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Advanced Threat ProtectionStop Attackers Before Attackers Stop Your Business

To successfully fend off increasingly intelligent attacks and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, companies need protection that is just as clever, if not more. Using several regularly updated virus scanners from different providers, Time-of-Click protection against the latest phishing attempts, and up-to-date protection against CEO fraud: this is what we mean by “Advanced”.

The Challenge

Traditional Virus Protection Is a Thing of the Past

A large proportion of electronic mail has long consisted of unsolicited messages. In addition to the flood of ordinary spam and virus-infected emails, companies and employees are increasingly exposed to complex threats such as social engineering and phishing. Traditional security mechanisms can no longer provide sufficient protection against such tailored email attacks. Moreover, malware is being modified in ever shorter intervals and is therefore constantly circulating in new variants. According to the latest figures from international security authorities, 394,000 new malware variants are appearing every day. Since it takes time for a suitable signature to be made available, infected emails can spread within a very short period.

Adding to this dynamic, cybercriminals try to obtain sensitive information using increasingly sophisticated attack methods, such as business email compromise (CxO Fraud). Traditional security solutions have difficulty distinguishing such emails from legitimate messages. Without adequate protection against complex threats, there is a risk of serious data loss and massive system failures. The result: enormous costs and reputational damage. Companies urgently need to adapt their IT security approach to current circumstances and arrange for protection against unknown malware.

The Solution

Retarus Advanced Threat Protection:
Comprehensive Protection to Meet the Most Complex Security Requirements.

In addition to the basic protection mechanisms offered by Retarus Email Security’s Essential Protection, companies can use Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to protect themselves against threats that go beyond classic viruses and spam emails. Apart from detecting targeted attacks, Retarus’ ATP module focuses on Business Email Compromise (BEC) and protection against initially unknown malware in attachments. It’s all rounded out by continuous checks for suspected phishing links as nearly 80 percent of targeted attacks still occur via attachments or links in emails. 

Retarus stops annually over 600 million undesired messages around the globe before they can cause any damage to the inboxes of our customers.

The Features

The Features of Retarus Advanced Threat Protection at a Glance

Extended AntiVirus MultiScan (4x)


AntiVirus MultiScan (4x) automatically scans incoming and outgoing messages as well as file attachments for viruses with up to four independent virus scanners. This increases the virus detection rate significantly when compared to Essential Protection. Using heuristic analyses, malware that is still unknown can be identified.

  • Higher identification rate with up to four virus scanners
  • Protection from unknown viruses using heuristic analysis (Zero-Hour Protection)
  • Elimination of threats before they reach your infrastructure
  • Continuous updating of virus definitions
  • Notification of deleted infected emails via an email security report (Email Digest)
AntiVirus MultiScan

AntiVirus MultiScan

CxO Fraud Detection


CxO Fraud Detection uses algorithms that identify from-spoofing and domain-spoofing, to detect falsified sender addresses (e.g. from high level executives). Emails identified as CxO fraud are not delivered immediately, but rather quarantined.

  • Protection against emails with fake sender ("spoofing" or "impersonation attacks")
  • Combination of different detection methods and algorithms:
    • Analysis of header information
    • Recognition of similar looking domains or character sets (domain similarity)
    • Recognition of fake sender names, e.g. the CEO
  • Delivery of legitimate external email secured via email authentication (SPF) and allowlisting
CxO Fraud

CxO Fraud

Deferred Delivery Scan


Higher identification rate due to additional re-scan procedures: As part of Deferred Delivery Scan (DDS), defined file attachments undergo further analysis using additional re-scan procedures. The delay means that signatures for the engines, which were not there at the time of the initial scan, could exist in the new malware at the time of the quadruple Retarus AntiVirus MultiScan rescan. DDS performs multiple re-scans within a short amount of time. If a virus is detected, Retarus deletes the affected files and informs the intended recipient.

  • Effective re-scanning with quadruple Retarus AntiVirus MultiScan
  • Protects from viruses that are unknown at the time
  • Select view of advanced security checks in Retarus Email Live Search Monitoring (Tracking Point)
  • Notification of infected emails via an email security report (Email Digest)
Deferred Delivery Scan

Deferred Delivery Scan

Time-of-Click Protection


Time-of-Click Protection automatically re-writes links (URLs) in emails (URL Rewriting). When recipients click on these links, the links are checked for suspected phishing target addresses. If the target site is not identified as a phishing site, the user is sent directly to it. If the target site is a phishing site, a security warning is issued.

  • Real-time checks of web links in emails
  • Expanded protection from phishing attacks
  • Effective blocking of phishing websites and warnings for affected users
  • Customer security warnings can be saved (custom design)
  • Select view of advanced security checks in Retarus Email Live Search Monitoring (Tracking Point)
Time-of-Click Protection

Time-of-Click Protection

Effective Protection from Cyber Attacks with Maximum Flexibility.

Retarus Essential Protection effectively protects your email infrastructure against threats such as malware, spam, phishing, or spoofing. For extended protection, we offer innovative modules as enhancements. They can be added à la carte according to your requirements.

Do you need a higher level of security for your inboxes? With Retarus Advanced Threat Protection, you are optimally equipped against even complex cyber attacks thanks to four parallel virus scanners, Time-of-Click Protection (URL rewriting), and CEO Fraud Detection.

Your email infrastructure can additionally be secured with market-leading sandboxing technology. Suspicious file attachments are executed in a partitioned virtual machine and deleted or quarantined if found.

For maximum protection, Retarus Post Delivery Protection enables subsequent identification of malicious code in emails that have already been delivered. With PZD Real-Time Response, dangerous emails can even be automatically deleted from your users’ inboxes.

Need a connection to your existing SIEM tools? No problem. Forensics SIEM integration delivers events in real-time through a protected interface, allowing you to supplement your data stream with email security details.

Good to know: Retarus’ Email Security Services are the perfect modular enhancement, offering additional protection for standard security components used by Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

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