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Email Encryption Retarus Email Encryption

Rely on top-quality service for encryption of your email communication. Retarus Email Encryption enables you to comply with applicable data protection regulations, safeguard valuable know-how and protect confidential information.

Encrypted & Confidential

Unencrypted emails pose a major security risk. They can be covertly read at any time during their transmission—just like a postcard. Retarus Email Encryption protects the confidentiality of your communications. That’s because this encryption system protects both personal data and your valuable company know-how. It also ensures compliance with the applicable data protection guidelines.


Encryption via S/MIME, PGP and OpenPGP ensures that all requirements of the established standards are fully covered.

You don’t need to install any hardware or software to use Retarus Email Encryption.


Thanks to a Web portal, you can even exchange encrypted emails with communication partners who do not using their own encryption solution. Our solution offers the seamless exchange of confidential information.

Your Benefits



You can rest assured that your confidential information will remain confidential. Retarus Email Encryption encrypts your messages, including all attachments, and processes them in Retarus data centers.


Let Retarus Email Encryption take care of central key management and minimize administrative tasks.


Comply with internal and external regulations at all times. Retarus Email Encryption is fully automated and encrypts messages in accordance with your specifications, sending them securely to recipients. In conjunction with Enterprise Email Archive you’ll also benefit from tamper-proof, audit-compliant archiving.


Grow with Retarus Email Encryption. You can change the number of defined users at any time.


Send and receive encrypted emails on the go. Retarus Email Encryption is device-independent, which means you can also use it on your mobile devices.


Plan the costs for your users in advance. The transparent monthly calculation is based on the number of keys or licenses currently in use.

How Good Is Good Enough for You?

Find out now! See what Retarus Email Encryption can do for you to meet your email encryption requirements. Below is a checklist of the main points.

  • Encryption via S/MIME, PGP and OpenPGP
  • 100% compliance with established standards
  • Full support for the X.509 v3 standard, including self-signed certificates
  • Complex confidentiality thanks to complete encryption of all messages and attachments
  • Senders can be uniquely identified based on the automatic signature of outgoing messages
  • 100% encrypted communication thanks to the Web portal. This also includes recipients without their own encryption solution.
  • Secure, confidential communication “in the final stretch” with a VPN connection to Retarus data centers
  • Increased IT department capacity for other tasks; implementation is easy and requires no installation of hardware or software
  • Central management of all internal and external keys
  • Suitable for use with all SMTP-based email systems (including Microsoft Exchange, HCL Notes Domino)
  • Users send emails from their usual email client
  • No training costs

Retarus, with its extensive experience in the finance and insurance sector, is the ideal partner for implementing the complex stipulations of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

Alexander Rose, Head of IT at LV 1871

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