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Cloud FaxBoost Efficiency and Cut Costs With Digital Faxing

Modernize, digitalize, automate — Retarus Cloud Fax enables efficient and secure paperless fax without the need for any fax servers or devices. Seamlessly send and receive faxes within digital workplaces or integrated business applications. Read our white paper to learn how to cut your costs up to 70% by choosing Retarus as an enterprise cloud fax provider.

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How Retarus Cloud Fax Can Benefit Your Business

Digital fax is an integral part of many business-critical processes and is used daily by thousands of companies. A thoroughly tested and standardized technology, digital faxing is easy to use and can be integrated into any system landscape. Digital faxing is secure and immune to viruses. Faxes can be traced from the moment they are sent to the instant of receipt and are legally binding. And by using Retarus’ cloud solution, you eliminate the need to spend time and money in maintaining your fax infrastructure.

With Retarus’ innovative cloud fax solution, you can easily automate paper-based or manual processes and sustainably optimize your workflow productivity. Retarus Cloud Fax streamlines your migration to All IP and supports you in modernizing and simplifying your IT infrastructure. Once connected to the Retarus Enterprise Cloud, you benefit from the scalability you need, maximum reliability, and the highest level of security. At the same time, your costs can be reduced by up to 70% compared to self-operated fax infrastructures.

Tap Into New Potential with Retarus as Your Enterprise Fax Provider

Whether you want to ensure the efficient and seamless transmission of patient data between healthcare organizations, or need to legally confirm transactions on the financial market — if it’s hundreds of thousands of orders that need to be transmitted to florists for Mother’s Day, or unstructured incoming documents that are required to be digitized and automatically transferred to downstream workflows and systems — Retarus Cloud Fax ensures a reliable flow of information at all times. Anywhere in the world. Inbound and outbound. With Retarus as enterprise fax provider, you comply with the highest requirements for availability and transaction security as well as industry- and country-specific regulations for data protection and data security such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ENS, and GDPR. Increase efficiency and reduce costs with Retarus Cloud Fax Services now.

Fax Server Administrators Are Choosing Retarus Cloud Fax

Fax server administrators looking to secure their next career steps and free up resources for their organizations – all while improving fax performance, speed, and reliability – should look no further than Retarus’ best-in-class cloud fax solutions. Cloudification is not only an excellent way for server admins to streamline messaging infrastructures and cut costs – but also a unique professional development opportunity. By spearheading the cloudification process, fax server administrators are perfectly positioned to guide their organization’s cloud and messaging strategies, ensuring years of career development and a proactive role in their company’s growth.

By switching from fax servers to the Retarus Enterprise Cloud, fax server administrators will see their responsibilities shift to a service provider managerial role. This shift brings increased responsibility and resources for the advancement of your organization. Retarus gives our customers more control over their infrastructure, provides our own expert support teams, and allows customers to produce better, more detailed reports. A timely switch to the cloud will place you in a crucial position to adapt your technical knowledge and stake an important role in dictating your organization’s cloud strategy. And since the Retarus Enterprise Cloud is always up to date on technical innovations and regulatory changes, you’ll never again run the risk of being made obsolete or falling behind the curve.

Retarus also makes managing fax an easier, more transparent, and more centralized process. With clear, improved reporting, extensive automation, and high-class 24/7 support, as well as a fully functional interface which integrates seamlessly into the environment of your choice, you are empowered to set the terms of your organization’s messaging. And thanks to our customizable SLAs and transparent pricing models, you’ll be getting exactly what you need, when you need it, at a competitive cost, and you’ll be fully in control.

For fax server administrators wondering about their future role in an ever-changing landscape, Retarus is the perfect choice to make meaningful, productive changes to your organization’s messaging infrastructure – not to mention to position yourself as a valuable asset in determining your company’s cloud strategy.

14 Advantages of Retarus Cloud Fax Services

NeverBusy Technology

Reduce your fax transmission failure rate by up to 10% and reduce the administrative costs involved in manually processing your faxes. Retarus' NeverBusy Technology ensures that multiple faxes are never sent to the same recipient simultaneously. Thanks to this technology, even high volumes of incoming faxes are delivered immediately—no busy lines or capacity bottlenecks.

Global and Available Anytime

Rely on reliable transmission worldwide. The Retarus Enterprise Cloud offers high availability and high capacity, with its own data centers in Europe, Asia, and the USA, providing maximum availability and delivery reliability. 24/7.

