éxito tanto para la cloudificación y protección de infraestructuras de mensajería y correo electrónico, como para la automatización inteligente de procesos comerciales y flujos de trabajo. Retarus, con sede en Múnich, fue fundada en 1992 por Martin Hager y ha sido dirigida por sus propietarios desde entonces. La empresa emplea en torno a 500 empleados en 20 sucursales de cuatro continentes. Más del 40 por ciento de las empresas multinacionales que mide el índice S&P Global 100 confían en Retarus. Más información:

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