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Retarus helps you reach 99% of all mobile networks. That means almost everyone in the world. Quickly and reliably. Read our use cases to learn how you can make your customer dialogs more profitable.

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Send and receive business texts anywhere in the world.
From all systems to all mobile networks. And back again.

Texting offers unique benefits when it comes to communicating with customers, partners, or employees. With a read rate of 98%, no other medium is accepted more widely. 90% of all texts are read within three minutes of receipt. Text messages are delivered regardless of the available Internet or data connection. They reach their recipient even if GSM is the only service available. With Retarus Enterprise SMS Services, you can send and receive texts from your business application, desktop, SMS API or web application. Anywhere in the world, economically and reliably. As part of the Retarus’ Global Delivery Network you can connect with 99% of all mobile networks.

Take advantage of a sophisticated messaging solution and let Retarus help you find new ways to communicate with your customers and improve your notification services.

Increase customer satisfaction.
Texting is easy, fast and immediate.

Little messages, big impact – texts bring you closer to your customers. It’s a great way for online retailers to notify customers of the status of their order. And when the order is ready, delivery services can keep customers in the loop on the current shipping status. It’s even fast and easy when brick and mortar retailers want to let customers know an order is ready for pickup.
Retarus Enterprise SMS Services allows you to accompany your customers throughout their customer journey and helps you increase customer loyalty and retention. With two-way texting you can start a real dialog that gives customers the opportunity to reply.
Also, with Retarus you send SMS from and to your CRM application so there is no need to invest in additional software for your business processes.

Via text and online.
The perfect combination for multiple applications.

Texts are the best way to ensure that time-critical business processes are handled simply and reliability. For example, financial service providers send customers mTANs for transaction confirmation in online banking. Online portals send access data for two-factor authentication. Ride sharing providers confirm requests and provide information about bookings. How can texting support your online services?

Confirmations, reminders, scheduling, broadcasts, bulk sms, alerts.
Texts can be used in countless ways.

Texting is a medium like no other, providing flexible information exchange with customers, partners, or employees.
Just one example for Retarus Enterprise SMS Services: An airline sending flight information to his customer
Airlines inform passengers of flight delays via sms alerts
Financial institutions send customers payment reminders
Cruise lines inform passengers of departure times via sms alerts
Doctors send appointment reminders
Staffing agencies assign temporary workers to jobs
Large retailers inform branch managers when there is a recall
Automobile manufacturers kick off advertising campaigns and sweepstakes
Production facilities report upcoming maintenance jobs to service technicians
Brick and mortar retailers let customers know when an order is ready for pickup
Monitoring tools alert the hotline when systems are down
Retarus offers impeccable technical consultation and outstanding service quality from the very start. Text services were easily integrated into our existing infrastructure. Helmut Haunerdinger

Network Manager, Sixt AG

12 advantages of Retarus Cloud SMS Services

To all systems – from all systems

Receive and send SMS automatically with your business applications, such as SAP, your own web applications or via your email client.

To all networks worldwide

Exchange information with recipients on all continents. With the Retarus infrastructure, you are connected to 99% of all mobile networks worldwide via text and that means to basically every mobile device on the face of the earth.


Make your dialog two-way with Retarus Enterprise SMS Services. The result: fast confirmation or approval processes with your customers, partners, and employees, as well as numerous other application possibilities.

Long and short codes

Let Retarus do the work when it comes to long and short codes. These codes are required for receiving texts and also sending texts in some countries.

Receipt options

Should the text be sent directly to a system or forwarded to an employee? Should a reply be sent automatically or should the senders’ number be blocked? Should key words trigger specific scenarios? You decide what happens to incoming texts.

Dynamic dialog

Have the incoming text response be delivered to the person who last communicated with that number. By email and directly to the inbox of the responsible employee. One central phone number and Retarus SMS2Mail are all you need to use this innovative dialog without additional costs.

Express texts

Rely on the fastest delivery possible when situations are urgent. For example, when sending mTANs or time-sensitive access data for two-factor authentication. With Retarus Enterprise SMS Services your texts are delivered to the wireless carrier within milliseconds.

Quality routing

Choose the criteria you want to use to send your text. Is standard sufficient or do you need the fastest delivery possible with the highest delivery rate? Retarus always selects the exact carrier that will deliver according to your specifications from one network of aggregators.

Flexible and scalable

Rely on a bandwidth that is practically unlimited. Retarus provides you with a unique combination of interfaces, functions, performance, transparency, and consulting from around the world.

Transparency and monitoring

You receive a status message automatically for each text sent. This means you always know exactly when your texts reach the mobile carrier and even when they are received by the recipient.

Customized options

Choose from numerous setting options that match your processes. Lower costs using functions such as duplicate checks or smart replacement, and ensure the recipient’s total satisfaction with blackout periods at night or automatic blacklists for undesired marketing.

Consultation and service

Comply with regulatory requirements for text communications. Retarus can offer you country-specific consultation on regulations or STOP SMS rules. Furthermore, Retarus will register all required phone numbers and configure alphanumeric sender identification.

Use cases: Retarus Enterprise SMS Services for real world applications

Retarus' Cloud SMS Services are perfect for coordinating your staff.

Staff Coordination

How two-way SMS speeds up staff placement.
View use case
Efficient dunning processes thanks to Retarus' Cloud SMS Services for applications.

Payment reminders

A brief message for lasting success. Payment reminders via SMS.
View use case
With SMS directly to and from your business application it is easier than ever to accompany your customers during their customer journey.

Order pickup notifications

Accompany your customers throughout their customer journey.
View use case

Find the enterprise text service that fits you.

Receive text messages via email clients


With Retarus SMS2Mail you can easily receive texts in your email client. Incoming texts can be forwarded to pre-defined email recipients and integrated in existing workflows based on recipient numbers or key words.
Technical specifications

Receive text messages via applications


With Retarus SMS to Applications you can receive texts directly in your CRM or ERP systems, legacy applications, or web-applications. This option makes it easy to integrate incoming texts in existing workflows so they are available immediately for automatic processing.
Technical specifications

Send text messages via email clients


With Retarus Mail2SMS you can send texts simply and easily from anywhere via email through Retarus’ Global Delivery Network. From any email client or cloud service such as Office 365 and GSuite or from your mobile device. A special integration solution expanded to support active directory synchronization is available for Microsoft Exchange.
Technical specifications

Send text messages with applications or via SMS APIs


Whether ERP or CRM, mobile or web application, Microsoft or Oracle, on-premises or in the cloud. With Retarus SMS for Applications you can integrate your texts in almost any business or cloud application, using standard interfaces and protocols such as SMTP and SMPP or APIs such as SOAP and REST. Without hardware and software installation and without your own GSM infrastructure.
Technical specifications

Send text messages with SAP and SAP S/4HANA


With Retarus SMS for SAP you can send texts directly from your SAP system or SAP S/4HANA. Securely and according to your needs via Retarus’ Enterprise SMS Services—seamlessly integrated per BC-SMTP in your SAP environment. Without system modifications, without hardware and software installation, and without your own GSM infrastructure.
Technical specifications

Send text messages via your web browser


With Retarus WebExpress you can even send texts to large groups simply and easily from your web browser. This includes comprehensive text personalization functions, delivery confirmations, and distribution and blacklist management. Its workflow-optimized design allows you to send faxes in no time through the Retarus Global Delivery Network.
Technical specifications

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