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“Connecting to the service via standard interfaces such as SMTP und REST enables a virtually seamless technical transition, especially with such a large number of different applications.”

Manfred Eder, Group Head Messaging and Communication Services, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

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Advantages of the Retarus Transactional Email Service

Professional support from the setup to the operation of your transactional emails
Specially developed infrastructure for a high throughput and rate of delivery
Adherence to international compliance requirements, optional local data processing
Sophisticated reputation management including dynamic IP routings according to sender domain
Emailing from all business applications
CSA-certified with allowlisting for large ISPs
Auditable data centers
Multi-level SLAs available

Made in Singapore

For Complex Email Infrastructures

With Retarus Transactional Email, campaigns sent from applications remain separated from business and user-based communications. Your reputation remains intact even when sending extremely large volumes of emails. With more than a quarter of a century of emailing experience, you can count on Retarus’ expertise to help you optimize the setup and operation of your system. This makes Retarus the ideal partner for sending emails from applications and marketing emails that effectively reach your recipients.

End-to-end and perfectly harmonized modules for complex email infrastructures complement Transactional Email with other useful add-ons, features, and services. The smart Trace & Recover short-term storage enables your employees in service or the contact center to easily find and resend transactional emails to customers at any time, even without access rights to the business application used in the workflow.

The Bounce and Response Manager is our answer to solving the challenges of your inbound channel, allowing you to organize and manage your inbox automatically using your own set of rules.

Be prepared in the face of an emergency: With Email Continuity your employees are covered at all times in the event your primary email infrastructure fails, thanks to a pre-provisioned and user-friendly cloud webmail service. And with the powerful options of Predelivery Logic, workflow automation for incoming emails is virtually unlimited. As you can expect, all of this is closely integrated with the other Retarus Secure Email Platform services.