Spam campaigns increasingly exploiting coronavirus fears

Spam campaigns increasingly exploiting coronavirus fears

The coronavirus has got everybody talking. So it’s hardly surprising that spammers, always ready to tap into current events, have started to jump on the coronavirus bandwagon.

Austrian technology news agency “futurezone” has reported, for instance, that there has been a huge increase in spam campaigns exploiting the epidemic as part of their approach. January and February also saw the launch of numerous new websites with domains thematically linked to the virus. It is well known that such websites are often used in phishing attacks. 

In Japan, fear of the coronavirus has already been abused, according to Check Point, in efforts to spread the particularly nasty Emotet trojan. Kaspersky Lab, on the other hand, has put out a warning about maliciously manipulated documents disguised as information about the coronavirus. According to “Mimikama“, an NGO focused on keeping the internet safe and secure, the names of the files suggest that they contain safety instructions, the report goes on to say. In general, consumers should be especially cautious with files and websites that refer to the coronavirus and the resulting COVID-19 disease.

Companies safeguarding their inboxes with Retarus’ Email Security services can rest assured that their users remain well-protected from coronavirus spam thanks to our AntiSpam Management, Phishing Filter and Time-of-Click Protection (URL Rewriting). And should a message still manage to slip through our filters, our Europe-wide patented “Patient Zero Detection” service identifies such messages as harmful even after delivery has taken place, allowing countermeasures to be taken using our PZD Real-Time Response.


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