Retarus Cloud EDI Services

Achieve smooth interchange of data with your business partners and benefit from seamless B2B/EDI integration. For all formats, sectors and systems.

Electronic data interchange without any ifs and buts

In order to integrate partners perfectly into your supply chain, Retarus supports all common EDI standards and moreover offers substantial experience in developing customized solutions.

EDI with Retarus – discover the benefits

Maximum degree of automation for the greatest efficiency
With Retarus Cloud EDI Services you connect your business partners efficiently and securely, harmonize data transfer processes and optimize your supply chain. You can integrate the application formats of your choice and meet sector-specific requirements with ease. Retarus ensures that every single transaction is delivered correctly and on time, while also allowing 100% transparency in your process operations. Thus, you communicate efficiently with your partners from any ERP, SCM or back-end system and dynamically scale the level of integration.
Optimized workflows under all conditions

Even if your suppliers or customers do not use EDI, and rather send business documents such as orders, advice of payment or invoices by fax or email – with Retarus you can integrate any partner into your EDI communication without any great effort or expense. And without having to maintain a separate WebEDI portal or manage extensive login details for your suppliers and customers. The communication process on your partner’s end remains unchanged. Your benefit: short order procedures, faster cash flow and a cost benefit of around 60% over the manual processing of orders.

EDI integration to meet your needs
In every business workflows can be designed more efficiently by means of an optimal flow of information. Just one example: Retarus receives incoming faxes on your behalf. Either you can choose to have a new fax number set up for this purpose, or allow your existing and familiar fax number to be used. Your documents are run through a powerful OCR engine, thus becoming fully machine-readable. Documents that can’t be recognized by the OCR, for instance due to illegible handwriting, are processed manually. Documents processed in this way are then converted for you by Retarus according to your exact requirements, after which they are delivered to you. On request, you can also receive the original fax document as a PDF for long-term archiving.
Monitoring success by means of maximum transparency
The Enterprise Administration Services Portal provides you with all details regarding status, quality and volume of your communication. You are thus perfectly informed about the current status of transactions with your EDI partners around the globe, being able to keep track of every single document, all source and destination files, as well as the development of the respective document volumes at all times. Thanks to real-time monitoring you can verify how the Retarus system is processing your messages – right down to the exact second.
Tailor-made for your industry
Retarus EDI Industry Solutions comprise pre-configured sector-specific EDI solutions for integrated data interchange. An example from the logistics sector: Retarus’ Logistic Solution is based on industry-specific process expertise from the very start. It has been conceived bearing in mind the great width and depth of integration essential for the logistics sector and designed specifically for forwarding agents, 3rd party logistics providers and 4PL providers. In this way, Retarus provides the greatest possible independence from data formats, communication channels and IT systems.

EDI with Retarus – Overview of all services


Retarus eSign All the benefits of electronic invoicing in a complete outtasking solution: fast processes, low operating costs, full tracking and, above all, compliance with
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Managed Capture Services

Efficiently connect to non-EDI partners. Automate order and delivery processes, use tried and tested communication processes.
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Managed EDI Services

Retarus Managed EDI Services ensure that communication with your business partners is efficient and your transactions are secure. Optimize not only your information flow, but also your supply chain. Communicate with your partners efficiently from any ERP, SCM or backend system.
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Managed File Transfer

Complete and secure MultiProtocol Mapping transactions for your business communications. Retarus Managed File Transfer sends your messages quickly, reliably and securely.
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Tech Specs and Functions of the Retarus Business Integration Services

Technical specifications of the Retarus Business Integration Services: Managed EDI Services, Managed File Transfer, Managed Capture Services.
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