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Maximize the security and efficiency of your email communication. From protection against digital attacks to the integration of your applications, right through to archiving and encryption.

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Encrypting and archiving emails, sending messages directly from your applications or contacting multiple recipients simultaneously. Discover the multiple possibilities of efficient email communication.

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E-Mail Security Detect & React

Use Retarus E-Mail Security to reliably block malware such as viruses, spam, phishing mails, ransomware and other digital threats. You can now even protect your IT infrastructure against infected emails that have already arrived in your inbox – thanks to the pioneering Retarus technology Patient Zero Detection®. Your employees will no longer receive undesired emails. The innovative Retarus queue-less design analyses incoming emails without storing them temporarily – you receive your emails without delay, thanks to minimum processing times. To ensure maximum security, we constantly update virus scanners and filter methods and are continuously working to improve our services. You always receive detailed information, enabling you to stay in control of your electronic communications. Data is processed in our data centers in accordance with Europe’s strictest privacy policies.

E-Mail Encryption

Retarus E-Mail Encryption, which is an augmentation to the Retarus E-Mail Security service, offers a simple, speedy and, above all, extremely secure encryption service, which supports companies in meeting the demanding requirements of email communication: integrity, authenticity, and the protection of privacy. The risks of messages being read by third parties, messages being falsified without the recipient’s knowledge, messages being sent under a false name or messages not being traceable become a thing of the past.

Protection and compliance for archived emails

Retarus Enterprise E-Mail Archive provides dependable business continuity, allowing you to meet all of your internal and external compliance requirements. Retarus archives your emails in its proprietary data centers adhering to the most stringent privacy policies in the world. All emails, including attachments, are stored in the original format (MIME) in encrypted form, after passing through a stringent, multi-level virus protection and spam filtering. Once the messages are stored, they can be accessed by authorized users from our web-based administration portal. Login to Retarus E-Mail Archive is based on the four-eye principle: access is granted only if two authorized persons log in at the same time. Users securely access all of their archived emails via single sign-on, regardless of the mailbox-size quota and without the need to manage additional passwords. All access and search requests are logged.

Email transactions directly from your business applications

Retarus Email for Applications allows you to rapidly and efficiently send messages via Retarus’ data centers while unburdening business-critical email infrastructures and making applications independent from internal maintenance windows. Retarus supports the automated flow of information during machine-to-machine communications in the IoT and provides intelligent delivery reporting at all times. Thanks to the flexible scalability of Retarus’ high-performance infrastructure as well as our high, and closely-monitored ISP reputation, Retarus Email for Applications allows you to process and send out your messages reliably and in a highly performant way. Multiple interfaces are available for connecting the service to your business applications which do not involve having to utilize costly proprietary software development. A fast, easy, and reliable implementation and evaluation of your transmissions takes place via these connections.

In addition to comprehensive API functions, you have tracking- and status information about your transmissions from the Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS) at your fingertips around the clock. You can analyze this data and use it to promptly optimize and adjust your master data. Obsolete data sets or temporary delivery errors are rapidly detected and can be quickly updated and correspondingly processed. This supports you in the task of maximizing your delivery rate and potentially reaching the omnipresent goal of 100% success.

Send email campaigns directly from your browser

With Retarus WebExpress, you can reach your target groups in an instant via email, fax and SMS – with a personal approach and according to your CI. For those customers that require a hands on approach we provide a full functioning Service Bureau. Experienced Retarus employees create the campaigns according to your specifications and send them out accurately and reliably. All they need is your specifications and your distribution list.

For each mail-shot that you send, you will receive a report that containing detailed information on delivery and transfer rates. Link Tracking, Open Rate and Bounce Management, enable you to quickly analyze just how effective your mail-shots are. All reports can be easily downloaded, enabling you to analyze your communications in more detail and to carry out cost center-based evaluations or optimize the transfer of your mail-shots. Delivery confirmations provide information on when your message reached the recipients.

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Email with Retarus – Overview of all services

Retarus E-Mail Security Services

Attacks are becoming more precise and intelligent. They long surpass the capabilities of conventional defense mechanisms, posing a continuous risk to companies. Learn more ›

Retarus Email for Applications

With Retarus Email for Applications you can send high volumes of emails directly from your business applications via the Retarus Cloud—without straining your own email infrastructure. Learn more ›