Drug Stores, Pharmacies and Distributed SMS

Drug Stores, Pharmacies and Distributed SMS

The Pharmacies and Drug Store industry has exhibited growth despite some adverse side effects from shifting regulatory environments. With patients more able to afford prescriptions, the industry has benefited and caused smaller chains to be picked up by the mega companies. With drug chains consolidating, it allows these new larger players to develop stronger communication networks and favorable supply-side contracts with pharmaceutical manufacturers. In addition, while consumer expectations are rising, digital tools like ordering online and distributed SMS classically used in consumer-facing industries will now need to be applied more liberally to a healthcare setting to determine what, why and how services are delivered.

Such applications include SMS pick-up notification reminders. Drug stores send SMS reminders right to a mobile device when scripts are due to be refilled, or a new script from a doctor is required. SMS saves time for customers by eliminating their wait time at the pharmacy. SMS reminders sent for refills are kept; leaving an accurate audit trail for repeat prescriptions, making tracking of information sent to loyal customers easier.

Pharmacy and health providers, who must abide by HIPAA regulations, use Retarus’ unique SMS service for improved customer communications. Healthcare organizations can now distribute incoming short messages dynamically to several mailboxes or workstations. Two-way SMS for or bi-directional communication allows real-time dialogue via SMS with your customers, providing flexibility and direct communications in a way which customer prefer. In this way, quick confirmation or coordination processes with customers, partners or employees as well as numerous other applications can be realized.

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