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Analyst Report “On the Radar” Anyone Focusing on Email Should Have Retarus on Their Radar.

Omdia has taken a closer look at Retarus’ email services. In its report “On the Radar”, the IT analyst firm summarizes why you should definitely have Retarus on your radar for corporate email. Whether you are looking for a complete solution or want to effectively complement systems such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, or SAP.

Why You Should Read the Omdia Report.

Email supports and steers countless business processes. It helps to digitize and transform. And, it’s also the preferred target of cybercriminals. This makes various aspects of email a challenge for businesses: security, privacy, availability, infrastructure, integration, automation, scalability, and reliability, just to name a few.

The Omdia report highlights the relevance, potential, and risks of email and shows how corporate email can be secured and optimized. Furthermore, it details how security, compliance, failover, and delivery can be enhanced by Retarus’ Enterprise Cloud services.

On the Radar: Retarus Offers Security, Compliance, and Infrastructure for Corporate Email

Report Excerpt:

“Retarus’ Secure Email Platform is a comprehensive set of capabilities enabling the security and compliance of corporate email systems on both inbound and outbound traffic. Its modularity enables it to be acquired piecemeal, which can be advantageous for companies already invested in Microsoft’s email security: they can get modules that complement what is provided by Microsoft without the need to invest in the cloud gateway that is the core of the Platform.
The Transactional Email service, which carries emails from its customers’ web apps, is also an interesting differentiator for the overall portfolio.”

Omdia-Report „On the Radar“

Download Omdia’s report “On the Radar: Retarus offers security, compliance, and infrastructure for corporate email” and learn about Retarus from the perspective of independent IT analysts.

Download the Omdia Report

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