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Discover what makes business better:Communication at the Enterprise Level

The best companies in the world rely on Retarus’ communications platforms. We are proud of this responsibility and it drives us to make the best products and technologies even better.

One Partner. All Solutions.

The Messaging Platform

Communication solutions for the digital workplace and enterprise applications. Replaces on-premises communication servers, gateways, and hubs. Combines easy-to-implement interfaces for a seamless integration into today’s IT environments with security, compliance, peak performance, and superior service.
Discover the Retarus Messaging Platform

The Secure Email Platform

Europe’s leading email security service that answers all your transactional and marketing needs as well as your enterprise email requirements. Simply integrates with all industry standards and proprietary applications. Empowers you to separate your desktop email from transactional and marketing email.
Discover the Retarus Secure Email Platform

Business Integration & Automation

Format and media-independent processing of documents and messages that enhances process communication in digital supply chains and workflows. Convert unstructured data from documents and messages into structured data and divide, edit, or route it based on content. Automation solutions for non-EDI-enabled business partners and services for both inbound and outbound orders and invoices. 
Discover business integration and automation services

Enterprise Services

Excellent service that makes a difference: individual and personal. Customized SLAs for maximum security and control. Experienced technical consultants who solve even the most complex integration scenarios for you. Worldwide premium support in the local language 24/7/365. Personal Service Managers who proactively monitor your services to ensure the most consistent and highest quality.

One Cloud. Three Platforms. So Many Benefits.

Lower overall costs.

Digitized, automated, efficient—Retarus’ platforms ensure seamless communication within your global business processes. For substantial savings both directly and indirectly. From the consolidation of telcom infrastructures and providers, to user-dependent billing, to reducing manual work through increased automation of processes and workflows. Retarus helps you reduce your costs over the long term and provides faster time-to-value through easy onboarding and fast implementation.

Agile IT without limits.

With their cloud-based services, Retarus’ communications platforms support innovation initiatives such as data center consolidation or VoIP/UCC rollouts while integrating perfectly into your cloud strategy. Regardless of whether you’ve decided to move fully or partially to the cloud, or if you simply want to free yourself from outdated legacy technology. Our platforms simplify central processes in operative business and free up resources for important core issues.

Best in class for business-critical processes.

We operate all Retarus platforms in our own data centers and in protected areas of certified co-locations with our own hardware and with multi-tenant software we’ve developed ourselves. Our entire infrastructure is designed to offer you the performance level you need for your communication processes—at all times. Regardless of whether you send 10,000 messages today and 10 million tomorrow.

One provider for everything. Easy implementation.

From digital workplaces, business applications, and cloud ecosystems to machines and devices—Retarus’ communications platforms reliably connect you with your customers, suppliers, and employees. Regardless of the channel, format, or interface. With minimal effort, maximum performance, and the highest level of security. Retarus’ platforms use an API-based architecture to support all common industry standards and ensure quick connection to all applications: from CRM, ERP, SAP, Microsoft 365, and legacy systems to the cloud, hybrid solutions, or on-premises solutions.

Maximum protection of your data. 100% GDPR compliancy.

With our global data centers and international subsidiaries, we support you in the implementation of local data protection and compliance requirements. As a family-owned company with headquarters in Germany, we guarantee 100% GDPR compliancy when it comes to data processing in Europe. All data is processed in our own data centers without using any hyperscalers. Even in fallback situations. And we’re happy to guarantee this contractually.

Compliance made easy. Right up to individual supplier audits.

The strict implementation of compliance requirements is essential, particularly in heavily regulated sectors such as finance and healthcare. In addition to compliance with standards such as ISAE 3402 or SOC 2, Retarus is certified for numerous country-specific data protection standards such as ENS or HIPAA and complies with industry-specific standards such as TISAX and PCI DSS. Everything is closely monitored by our internal security framework and external auditors. You can experience this yourself at any time as part of your own audit. We will be happy to provide you with information about our data centers and all of its relevant processes.

Real support. And contractually agreed service levels.

No impersonal call center. Instead, Retarus has experts with solid messaging know-how who are there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Worldwide and in your language. We will work with you from the start to identify the service level you need. We can also provide you with your own service manager. We support you during the implementation of the service and help you further develop your communication and business processes, allowing you to adapt to new market situations. You can rely on us. We stand by your side throughout each phase of our joint project.

Enterprise at its best. Service portal, continued developments and updates.

You can easily monitor and manage all of your Retarus services in one unified web-based service portal. Including detailed real-time reporting and monitoring. This allows you to precisely track every email as it travels through our infrastructure. The transparent display of all service features gives you maximum control over your communication processes. What’s more, our reporting API provides you with raw data to be integrated directly into your applications for further processing. For example, in SOC/SIEM tools or AI applications.
Maintenance windows? We decided to close them. All software components on Retarus’ platforms are continuously developed and updated on an almost daily basis without any downtimes. Retarus’ services are always available without restrictions, even during an update.

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