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Retarus WebExpress. Consider it delivered.

Retarus WebExpress allows you to wrap up and send your information in a way which ensures that it is well received – by customers, by prospects and members, by employees, by partners and suppliers, by analysts, investors and the press … The messaging tool can send email, fax and SMS, is easy to use and is of great benefit to every department in your company. Discover the possibilities!
Did you actually know that Retarus WebExpress can drive your sales?

Did you know what SMS is really capable of doing?

Did you know 
that Retarus WebExpress helps keep employees better informed?

.. das WXP beim verkaufen hilft?

Retarus Broadcast Services. A team for all eventualities.

You’ve got a great idea for a mailing campaign, but no time to bring it to life? You could use some support because it’s high season, a colleague is ill or a team member is on holiday? Our broadcast team will be happy to take over your mailing campaign. Selectively or generally – according to your needs. Including consultation, reporting, management of your distribution list and guaranteeing a good mood.
Would you like to have more information or a detailed offer? Phone +49 89 5528 1111 or email:

Real sales talents.

Fax campaigns including a response.

Use Retarus WebExpress to offer your goods or services via fax! Fax is quick, attention-grabbing and ensures highest response rates.

Be speedy and flexible.
Retarus WebExpress allows you to swiftly create a fax campaign and deliver it in a few seconds around the globe, no matter whether you are addressing ten or ten thousand recipients. Spontaneous ideas or particularly urgent campaigns can thus be carried out perfectly by fax.
Well received.
Fax grabs the attention, especially in these times of overflowing mailboxes. It is generally rated as important and rather than landing in the spam filter, it goes straight into the hand of the recipient. Not to mention the fact that many target groups can simply be reached better by fax as they don’t spend their whole working day at a desk. Just think about retailers, craftspersons, farmers, restaurateurs, pharmacists …
Sell directly.
An offer with a prefilled response fax makes it especially easy for the recipient to react. With Retarus WebExpress the address, customer number, barcodes, prices, etc. can easily be individualized – the keyword is “fax personalization”. All that remains for the recipient to do is complete the form and fax it back.
What if incoming orders could automatically land in your ERP system? Or enquiries directly arrive at the person responsible for the case. What if incoming fax replies didn’t have to wait in a queue? Optimize your workflows by receiving all fax responses via Retarus. Our inbound fax services don’t know the meaning of a “busy signal”, are able to route faxes, can recognize text or barcodes and do much more.
Perfect for fax campaigns including a response: New products in the range // Last-minute offers // Seasonal products / services // Articles back on stock // Discount or clearance sales // Training offers // Invitations to events // Free Express Training
Free Express Training
Topic: Fax-Personalisierung
Time: 20 minutes
Date: upon arrangement

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Small message, big impact.

Instant and right on target. With SMS.

No means of communication reaches the recipient as instantly and directly as an SMS. SMS messages can be personalized, are transmitted faster and are sure to be delivered when using Retarus. They are more welcome than calls from a call center and are given a higher priority than emails by recipients. SMS allows you to simplify, accelerate and complete a wider range of tasks than you may think…

The right place, at the right time.

An events agency uses SMS to remind participants at a congress of commencing presentations. And it works. More of the participants are on time: a great relief for the speaker, excellent for maintaining the schedule and good for ensuring a successful event.

Ready for collection!

Repairs, tire change or roadworthiness test is completed? A car workshop informs its customers when their vehicle is ready to be picked up. Customers can also choose to be informed of regular service appointments via SMS.

Don’t forget.

Banks inform credit users via SMS of the upcoming collection of their next installment due.  The outcome is that the credit users can settle their accounts in time, improving their reminder status. The bank reduces the costs resulting from call center services and dunning procedures.

Right now!

A food retailer sends product recalls directly to the mobile phones of its store managers. The stores can then react without delay, and the goods in question can be removed from circulation more quickly.


An IT service provider sends the latest success announcements, such as new customer acquisitions, to its employees via SMS. Celebration, recognition, motivation.

When it doesn’t all run to plan.

A manufacturer of household appliances keeps its field service employees informed about last-minute changes to appointments and so ensures that its service technicians are occupied as optimally as possible.


A crop protection and fertilizer producer uses SMS to provide its customers with local agricultural weather forecasts and corresponding tips. A service which is well received – both on the field and in the barn.

Don’t miss the boat!

