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Email ContinuityYou Can Keep Emailing. Even When Your Email Is Down.

With Retarus Email Continuity, your company and employees stay productive even if your own email infrastructure isn’t available at that moment.

Retarus’ Email Continuity Service: Active Cloud Backup

Companies rely heavily on digital communication to interact with colleagues, customers, and service providers for the efficient and prompt processing of central workflows such as orders and invoices. Depending on the business unit affected, the severity of the attack, and the duration of the interruption to business, the cost of downtime can quickly reach into the millions. With Retarus Email Continuity you are always on the safe side: Security issue, hardware failure or cloud downtime? It doesn’t matter. You can switch to a backup system in a flash so that in no time at all you can be reached by email again.

If the email infrastructure is down, it is imperative to make it available again as quickly as possible in order to keep important business processes running. The top priority in an emergency is to ensure the most seamless transition possible to the email continuity service. Retarus’ Email Continuity provides transitional, ready-to-use, pre-provisioned webmail inboxes for all of your users. These are accessible from anywhere without technical challenges and can be easily displayed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. If an incident occurs, routing for your down email infrastructure can be redirected in an instant to the “active” backup. The webmail interface is user friendly and is essentially just like a typical email service your employees use for their private email. That means familiarization with the interface or training is not necessary.

Retarus Email Continuity is closely linked to Retarus Email Security. All provisional inboxes are completely protected as well. The Retarus Secure Email Platform can provide additional services, such as Email Archiving or Email Encryption as needed, so you can continue working the way you usually do.

A substitute for your system and critical data

In addition to availability of the email system itself, access to data stored in the email system (such as important email conversations from the last few weeks or the company address book) also plays a major role in operational security. Without contact data, it is difficult to use the telephone as an alternative communication channel, especially since unified communication systems are usually also affected by a failure of the email server.

Retarus Email Continuity already runs actively in the background during normal operation and is synchronized with the company’s current address directories (Active Directory). Depending on the configuration, the mailbox then displays not only current contact data of colleagues, but also the email history of the last few days or weeks.

To ensure that email communication can function without problems in the event the standard infrastructure fails, the fallback solution should be set up as a secure cloud service outside the company’s own systems. Retarus Email Continuity was intentionally not designed as a Microsoft-based product. This way, the failover solution still works even if Exchange, regardless of whether it is operated on premises or in the cloud, fails across the board or undergoes a targeted attack.

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Made in Europe

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Ensure Email Operation

Learn how to ensure that your employees can continuously communicate via email and thus keep business-critical processes running – even if your infrastructure is down. Read our whitepaper “Email Continuity: How to keep your email up and running during an IT outage”.

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Retarus Email Continuity: Your Benefits



“Active” fallback solution outside of your own email infrastructure and independent of Microsoft products



High-availability and GDPR-compliant operation in data centers located in Germany

Ready for immediate use

Automatic provisioning of webmail inboxes for your users


Intuitive, easy-to-use interface means no training needed


Closely linked to additional Retarus Secure Email Platform services


Optional email history allows to directly access previously received messages that are stored in your inbox


Cloud service

No hardware and software and always up-to-date

Predictable pricing

No costs and time needed for administration, operation and maintenance


24x7x365 hotline in multiple languages, 3-shift operation, SLA monitoring


Customizable for client projects

The Features of Retarus Email Continuity

Email Continuity is an alternative email platform for ensuring email communication in disaster scenarios (e. g. malware infiltration, data center malfuntion, cloud downtime). As soon as required, in- and outbound emails are routed via this platform.
  • “Switch-over“ routing in case of an emergency
  • End users can continue working in a common, easy-to-use webmail interface, including access to the company address book
  • Optional: Email History - access to inbound emails of the past days
  • Non-Microsoft environment
  • Compliant: Access via protected webmailer and secure browser connection only. No export capabilities for end users or synchronization with additional or local email clients possible.
  • Additional benefit: Easily provide corporate email addresses to employees not having access to internal critical email infrastructure
  • Ready for immediate use:
    • Automatic provisioning of webmail inboxes for end users
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface means no training needed
Email Continuity

Email Continuity

Email Continuity Desktop Inbox

Email Continuity Desktop Inbox

Email Continuity Mobile View

Email Continuity Mobile View

Email, Made for Business.

Retarus Transactional Email allows you to automatically send large volumes of emails via API directly from business applications through the powerful, 100% GDPR-compliant Retarus Enterprise Cloud, without straining your own email infrastructure. Thanks to CSA certification and sophisticated reputation management with excellent delivery rates.

Further protect email traffic from your applications with Retarus Trace and Recover and accelerate support processes. The intelligent short-term storage enables service or contact center employees to quickly find and resend lost transactional emails without having to access the business application that originally sent them.

The Retarus Bounce and Response Manager is the perfect enhancement for transactional email. It allows you to manage your inbox, even when email volume is high. For example, customer inquiries can be automatically separated from out-of-office replies and hard bounces, significantly accelerating response and reply times.

Stay productive with Retarus Email Continuity even if your own email infrastructure isn’t available at that moment. Retarus provides transitional, ready-to-use, pre-provisioned webmail inboxes for your users. If an incident occurs, routing for your down email infrastructure can be redirected without interruptions to the active backup.

With Retarus Predelivery Logic, the processing of incoming emails can be fully automated and rapidly accelerated. Based on your own rules, messages are sorted by content, language, or other criteria and diverted, blocked, deleted, flagged, or edited accordingly—even before they reach your infrastructure.

We Are Here to Support You.

Do you have questions? Would you like more information about Retarus Email Continuity? We would be glad to hear from you. Call or send us an email. We would be happy to stop by and show you our solutions.