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New Communication
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Digital transformation is changing processes and supply chains, products and companies, entire industries and markets. Retarus supports businesses, enabling adaptation to these changes. With cloud solutions for digital business communication that enable the efficient and secure exchange of information. For people, applications, and machines. This is how more efficient business processes are developed. Processes that work better, are more flexible, agile, and transparent.

It’s time for something better.

Retarus at a Glance

Our Company

Founded in 1992 with headquarters in Munich – privately owned, since the beginning

Our Team

Over 460 employees from over 30 nations worldwide are here to support you

Our Customers

More than 4500 companies worldwide rely on Retarus

Our Service

24/7 support from experienced technicians in your local language

Our Technology

100% in-house development of cloud solutions, 100% GDPR compliance

Our Locations

19 office locations and 7 data centers on 4 continents

Better Business

Technological advances are changing day-to-day business. Everywhere. And faster than ever. Companies must act, adapt their processes, use innovation to enhance their capabilities. Communication plays a vital role. It has to be secure. Fast. Reliable. And above all, digital. And automated.

That’s exactly what has been driving Retarus since 1992. Founded on the idea of linking the LAN email system cc:Mail to the public CompuServe email network using the Retarus-developed software platform CIS:Link, Retarus is now one of the leading international providers of secure and high-performance communication for business-critical processes. Tailored to the needs of the upper middle market and international corporations. Providing cloud platforms that secure all relevant channels of business information exchange from a single source. Via email, fax, SMS, and EDI. For all standards. For all industries. And ready today for what tomorrow’s business will demand. We are proud that the world’s most successful companies appreciate our contribution to their value creation relying on our products for their business communication.

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Our vision is to be the global leader for enterprise-level cloud solutions, enabling business communication in a reliable, efficient, and compliant manner.

The Retarus Vision

Better Technologies

Exchange information easily, quickly, and reliably. We hear these words from companies time and time again. From all sides, in all possible scenarios. We’ve built the Retarus Enterprise Cloud and its communication platforms specifically to meet this need.

Its multi-tenant architecture is backed by an intelligent infrastructure that is specifically designed for demanding business processes. With high availability and high performance. Technologically independent. With our own self-sufficient, redundantly designed data centers that are located around the world to comply with locally applicable data protection and compliance guidelines at each location. With our own encrypted, high-performance dedicated lines. With solutions that we continuously develop and update without interrupting operations and without any maintenance windows. With numerous pre-built functions that reduce your need for self-developed customizations. For all systems, industry standards, interfaces, and APIs. With innovations and patented technologies. And most importantly, with the transparency you’ve probably been dreaming about for a long time. Every single email can be tracked as it travels through our infrastructure. In real-time. So you always understand exactly what our products are doing for you.

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We enable efficient and secure business communication for companies around the world via our innovative enterprise-level cloud solutions. We are always mindful of our customers’ priorities and concerns and committed to securing great customer experiences with the highest quality. We operate with professionalism and appreciation and always care for cultural and human values.

The Retarus Mission

Better Service

At Retarus, the Cloud is not an impersonal self-service shop. We are there for you. Always open to your questions, requests, and suggestions. The best ideas for our platforms and solutions come from discussions with our customers. Behind the Retarus Enterprise Cloud are people, full of passion, and with plenty of expertise.

Retarus is here to support you and address your concerns personally. From sales to development to technology. From service selection to go-live and beyond. Individual SLAs? No problem. Our legal team will handle it. An audit in one of our data centers? We’ll be happy to make that happen, any time. As well as individual integration scenarios that go far beyond market standards. With technical consultants who can bring even the most complex projects to a successful conclusion. With premium support for you anywhere in the world. 24/7. In your local language. And with service managers that proactively ensure our products run smoothly for you at all times.

Ready to get to know the Retarus team?

Alexander Müller
Senior Alliance Manager
retarus GmbH
Sweta Gopalan
Head of Marketing US
retarus (North America) Inc.
Dominik Ptacek
Partner Account Manager
retarus GmbH
Christian Schenk
Head of Marketing DACH
retarus GmbH
Bianca Mot
Global Operation Manager
retarus (Romania) S.R.L.
Jens Koch
Head of Product Management Ecosystems, Partners & Offerings
retarus GmbH
Miriam-Carena Schmitt
Vice President Sales Excellence
retarus GmbH
Dylan Castagne
Managing Director Asia
retarus (Asia) Pte. Ltd.
Daniel Schwab
Manager Global Sales Operations
retarus GmbH
Nico Pfaff
Director Channel & Alliances
retarus GmbH
Minerva Villa Buitrago
Customer Success Manager
retarus (Ibérica) S.L.U.
Benjamin Storbeck
Head of Partner Sales
retarus GmbH
Reza Madjidi
Head of Product Management IDP
retarus GmbH
Emilija Prusaite
Marketing Manager Fairs & Events
retarus GmbH
James Pepe
Product Marketing Manager Messaging Europe
retarus GmbH
Oliver Kirmaier
Head of Partner Sales
retarus GmbH
Daniel Boldt
Creative Director
retarus GmbH
Yvonne Kaupp
Analyst Relations
retarus GmbH
Benoit Tremolet
General Manager France
retarus (France) SAS
Majkel Kostic
Marketing Campaign Manager
retarus GmbH

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