Fax and SMS for Office 365/OutlookGive your Office 365 users more options.

Office 365 makes communication easy for your employees: telephony, online meetings, video conferences, instant messaging, email, and more – but what about fax and text for O365?
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Enhance Office 365 with Fax and SMS for Outlook

With Retarus you can easily integrate fax and text in Office 365/Outlook. Simply connect to the Retarus Global Delivery Network and your company can send and receive faxes and texts via Outlook. Globally reliable and secure. No in-house fax and SMS infrastructure needed.

With Retarus Cloud Fax Services you are able to send a fax directly from Office 365 and Outlook.

Retarus Fax and SMS Services – Your benefits


No in-house fax/SMS infrastructure needed


Easy integration


No extra hardware or software needed


High usability thanks to Outlook add-in


Web portal for easy administration


Active Directory synchronization


Best in class support


Active carrier management


Data centers can be audited anytime


Compliant data processing

Good to know:

Switching to IP telephony/Skype for Business means you need a plan B for faxing. But not if you use Retarus Fax Services. It’s a solution that makes faxing possible from Office 365 without an in-house telecommunications infrastructure or additional functions and devices such as fax gateways.

Retarus Fax Services for real world applications

No risks, no side effects

Fax lab results quickly, securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Voice over IP, Fax over …

Communicate reliably via fax even after switching to All IP.

Retarus SMS Services for real world applications

Find help fast

Staffing agencies can speed up the placement of temporary workers with two-way SMS.

Tiny message, great news

Retailers can notify customers by text that an order is ready for pickup.

More about Retarus Fax and SMS Services

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