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Automated and Digital Document Processing

With Retarus Intelligent Document Processing, companies benefit from state-of-the-art AI-supported OCR software and HITL (human-in-the-loop). Scanned invoices and orders are automatically captured and integrated into existing workflows. The combination of a high-end cloud solution and a professional 24/7 service make Retarus, as an enterprise cloud provider, a real game changer.

Receipts as Carriers of Information

A receipt is nothing more than a carrier of information that chronicles business transactions. For this reason, the term “receipt” includes all data carriers that document an action, a state, or an event in a business context. It refers to orders and invoices just as well as to sales slips, no matter whether they are in digital or paper form.

Efficient Digitization of Receipt Entries

Receipts are the basis of the entire administrative process. That is why they must not only be correct, but also easy to locate. As a rule, however, receipts arrive at the company in various forms. To properly categorize and sort all documents – regardless of whether they arrive by email or fax – they should ideally be available digitally and uniformly. For this purpose, the documents must first be captured after scanning. Manually entering the documents into an ERP system is time-consuming and prone to errors. There are various alternative methods of capturing receipts digitally.

Data capture with OCR engines

One of the most common forms of automatic text recognition is optical character recognition (OCR). Optical character recognition can capture handwritten or printed text in images and convert them into text documents.

Capturing receipts with AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence plays an important accompanying role in machine learning-based receipt and order entry. Artificial neural networks, for example, help the OCR engine to process entire lines without any problems. This ensures that the recognition accuracy of the captured receipts is particularly high and is continuously improving.


Retarus goes even further and supports AI with what is called human-in-the-loop (HITL). HITL is a branch of artificial intelligence that uses both human and machine intelligence. For receipt entry, this means that humans are involved in the machine learning loop and train the AI. By checking and making decisions where there is doubt, the human component helps the OCR engine get better and better.

This Is How Document Processing Works with Retarus

Retarus Intelligent Document Processing works at the highest level. Incoming documents are automatically captured with powerful, AI-supported Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) based on multiple OCR engines. Subsequently, the documents are fully converted into structured data, making them machine readable. Retarus customers also benefit from HITL support. Illegible handwriting or poor-quality scans are no longer a problem. Through this combination of OCR engines, artificial intelligence, and human-in-the-loop, Retarus achieves a recognition rate of up to 100 percent.

The Advantages of Digital Document Entry

The advantages of digital document entry are as diverse as they are obvious. During manual data entry, errors occur time and again, which eventually take a toll on the process. By automating these repetitive tasks, employees are unburdened, freeing up valuable resources for important and time-critical processes. The digitized processes themselves also save time and money. Paperless workflows offer companies numerous advantages in terms of functionality, operational efficiency, and quality control.

Use Case

Digitize Order Forms and Automate Processing

With the help of Retarus Intelligent Document Processing, incoming orders can be digitized and highly automated.

Read the use case

Use Case

Digitizing Forms and Automating Orders

Retarus supports a renowned cosmetics group in automating its order processes with customers worldwide to the greatest extent possible.

Read the use case

The Advantages of Retarus Intelligent Document Processing

There are many different ERP systems and document management providers on the market. The difference often lies in the details and is hardly apparent at first glance. Most providers have OCR software in their portfolio – either as a cloud or on-premises solution – that digitally captures invoices and receipts. Retarus goes far beyond this with its complete offering.

More Efficiency and Cost Savings Through Digitization

Retarus’ intelligent text recognition alone offers a recognition rate of up to 98 percent. Machine learning, which constantly improves the text recognition software, increases reliability even further. With the help of human-in-the-loop, Retarus increases the recognition rate to up to 100 percent.

Reliable Automated Feeding into Master Data

For a smooth workflow, it is essential that digital receipts end up in the right place in the system. Regardless of whether SAP, Oracle, or any other ERP system is used to map workflows, Retarus automatically and reliably feeds all receipts into the master data of any target system.

Premium Quality for Critical Processes

With its Intelligent Document Processing service, Retarus offers individual solutions for all receipt entry processes. However, processes that are particularly critical require special attention. For this, Retarus adds a human level of control to artificial intelligence.

Available 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

In addition to service, Retarus customers benefit from 24-hour support. Experts are always available for customers at various service and support levels. This is how an uninterrupted and smooth workflow can be ensured.

We Are Here for You!

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