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Experts at All LevelsRetarus Completely Secures Email Inboxes for Healthcare Provider Medbo

For several years, German healthcare company medbo has been using Retarus’ cloud-based Email Security to secure email communication for over 3,000 employees. “We need solutions for email communication that are 100% reliable, specifically, because data protection in hospitals is an absolute must,” explains medbo as to why they chose Retarus.

Initial situation

Data Protection in Hospitals

With its headquarters in Regensburg, the municipal healthcare company medbo has an additional seven other locations where they operate hospitals, day and outpatient clinics, healthcare centers, and nursing home facilities that focus on psychiatry, psychotherapy, and neurology. Three university hospitals also belong to the organization, as do numerous nursing schools and one of the largest educational institutes in the German healthcare sector.

Initially for cost reasons and then also for data protection reasons, medbo wanted to replace its email security solution from a provider in the United States. Its central Exchange system, which medbo operates on‑premises for compliance reasons, had to be secured. Most of medbo’s sites are connected to the Internet via fiber optic broadband.


Efficiently Securing On-Premises Exchange

Medbo chose Retarus to ensure its email is secure for a number of reasons. These include Retarus’ provisioning of services from its own, auditable data centers in Germany, its in‑house development of important core functions, as well as its 24/7 support — provided by its own employees — which achieves an excellent first call resolution rate.

The company was also impressed by the fact that even with thorough security checks, email messages are delivered without any noticeable delay. Not to mention, the self-service portals and online quarantine are simple to use and intuitive for administrators and end users. The latter in particular significantly reduces the workload for medbo IT support, as employees can process many issues independently. When it comes to sending sensitive data via encrypted email — something that is often crucial in the healthcare sector — Retarus impressed: they support all common standards (S/MIME, PGP, OpenPGP, TLS) and offer a browser-based Secure Webmailer for recipients without their own encryption capabilities.

“Retarus is now so established at medbo that we simply think of you first whenever it comes to email. We get the impression that you all know what you’re doing.”

Jürgen Schmalzbauer // Data Center Manager in the Department for Information and Communication Technology, medbo


Gradual Expansion with ATP Functions

Initially, medbo used only the basic functions offered by Retarus Email Security, such as spam and malware protection, and then added more modules over the years. Now, for example, medbo relies on ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) features such as Time-of-Click Protection (URL rewriting) or CxO Fraud Detection for checking suspicious file attachments. It also uses Retarus WebExpress for emergency communication via SMS.

When communicating with its various partners, medbo uses mandatory transport encryption if required (enforced TLS). Jürgen Schmalzbauer, Data Center Manager at medbo, also praises Retarus for how simple it is to create new mailboxes and functional mailboxes as well as to quickly and easily block attachments which have been newly classified as malicious, based on the file type.

Retarus Products


A Practical Digest and the Human Factor

For medbo, the daily email security report (known as the “digest”) with its self-service functions significantly alleviates tedious day-to-day business for end users. “The user notification function is simply brilliant — it works well and it works reliably,” lauds Schmalzbauer. In his opinion, the online quarantine is intuitive, easy to understand, well organized, and extremely helpful to the internal helpdesk. Furthermore, he says there are virtually no false positives with the Retarus solution.

Yet, the “human factor” is the most convincing aspect for him. “If I ever encounter a problem, there is always a personal contact I can reach anytime. Everyone at Retarus knows what they’re doing,” he commends. “There are experts at all levels, from support to the finance department. Real live people who speak my language. I need problem solvers. They are problem solvers.”

Key Facts

  • Data protection-compliant email security and encryption
  • Easy to use for admins and end users
  • Personal contacts at all levels
  • Contractually agreed service levels (SLAs)

Total Satisfaction

For medbo, it’s total satisfaction when it comes to Retarus Email Security. Retarus provides its Secure Email Gateway in the cloud via their own, redundantly designed data centers in Germany. These data centers can be audited at any time and are of course 100% GDPR compliant. Medbo does not need their own hardware or software, which means they benefit from ongoing new developments and can concentrate fully on their own core business.

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