Retarus Cloud Fax Services

Whether via your busi­ness appli­ca­tion or desk­top — max­i­mize the effi­cien­cy of your fax com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Send and receive fax­es — with­out your own fax server.

Cloud Fax Services instead of your own fax server

Replac­ing your fax server and con­sol­i­dat­ing your IT, chang­ing over to All-IP/VoIP, opti­miz­ing your work­flows and ful­fill­ing com­pli­ance require­ments — com­plex sce­nar­ios require from the very begin­ning an expe­ri­enced ser­vice provider, who knows what is essen­tial for fax.

Fax with Retarus – discover the benefits

Virtualize your servers and consolidate your IT
Fax boards can’t be vir­tu­al­ized. But your fax com­mu­ni­ca­tion can. Whether you are using fax in one or twen­ty loca­tions, or are inter­est­ed in desk­top or appli­ca­tion fax: with Retarus Cloud Fax Ser­vices you can fax reli­ably and secure­ly at all times. With­out need­ing to run your own fax servers or any addi­tion­al hard­ware and soft­ware.
Pay per use – transparent costs, needs-based capacity
You would like to ensure that capac­i­ties auto­mat­i­cal­ly meet your needs? And that costs cor­re­spond exact­ly to the vol­ume processed? Thanks to our pay per use billing mod­el, you will always be invoiced the exact num­ber of pages processed by us on your behalf, while all of the Retarus Cloud Fax Ser­vices can always be used exact­ly to the extent that you need them at the moment. Even with chang­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion process­es, spin-offs or com­pa­ny takeovers — over­ca­pac­i­ties or a lack of capac­i­ties nev­er occur. Usage peaks are also no longer an issue for you. You send 100,000 fax­es a day as reli­ably as 1,000 a mon­th.
Secure your business-critical communication
Con­nect your busi­ness appli­ca­tions direct­ly to Retarus’ Fax Cloud. By sep­a­rat­ing desk­top fax and appli­ca­tion fax you secure your process-rel­e­vant fax com­mu­ni­ca­tion opti­mal­ly. In this way you can send doc­u­ments such as offers, order con­fir­ma­tions, orders and deliv­ery noti­fi­ca­tions inex­pen­sive­ly, quick­ly and secure­ly. Thanks to Retarus’ Never­Busy tech­nol­o­gy your deliv­ery rate actu­al­ly ris­es to 99.9 per­cent.
All interfaces, all formats, all languages
Retarus Cloud Fax Ser­vices sup­port all com­mon inter­faces and file for­mats. And thanks to Uni­code-ready trans­mis­sion you can inte­grate branch offices and part­ners around the world with ease. Ara­bic, Chi­ne­se or Rus­sian – your cross-bor­der process­es func­tion bet­ter than ever. 
Ultimate control through transparency
Absolute process trans­paren­cy cre­ates trust in auto­mat­ed ser­vices. Espe­cial­ly when deal­ing with the out­sourcing of busi­ness-crit­i­cal parts of the cor­po­rate com­mu­ni­ca­tion. That’s why Retarus’ Enter­prise Admin­is­tra­tion Ser­vices Por­tal (EAS) offers high­ly effec­tive analy­sis func­tions with detailed break­downs of all com­mu­ni­ca­tion ser­vices that have been pro­vid­ed to you. Real-time mon­i­tor­ing, deliv­ery sta­tis­tics updat­ed on a dai­ly basis or detailed month­ly overviews of every sin­gle con­nec­tion made — you always know exact­ly how many doc­u­ments your sys­tem has sent and whether they have been received by your part­ners.
Change over to All-IP/VoIP and fax without any issues
Busi­ness­es switch­ing their tele­pho­ny over to VoIP, should expect dif­fi­cul­ties with their fax trans­mis­sion. The solu­tion is to sep­a­rate fax from your telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions infra­struc­ture and use Retarus Cloud Fax Ser­vices. This ensures that you can fax con­fi­dent­ly and reli­ably with­out requir­ing any addi­tion­al soft­ware or hard­ware both now and in the future. Retarus Cloud Fax Ser­vices allow you to send and receive fax­es using any mail client or busi­ness appli­ca­tion. The con­nec­tion to Retarus is achieved via the inter­net or by MPLS. 

How can you get more out of your fax com­mu­ni­ca­tion?

Fax with Retarus – Overview of all services

Retarus Cloud Services for Applications

The world’s first man­aged ser­vice that allows you to com­mu­ni­cate direct­ly from your busi­ness appli­ca­tion via email, fax, SMS and EDI with just a sin­gle inter­face. This gives you max­i­mum flex­i­bil­i­ty with­out the need to install a speci­fic infra­struc­ture. Learn more ›

Retarus Cloud Services for SAP

Ben­e­fit from the first SAP cer­ti­fied mes­sag­ing ser­vice world­wide: Send and receive busi­ness doc­u­ments — as email, fax, SMS — direct­ly via your SAP sys­tem. When uti­liz­ing Retarus’ Enter­prise Mes­sag­ing Plat­form there is no need for any addi­tion­al hard­ware or soft­ware. Learn more ›

Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices

Expe­ri­ence the seam­less flow of infor­ma­tion with your busi­ness part­ners. With ful­ly scal­able fax and SMS com­mu­ni­ca­tion direct­ly from and to your email client or win­dows appli­ca­tions. Learn more ›

Retarus WebExpress

Send your per­son­al­ized con­tent reli­ably, even to large dis­tri­b­u­tion lists. By email, fax or SMS—it’s easy with a stan­dard­ized and intu­itive plat­form. Com­mu­ni­cate direct­ly from your web browser. Learn more ›

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