Monitoring and Analysis

Check the status of your fax communications at any time using dashboards and detailed reports in the web-based Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal. In real time or in user-defined periods. For both outgoing and incoming faxes.


Ensure highly secure online faxing communications. Connection to the Retarus Enterprise Cloud is exclusively via encrypted connections (TLS, VPN). The Retarus fax services will also sign and encrypt incoming fax documents for you upon request—depending on the file type per AES 256-bit, PGP, or X.509.

Worldwide Telephone Number Service

Receive faxes anywhere in the world with local numbers. Retarus provides service and call numbers on all continents that can be managed and assigned easily in the EAS Portal. It is also possible to port existing incoming fax numbers at any time.

Intelligent Routing

Achieve up to 30% more throughput with Retarus' enterprise fax services using our cloud fax API. Active Carrier Management in the Retarus Enterprise Cloud automatically uses the lines and carriers whose line quality and availability best match your fax job. With Retarus you can also send your fax from any application - quickly and reliably.

OCR and Barcode Recognition

Retarus' enterprise fax services enable you to seamlessly integrate faxing into your workflows. Read out information or barcodes from incoming documents with the Retarus OCR and barcode recognition feature and then use customized smart routing options to presort, forward, store, or process the documents automatically according to your rules.

OPEX instead of CAPEX

Reduce your investment and process costs. Retarus lets you massively reduce or completely eliminate costs for telephone and fax infrastructures, software, updates, administration, and maintenance. Retarus billing models are based exclusively on usage-related batch and page prices (pay-per-use).

Long-Term Archiving

Ensure full compliance with industry-specific or statutory regulations. Retarus' long-term archiving helps your fax communications comply with the most stringent data security and integrity requirements.

Service and Support

Experience first-class support built on our expertise. The Retarus Service and Support Team is here to help you solve problems, answer your questions, or help you find the right solution for your needs. Anywhere in the world. You can even be assigned a personal service manager upon request.

Scalable and Flexible

Eliminate over- and under-utilization of capacity with our online fax solution and API. Regardless of whether you send 1,000 faxes today and one million tomorrow—the Retarus Enterprise Cloud provides you with the exact bandwidth you need at any given point in time without a single fax machine or traditional desktop-fax software in your office.

Seamless Integration

Whether you use an ERP, a CRM or a legacy system, Epic, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspace — thanks to open standards, you can connect Retarus Cloud Fax Services to almost any business or cloud application. For example, via RESTful-API web service or via standard interfaces and protocols such as SMTP, SFTP and HTTPS.

Security and Compliance

Rely on maximum security. The Retarus Enterprise Cloud, with its global data centers, fulfills the most stringent country and industry-specific requirements for data protection and data security including ISAE 3402 type II and PCI DSS certifications, GDPR and HIPAA compliance, and many more.

Enterprise-Level SLAs

It doesn't matter if you are an international enterprise, a mid-sized company, or a startup. Choose the service level agreement that best meets your needs in terms of quality, support, and response time. We offer customized SLAs to guarantee special requirements, for example, the exclusive processing of your data in a special Retarus data center.

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Which Cloud Fax Service Meets Your Requirements?

Fax Inbound

Receiving Faxes via Applications or Web Services


With Retarus Fax2Application/Fax2Webservice, you can receive online fax documents as PDF or TIFF files via web service directly in your applications. Service options such as text and barcode recognition (OCR), signature or encryption, allow you to optimally integrate digitized documents in existing workflows so they are available immediately for automatic processing.

Technical specifications

Receiving Faxes with FTP Servers


With Retarus Fax2FTP, you receive faxes as PDF or TIFF files on one FTP server. These documents can be simply and flexibly integrated in existing workflows and processes and automatically processed without having to be digitized later, which costs time and money.

Technical specifications

Receiving Faxes with Email Clients


Retarus Fax2Mail is the smart solution for receiving faxes digitally. Your employees receive faxes as email attachments (PDF or TIFF) directly in your email client. You don’t need your own fax infrastructure and you eliminate costs associated with a fax server, maintenance, updates, and lines. An ideal solution for IP-based telecommunications infrastructures.

Technical specifications

Receiving Faxes with Document Capture (OCR/ICR/IDR)

With Retarus Fax2EDI, you can digitize and automate analog receipt of documents and integrate business partners without EDI directly in your EDI processes. There is no need for manual entry of incoming documents and sources of error are kept to a minimum. You benefit from faster order processes, a faster cash flow and a cost benefit of approximately 60% compared to manual order entry.