A cruise ship sends its passengers enjoying the day on shore a “Back-On-Board” time via SMS to their mobile phones.  This makes a lot of sense as the passengers return to the ship punctually, preventing any inconvenience to themselves, allowing the ship to leave the harbor on schedule and saving the shipping company any additional docking fees.
All the functions you need.
SMS personalization, flash SMS and long SMS messages of up to 10,000 characters, transmission timing, administration of distribution lists and templates, test message transmission, reporting and extended reporting … in short:  Retarus WebExpress offers you everything that you need for professional SMS transmission. Including data security and legal compliance.
By the way: We are continuously developing WebExpress further, so you can depend on the fact that it will stay that way in the future.
Dependable transmission. Across the globe.
As a WebExpress customer you can rely on the powerful infrastructure and intelligent technology provided by Retarus, with which we actively ensure that your SMS is received correctly – no matter whether you are sending messages in German, French or Cyrillic, or whether the recipient is sitting in the same building or traveling in the Middle East.
Fast and easy to use.
With Retarus WebExpress your SMS jobs are created, sent and reported in a flash. Sounds great and you would like to benefit from the service, but you just don’t have the time or the staff? Our Broadcast team will manage your SMS campaigns for you. Selectively and generally – according to your needs. Including expert consulting, reporting, distribution list management and good mood.
Would you like to have more information or a concrete offer?
Telephone +49 89 5528 1111 or email:
SMS away! And back again? No problem.
You would like to allow your target group to be able to respond immediately to your SMS messages?  Send your SMS with an option to reply and receive the responses right where they can be processed – in the mail client of the responsible employee or directly in your business application.
Talk to us! Our experts for SMS reception would be pleased to advise you.
Phone +49 89 5528 1111 or email:

Inform, motivate and retain employees.

With professionally designed emails.

You can keep your friends up-do-date with WhatsApp. Journalists with a press release. Members and customers with a newsletter. But what about your employees? 
Improve your internal communications with Retarus WebExpress and send your employees personalized information using your company’s Corporate Design. The cost is small but the benefit is huge: Your employees will be well-informed, feel valued and, as a result, will identify with the company to a greater extent.

Simply professional.

It’s best if you can use templates that comply with your Corporate Design for each department that communicates with large numbers of employees on a regular basis. Then, when they need to share employee information, all they need to do is enter the relevant details into the correct template, personalize the salutation and, where necessary, additional elements such as the sender, dates, locations or numbers, upload the distribution list and press „Send“.

Always at your fingertips.

With Retarus WebExpress, your templates are stored securely and centrally in the Retarus Business Cloud. All you need to access them is an Internet connection. And it’s not just template you’ll have at your fingertips — you’ll also be able to access any images, logos and distribution lists you may need. This helps you keep everything organized and creates a standardized look and feel.
Would you like to give individual department the option of distributing employee information themselves? No problem! Simple create the relevant colleagues as users and assign them access rights. Done!

Success details at a glance.

Who has read the information and who hasn’t? How many employees opened the email or clicked on a link? Retarus WebExpress Reporting provides you with details about delivery status and gives you valuable information about the success of the communication. For example, if employees fail to respond, you can track this very easily and send selective follow-ups.

Say it with Retarus WebExpress.

When is it worthwhile to communicate with employee using professionally designed emails?

  • Information from Management, e.g. about the opening/closing of sites,
 restructuring, process changes, profit sharing…
  • Company regulations/policies, e.g. on travel expenses, vacation, company cars, mobile devices…
  • Internal newsletters, e.g. about products/services, sales channels, advertising campaigns,
 trade fair and press activities…
  • HR announcements, announcement of employee training or employee reviews,
 invitations to employee events, information about employee discounts, office equipment…
  • Alerts about disruptions and maintenance operations, information and instructions for software and hardware, data protection guidelines, warnings about the latest threats, e.g. about phishing mails…
  • FAQs, success announcements, reviews of employee events, employee surveys…

Crisis? SMS!

Retarus WebExpress does more than personalized emails: Is your system down? Are you experiencing operational disruptions? Fire? In worst-case scenarios like these, you can also inform and instruct your employees quickly and reliably by SMS. Even if you can’t access your own system — all you need is an Internet connection.

Retarus WebExpress. Consider it delivered.


Do you have any questions, requests, suggestions or need assistance? We are here for you. Call us at +49 89 5528 1111 or simply fill in the form.