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Email Archive Meet Requirements for Compliance and Retention Policies at All Times with Enterprise-Level Email Archiving

Tamper-proof, long-term storage for all your email communications, including hybrid encryption, GDPR compliance, and maximum performance.

Stored Securely, Found Quickly:
Email Archiving the Way It Should Be

Back up all your incoming and outgoing emails in real time and make every message always available in accordance with applicable retention periods. Retarus Email Archive stores all external — and, if desired, internal — emails automatically, reliably, and long term for up to ten years. In their original raw format including all SMTP information and in a way that they cannot be altered. The messages to be archived are processed in parallel so they are delivered to recipients quickly. All emails are stored (in compliance with the GDPR and other international data protection guidelines of course) in Retarus’ own high-availability and redundant data centers within Europe. There, your electronic correspondence is protected from unauthorized access at all times through the use of hybrid encryption. This creates the best conditions for complying with national and international legal regulations, strict industry standards, and internal company compliance guidelines or email retention policies.

Speed is not only important for archiving. With Retarus, searching for individual messages is just as straightforward. With powerful search functions, administrators can locate and retrieve archived emails in milliseconds, even in the case of high volumes of messages and storage. Search criteria can be narrowed granularly as required, for example, based on data protection regulations.


Each time the Retarus Email Archive is accessed it is automatically logged in a “compliance log”.

Administrators can only access the archive using the four-eyes principle. Search criteria can also be restricted individually to ensure maximum data protection.

On average, it takes 5.1 milliseconds to find a message in a Retarus Email Archive with 75 million stored emails.

Encrypted Archive, Reliable Email Retention

Retarus Enterprise Email Archive

Before being archived, each email is thoroughly checked for viruses and malware by Retarus Email Security’s comprehensive security algorithms. Only then is the message stored in its original format, including all attachments, as an encrypted email in the Retarus Email Archive. Data that is transfered to and from the Retarus infrastructure is of course always transmitted using TLS encryption. There are even more advantages when this is combined with other Retarus Secure Email Platform solutions. For example, using Retarus Email Encryption in parallel ensures incoming messages are decrypted centrally via the cloud platform before being permanently stored in the encrypted archive. This has the advantage that archived messages are not encrypted with private user keys, which ensures messages can be accessed throughout the entire archiving period — regardless of whether the respective private keys still exist at the time of retrieval or employees have left the organization in the meantime.

Your Benefits with Retarus Email Archive


The principle “Made in Europe, stays in Europe” holds true for our archive as well. With more than 30 years of expertise, we support you to legally comply with all applicable retention periods, industry standards, and compliance requirements – also when it comes to email retention.


Opt for maximum security right from the start. Email archiving including malware protection in the highly secure Retarus Enterprise Cloud. Benefit from highly available, encrypted storage and automatic key and certificate management by Retarus.


Parallel processing ensures that your email communications are archived without any delays. You can also count on speed when searching. Within milliseconds, your admins can find the emails they need and conveniently retrieve them along with their attachments.
AICPA: SOC certificate
AICPA: SOC certificate

IT Security Made in Europe

Retarus Email Archive at a Glance

Retarus Email Archive stores incoming and outgoing email communication automatically, reliably, and long term. Archived messages are tamper-proof – they cannot be altered and are protected from unauthorized access. Messages and attachments can be found in a fraction of a second using powerful search functions that can be narrowed granularly according to different data protection requirements.


Automated, unalterable, long-term archiving of internal and external email traffic including attachments
Fast implementation without investment in technology and expertise
Provision of tracking information via EAS Live Search
Export archived emails to external data storage as needed
Import emails from other archive systems
Seamless interaction with Email Security and Email Encryption


Storage in accordance with legal retention periods for up to ten years
Storage in accordance with applicable data protection regulations in Retarus-operated data centers within Europe
Emails cannot be deleted or altered within the applicable retention periods
Powerful search with data protection-compliant setting options: locate emails based on sender, recipient, or attachment file types, configurable storage of corresponding (meta) data for searches according to subject, full text, and attachment name


Spam and virus checks prior to archiving by Retarus Email Security
Hybrid encrypted storage of every email in its original format (MIME) including attachments (use of own certificates possible)
Admin access for authorized persons using the four-eyes principle via the web-based Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS) with complete logging of all accesses and actions
Optional use of own public key (private key remains in the company)

Easily Meet Compliance Requirements

With Retarus Email Archive you can archive your email correspondence tamper-proof and in real-time. Highly secure Retarus data centers ensure that communication remains unalterable and protected from unauthorized access thanks to the four-eyes principle, while emails can be retrieved in seconds, even with high archive volumes. This enables you to reliably ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations and international data protection guidelines, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Retarus Email Encryption ensures your business communication always remains confidential. Whether encryption-based using customary standards or password-based via secure webmailer. The sophisticated encryption system protects not only your valuable company expertise, but your personal data as well. Ease of use and automated encryption management included.

Retarus Data Loss Prevention ensures that confidential information, such as customer, production, or design data does not end up somewhere outside of your company’s network. Externally addressed emails are checked systematically using pre-defined criteria and withheld in case of doubt. Furthermore, specific rules regarding permitted recipients can be defined at the mailbox level.

Archive Emails in Compliance with Legal Requirements and Adhere to Strict Compliance Guidelines

Find out how Retarus Email Archive can help you archive your emails in a legally compliant manner. Talk to an expert or request more information — we are always happy to help.