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E-invoicingReady for the Future: Standardized Digitization of Your Invoicing Processes

Use Retarus Business Integration Services to send and receive invoices internationally and in compliance with legal requirements.

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For Customers, Suppliers, Public Authorities and Platforms

There is hardly a business process today that is undergoing as many changes as invoicing. More and more, established invoicing processes involve the most varied transmission channels, formats and media types. Invoicing requirements, which now also include those of other countries, are so complex that existing systems and infrastructures frequently reach their limits.

Retarus Business Integration Services help you to fulfill almost all requirements that apply to sending or receiving invoices in no time at all. And Retarus supports that invoicing processes you use for both your customers and suppliers. We also work together with public authorities across Europe as well as platforms such as OpenPeppol and Ariba.

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Our Services


Comprehensive support

Support for numerous international B2B & B2G e‑invoicing standards

Support for hybrid formats

Support for structured data through embedded, readable documents (e.g. UBL) or vice versa (e.g. ZUGFeRD 2.0)

Processing of all channels

From fax and email to scanned postal mail. Retarus provides the right channels.

Comprehensive solution

We offer data processing, data validation, process handling, transmission, archiving and additional services from one source.

Planned support with SLAs

We are there when you need us, offering the services you need and the reliability you can trust.

Complex process handling

Want to send invoices to recipients, public authorities, your archive and tax advisers all at the same time? You can with Retarus.

Automatic data capture

Thanks to the latest IDR technology, we can automatically capture your invoice data at the highest possible quality.

References from Numerous Industries

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Pharma & healthcare
  • Food industry
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Logistics

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Manage All of Your Invoice Process Requirements Centrally


Retarus supports your invoicing via all of today’s conventional communication channels. Each month, we send millions of invoices for our customers. Thanks to hybrid formats that combine PDF and structured invoicing data, you can set simple EDI parameters to define the outgoing channel.

Retarus Managed EDI Serivces


Invoices are sent through the most varied channels that are often very difficult to manage. Simple PDF documents are not very useful in this case, because even though they are “digital” and cost-effective, they cannot be processed in a structured or automatic way. Retarus can work with all of your input channels and capture unstructured documents in such a way that you always receive structured documents in the end.

Retarus Managed EDI Serivces

Your Advantage with Retarus

Document validation

We can check your invoice data before we send it to you, for example, totals, taxes, plausibility (e.g. IBAN check), completeness in compliance with VAT law or reconciliation of master data (customer number, item number, etc.). If there is an error, we can trigger processes to correct the error as efficiently as possible.

Retarus document validation helps you save an enormous amount of time otherwise spent on checking details and correcting errors.

Long-term archiving according to GoBD guidelines

In international business, legal requirements for archiving tax-relevant documents specifically, are country specific and must continuously be adapted and updated. With Retarus Long Term Archiving Service you are always on the safe side. Our efficient archiving service with georedundancy makes it possible to save data in accordance with compliance regulations applicable throughout Europe and in many other countries.

You no longer need to keep pace with ever-changing compliance requirements. This means you are always up to date when something changes.

Electronic signature

There are still many countries today that require a qualified electronic signature by law. This is also because it is the only technical way to ensure that your invoice data will not be changed or tampered with in the future.

With Retarus’ Signing Service, PDFs and selected EDI formats receive a qualified electronic signature and therefore comply with external or internal compliance requirements.

Send Electronic Invoices to Authorities – The “XRechnung” Is Here!

Anyone in Germany who wants to issue invoices to federal, state and local authorities in the future must do so electronically. PDF invoices will no longer be permitted for this. Instead, data must be transferred in the form of an XRechnung (a special e-invoice format).

Another buzzword in e-invoicing is the ZUGFeRD 2.0 hybrid format. This is because in addition to a PDF document, the ZUGFeRD format also includes a structured, standard-compliant XML file. ZUGFeRD is particularly suited for sending bulk invoices. In the past, invoices were sent as simple PDF files, which often complicated things for recipients when they tried to capture the data.


Want to learn more about the story behind the XRechnung and ZUGFeRD formats, why there is no way around them and how you can start using them? Then read the Retarus white paper entitled “Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Invoicing in Germany: XRechnung and ZUGFeRD 2.0”.

PEPPOL: Retarus Connects You to Europe’s Public Authorities

Retarus is fully certified as a “Certified PEPPOL Access Point”. As such, we make it possible for you to send electronic invoices to more and more public institutions in the future throughout all of Europe. PEPPOL is the acronym for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line. Public institutions and private companies can exchange electronic commercial documents via this interoperable network.

PEPPOL in Germany

In Germany, this specifically concerns the implementation of the XRechnung. Federal authorities are already able to receive them; states and municipalities will be able to receive them in the spring of 2020. Suppliers will be required to submit their invoices as an XRechnung as of November 2020. PEPPOL is thus the defined communication channel for the automated transfer of invoices (smaller quantities can also be submitted individually via decentralized portals belonging to the federal government and state governments or via a wide variety of email addresses or De-Mail addresses).

Benefits of PEPPOL at a glance

  • Automation of the B2G invoicing process
  • Encrypted and confirmed transfer
  • Meets the requirements of the entire purchase-to-pay process chain
  • International coverage
  • Can be used as a B2B network

Let Retarus Help You Become a Part of the Network

Joining the PEPPOL network is easy with Retarus. The only thing we need from you is your invoice data in any format via any communication protocol. Our EDI team will handle the rest with our Managed EDI Service.


All you need to know to easily send electronic invoices to the public sector throughout Europe can be found in Retarus’ white paper “Peppol: Connecting with the public sector in Europe and worldwide”.

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