Technical specifications

Receiving Faxes with Multifunction Devices

Do you still need paper-based incoming faxes for your business processes? Print your documents with Retarus Fax2Printer directly from your network printers or multifunction devices. Upon request, we can deliver them simultaneously via email, for example, to archive them or integrate them in digital workflows.

Technical specifications

Fax Outbound

Sending Faxes with Applications or APIs


Whether ERP or CRM, mobile or web application, Microsoft or Oracle, on-premises or in the cloud. With Retarus Faxolution for Applications, you can integrate your faxes in almost any business or cloud application, using standard interfaces and protocols such as SMTP, SFTP, and HTTPS or APIs such as SOAP and REST. Without hardware and software installation, without a fax server. But with numerous development-friendly functions to simply and quickly fit your system and development landscape.

Learn more about Retarus Fax APIs | Technical specifications

Sending Faxes with SAP

SAP Logo

With Retarus Faxolution for SAP, you can send business documents such as quotations, order confirmations, and orders straight from your SAP or SAP S/4HANA application. Securely and according to your needs via Retarus’ SAP-certified Cloud Fax Services—seamlessly integrated per BC-SMTP in your SAP environment. Without system modifications, hardware and software installation, and without a fax server. But with almost unlimited faxing capacity. Ideal for batch processing with immediate notification of delivery status to the SAP system.

Technical specifications

Sending Faxes with Epic

Connector API
Epic Logo

With Retarus Faxolution for Epic, you can send all your Epic faxes including laboratory results, prescriptions, insurance claims and other documentations containing patient health information directly from your Epic application. Secure and with adherence to the industry compliance standards such as HIPAA, Faxolution for Epic integrates Retarus cloud fax seamlessly into your existing Epic environment. This is implemented without any system modifications, or software and hardware installations. Using Retarus you can increase your fax delivery rates and speeds thereby improving efficiencies and automating workflows.

Learn more about Faxolution for Epic | Technical specifications

Scan and Send Faxes via MFDs and standard print interfaces through LRS

LRS Logo
Connector APISMTP

LRS (Levi, Ray & Shoup) is a leading provider of Enterprise Output Management (EOM) software. The US company, based in Springfield, Illinois, has seamlessly integrated Retarus’ cloud fax output channel in VPSX EOM and MFPsecure/Scan. Accessible and pre-configured via REST API or SMTP adapter. As a result, the print-to-fax and scan-to-fax functions are available to customers directly in the VPSX UI and in the mobile app for any number of multi-function devices with all the well known benefits of Retarus’ Cloud Fax.

Technical Specifications

Scan and Send Faxes from MFDs through PaperCut

Connector APISMTP
PaperCut Logo

With Retarus Faxolution for PaperCut MF, you can send faxes through scan to fax functionality within your PaperCut MF Application. The integration supports secure authentication to the Retarus Cloud Fax service without leaving the PaperCut MF environment. PaperCut’s MF scan to fax can be implemented with PaperCut’s MF Basic experience (SMTP) and/or PaperCut’s MF Advanced experience (API Service), both of which are supported by Retarus Cloud Fax.

Technical Specifications

Sending Faxes from ActFax

Connector API
ActFax Logo

ActFax supports fax transmissions from any workstation and application. Here, Retarus can provide the connection to the public telephone network via its enterprise-level cloud fax. This integration improves fax performance and scalability over the use of external modems, fax boards, and telco lines, which are no longer required. It also supports UCC or data center initiatives by eliminating the need for these legacy external components.

Technical Specifications

Sending Faxes with Email Clients


With Retarus Mail2Fax, you can send fax documents simply and easily from anywhere via email through Retarus' Enterprise Cloud. From any email client or cloud service such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace or from your mobile device. For Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and HCL Notes Domino there are special integration solutions with even more features such as Active Directory Synchronization.

Technical specifications

Sending Faxes with Windows Applications


Whether you are sending personalized individual faxes or numerous faxes with the Microsoft Word mail merge function, Retarus Faxolution for Windows allows you to send faxes directly from your desktop, from Microsoft Office, or any other Microsoft Windows application. Simply send your fax from any application – quickly and reliably with the Retarus Enterprise Cloud.

Technical specifications

Sending Faxes with a Web Browser


With Retarus WebExpress, you can send faxes simply and easily from your web browser. Including management for templates, distribution lists, and black lists. Compliant with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Its workflow-optimized design allows you to send faxes in no time via the Retarus Enterprise Cloud. Upon request, a qualified Retarus Team can send faxes for you.

Technical specifications

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