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Fax and SMS Service:ABB Trusts in Retarus

ABB is a leading technology company, which is working to support the transformation of society and industry around the globe in order to promote a more productive and sustainable future. By combining its portfolios in the fields of electrification, robotics, automation, and drive systems with its software, ABB is redefining the boundaries of what is technologically possible, thus enabling new levels of performance. While the ABB success story stretches back over more than 130 years, the company’s accomplishments are based on the talents of its workforce of roughly 105,000 employees located in more than 100 countries.

Initial Situation

Replacing an Outdated, Conventional Fax Solution

The technology corporation sends both fax and SMS messages in Germany, which mostly originate from three productive SAP systems and workstation computers. Before changing over to Retarus’ cloud services, ABB Germany was running an outdated, maintenance-intensive fax solution on-premises.


Seamless Integration with SAP and Microsoft Office 365

ABB requires a future-proof solution, which seamlessly interacts with SAP’s enterprise resource planning system and Microsoft Office 365. Additionally, the solution must also enable reliable, undisrupted communication by fax and SMS around the world – within the corporation’s all-IP environment. At the same time, the operating expenses need to be optimized, while efforts and costs for maintenance and licenses should be kept to a minimum. The system, moreover, has to meet the very highest quality and transparency requirements and be able to scale flexibly.

“The Retarus Cloud Fax Services, in combination with the Datanet CTO tool, enable the automated provisioning and billing of our fax users. At the same time, we have been able to reduce our monthly fax costs considerably in comparison to our previous, server-based solution – especially with respect to maintenance, operation and licenses.”

Siegfried Ocklenburg, Cluster IS Infrastructure Manager at ABB in Mannheim, Germany


Automated Provisioning and Billing

For the directory synchronization, ABB makes use of Datanet’s CTO tool, which sends the required information to the Retarus Enterprise Cloud by means of a synchronization platform. In this way, the company’s end-users are automatically provisioned and it receives an automated invoice – a very important factor in ABB’s decision to opt for the Retarus services.
ABB has been able to reduce its monthly faxing costs substantially using Retarus’ services. Coupled with Retarus’ intelligent routing and enterprise SLAs, this adds up to a very strong case in favor of the Munich-based communication specialists. ABB is now planning to expand this setup, which has already proven highly successful in Germany, and the corresponding contract to other locations around the globe.

Encryption and Compliance

All communication with the Retarus systems is carried out in compliance with the requirements in the ABB Security Policy, encrypted using TLS / SNC / VPN. Retarus has its own data centers in the key global regions of Europe, Asia, and the USA, always allowing their services to be provided in compliance with local regulations and requirements. For its fax customers, Retarus makes dial-in and service numbers available around the world, while existing inbound numbers can be ported at any time upon request.


Reliable Transmission in All-IP Environments

Retarus’ cloud-based fax and SMS services can be relied on to work consistently in all-IP environments. By way of certified interfaces, the services can be connected effortlessly with the company’s SAP system and integrated seamlessly with cloud office packages such as Microsoft 365. This allows ABB to replace its existing legacy fax servers without difficulty, while also fulfilling its stringent requirements for security and compliance. The effort and cost of maintenance and license management are eliminated and the operating costs are reduced significantly. The synchronization with ABBs company directory enables automated provisioning and billing.

Key Benefits

  • Integration with SAP and Office 365
  • Automated provisioning and billing
  • Reliable communication around the globe
  • Flexibly scalable and future-proof
  • Fulfills highest quality standards

Future-Proof Fax and SMS Services

In collaboration with Retarus, ABB in Germany has successfully put all its SAP systems and workers in a position to send and receive fax documents and SMS messages with ease. The services are operated with a minimum amount of effort, are connected to SAP via certified interfaces, seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office 365, and work smoothly in the all-IP environment. With Retarus, ABB made reliable fax and SMS services available to all its employees and able to easily roll them out successively at additional locations.

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