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Enterprise Email Archive Adhere to Strict Compliance Policies When Archiving Email

Effective business process management for enterprise messaging: Archive large email volumes on a long term basis with seamless retrieval and audit functions.

Business Continuity and Compliance for All of Your Email Communications

Companies are required to keep business critical emails for extended periods of time, protecting them from any possible manipulation. IT analysts at Gartner, a leading market research company, recommend using a managed service provider to establish a streamlined process. Retarus Email Archive stores emails securely on a long term basis and ensures that they are easily retrieved and auditable. The retained messages are protected from any manipulation or unauthorized access. Even among massive volumes, any email can be found within factions of a second (average time required to find an email in an archive containing 75 million emails: 5.1 milliseconds). Retarus supports the exporting of any archived emails, which provides business continuity in case your email system fails or messages are eliminated after deleting employee email accounts by the time they leave the company.


The complete logging of all system accesses to the email archive enables maximum control.

To ensure the highest possible level of data protection, administration access is granted exclusively on the basis of the four-eyes principle.


The unchangeability and retrievability of all archived emails means that your company meets the highest compliance requirements.

Your Data – Always Safe and Secure

Retarus Email Archive is operated out of Retarus’ proprietary data centers and adheres to the most stringent privacy policies in the world. Your emails, including attachments, are stored in the original format (MIME) in encrypted form, after passing through the stringent, multi-level virus protection and spam filtering that Retarus is known for. Once the messages are stored, they can be accessed by authorized users from our web-based administration portal. Login to Retarus Email Archive is based on the four-eye principle: access is granted only if two authorized persons log in at the same time. Users securely access all of their archived emails via single sign-on, regardless of the mailbox-size quota and without the need to manage additional passwords. All access and search requests are logged.

Enterprise E-Mail Archive
Enterprise Email Archive
Access on 4-Eyes Principle
Access on 4-Eyes Principle

Your Benefits



Opt for maximum security right from the start: Protection against digital attacks and archiving in highly secure Retarus data centers.


Take the strain off your employees: Users can conveniently and securely access the emails archived for them via Single Sign-On. Without administrative effort for the administration of passwords.


When archiving e-mails, comply with national and international legal regulations as well as industry standards and internal company guidelines.


Within seconds: With an email archive containing 75 million stored e-mails, finding a message takes an average of 5.1 milliseconds.

How Good Is Good Enough for You?

Find out. Compare your company’s individual email archiving requirements with the services of Retarus Enterprise Email Archive. Here is a checklist with the most important points:

Email traffic archived in real-time
Proof of incoming and outgoing business-relevant information
Maximum data security due to encrypted email storage
Compliance due to unalterability and retrievability
Maximum data protection due to administrator access based on the four-eye principle
Maximum usability and security due to single-sign-on
Data processing adheres to the strictest privacy policies in the world
Total control due to logging of all system access
Business continuity due to extensive export functions
Quick implementation with no investment in technology

Retarus Enterprise Email Archive Features at a Glance


Enterprise Email Archive offers tamper-proof archiving of business email correspondence. Archived emails cannot be changed, are protected from unauthorized access, and can be found in milliseconds even when the email volume is large.

  • Automatic archiving of internal and external email correspondence including attachments
  • Encrypted storage of each individual email in original format (MIME) including attachments (used of own certificates possible)
  • Reliable spam and virus checks prior to archiving
  • Tamper-proof storage and data processing according to applicable data protection regulations in Retarus data centers in Europe
  • Storage period may be selected (for example, ten years)
  • Emails cannot be deleted or changed during legally binding retention periods
  • Emails and attachments are received even during system failure or if mailboxes are accidentally deleted
  • Targeted indexing of relevant key data for fast searches
  • Powerful search functions, e.g. search for sender and recipient, as well as file names and types of attachments, or full text
  • Ability to access archived emails and attachments in milliseconds
  • Administrative access for authorized persons according to the double-check principle
  • Optional: Easy and secure user access via single sign-on
  • Access irrespective of inbox quota
  • Ability to deliver archived emails and attachments to own business inbox
  • Complete logging of all access attempts and actions
  • Saved emails with attachments (data carriers, other archiving solutions) can be migrated
Retarus Email Archive

Easily Meet Compliance Requirements.

With Retarus Email Archive you can archive your email correspondence tamper-proof and in real-time. Highly-secure Retarus data centers ensure that communication remains unalterable and protected thanks to the four-eyes-principal preventing unauthorized access. And emails can be retrieved in seconds, even with high archive volumes. This enables you to reliably ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations and international data protection guidelines, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Retarus Email Encryption ensures your business communication always remains confidential. Whether encryption-based using customary standards or password-based via secure webmailer. The sophisticated encryption system protects not only your valuable company expertise, but your personal data as well. Ease of use and automated encryption management included.

Retarus Data Loss Prevention ensures that confidential information, such as customer, production, or design data does not end up somewhere outside of your company’s network. Externally addressed emails are checked systematically using pre-defined criteria and withheld in case of doubt. Furthermore, specific rules regarding permitted recipients can be defined at the mailbox level.

Adhere to Strict Compliance Guidelines for Email Archiving

Our experts in email security and data protection will be happy to assist you in building a solid foundation for effective business processes and secure email correspondence.