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Email Security PUMA Sinks Its Teeth at Spam and Viruses

A global enterprise like PUMA AG can only be successful if it communicates with its suppliers, customers and employees in a secure and efficient manner. To guarantee these standards, PUMA AG utilizes Retarus Email Security.

Initial Situation

Global Security

PUMA AG, founded in 1948 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, is one of the world’s most successful sports lifestyle companies with manufacturing facilities in over 30 countries and distribution partners in more than 80 countries. A company of this size depends on secure, effi cient and reliable business communications.


High Level of Security and Maximum Efficiency

A number of detailed analyses and evaluations were carried out at PUMA AG to investigate and illustrate the daily burden on the company’s communication infrastructure. The top priority was to ensure reliable protection against malware, spam and any other attacks on the company’s communications infrastructure.

Emails Impede Efficiency and Represent a Security Threat

More than 16 million emails are sent to PUMA employees every month, but only a fraction of those are relevant to PUMA’s business. More than 90% of received emails contain spam, viruses or are randomly generated by spammers. With this amount of junk emails, it is easy to lose track of the real important ones – 950,000. Manually filtering out junk emails would lead to astronomical costs and operational inefficiencies.

“Retarus Email Security is highly reliable and provides excellent detection rates.”

Kurt Walther, Director Global IT and Business Intelligence, Puma AG

Primary Challenges

Successful Outtasking Project

PUMA AG uses Retarus Email Security to ensure secure and efficient email communication while also significantly relieving the burden on PUMA’s IT infrastructure. In addition, employees only receive emails that are relevant to their jobs. The decision in favor of Retarus was simple, as PUMA AG has already been utilizing Retarus’ fax and Notes services for several years. PUMA also gave the email outtasking project a glowing report: “Retarus Email Security is highly reliable and provides excellent detection rates. The low number of erroneously isolated emails shows just the level of intelligent filters and algorithms included in the managed email service.”

Retarus Products

Three-Stage Filter Solution

Inbound emails are redirected to Retarus’ PCI-DSS-certified data centers where they pass through a 3-stage filter system. The first stage, called DirFilter, was developed by Retarus to detect mass emails sent to non-existent recipients by comparing recipient email addresses with current user lists.
This first filter alone isolates around 60% of all unwanted emails. The second stage involves AntiVirus MultiScan, which uses several antivirus systems to simultaneously check every email in real time. The third and final stage includes intelligent spam filters that block unwanted advertising emails. Only emails that make it through all 3 stages of the Retarus filter solutions are delivered to the intended recipient. This amounts to around 950,000 emails each month, which is less than 6% of the total number of emails sent to PUMA.


Major Time and Cost Savings

Retarus Email Security significantly increases IT security levels, boosts efficiency and reduces email costs. The PUMA AG team responsible for IT can access the Enterprise Administration Services Portal at any time to check the infrastructure’s performance as well as the efficiency of Retarus‘ services.

Key Benefits

  • High level of IT security thanks to state-of-the-art services
  • Cost savings
  • Major efficiency boost
  • Significantly eases the burden on the IT environment
  • Maximum control and transparency

Security, Compliance and Usability from a Single Source

By using Retarus Email Security, PUMA AG has chosen to implement innovative, efficient and state-of-the-art email security services that can be up-graded at any time to include manageable email compliance features, and to boost email usability levels.

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