Retarus Cloud Fax Services

Whether via your business application or desktop – maximize the efficiency of your fax communication. Send and receive faxes – without your own fax server.

Cloud Fax Services instead of your own fax server

Replacing your fax server and consolidating your IT, changing over to All-IP/VoIP, optimizing your workflows and fulfilling compliance requirements – complex scenarios require from the very beginning an experienced service provider, who knows what is essential for fax.

Fax with Retarus – discover the benefits

Virtualize your servers and consolidate your IT

Fax boards can’t be virtualized. But your fax communication can. Whether you are using fax in one or twenty locations, or are interested in desktop or application fax: with Retarus Cloud Fax Services you can fax reliably and securely at all times. Without needing to run your own fax servers or any additional hardware and software.

Pay per use – transparent costs, needs-based capacity

You would like to ensure that capacities automatically meet your needs? And that costs correspond exactly to the volume processed? Thanks to our pay per use billing model, you will always be invoiced the exact number of pages processed by us on your behalf, while all of the Retarus Cloud Fax Services can always be used exactly to the extent that you need them at the moment. Even with changing communication processes, spin-offs or company takeovers – overcapacities or a lack of capacities never occur. Usage peaks are also no longer an issue for you. You send 100,000 faxes a day as reliably as 1,000 a month.

Secure your business-critical communication

Connect your business applications directly to Retarus’ Fax Cloud. By separating desktop fax and application fax you secure your process-relevant fax communication optimally. In this way you can send documents such as offers, order confirmations, orders and delivery notifications inexpensively, quickly and securely. Thanks to Retarus’ NeverBusy technology your delivery rate actually rises to 99.9 percent.

All interfaces, all formats, all languages

Retarus Cloud Fax Services support all common interfaces and file formats. And thanks to Unicode-ready transmission you can integrate branch offices and partners around the world with ease. Arabic, Chinese or Russian – your cross-border processes function better than ever. Learn more about Retarus Enterprise Fax APIs

Ultimate control through transparency

Absolute process transparency creates trust in automated services. Especially when dealing with the outsourcing of business-critical parts of the corporate communication. That’s why Retarus’ Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS) offers highly effective analysis functions with detailed breakdowns of all communication services that have been provided to you. Real-time monitoring, delivery statistics updated on a daily basis or detailed monthly overviews of every single connection made – you always know exactly how many documents your system has sent and whether they have been received by your partners.

Change over to All-IP/VoIP and fax without any issues

Businesses switching their telephony over to VoIP, should expect difficulties with their fax transmission. The solution is to separate fax from your telecommunications infrastructure and use Retarus Cloud Fax Services. This ensures that you can fax confidently and reliably without requiring any additional software or hardware both now and in the future. Retarus Cloud Fax Services allow you to send and receive faxes using any mail client or business application. The connection to Retarus is achieved via the internet or by MPLS.

How can you get more out of your fax communication?

Fax with Retarus – Overview of all services

Retarus Cloud Services for Applications

The world's first managed service that allows you to communicate directly from your business application via email, fax, SMS and EDI with just a single interface. This gives you maximum flexibility without the need to install a specific infrastructure. Learn more ›

Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices

Experience the seamless flow of information with your business partners. With fully scalable fax and SMS communication directly from and to your email client or windows applications. Learn more ›

Retarus Cloud Services for SAP

Benefit from the first SAP certified messaging service worldwide: Send and receive business documents - as email, fax, SMS - directly via your SAP system. When utilizing Retarus' Enterprise Messaging Platform there is no need for any additional hardware or software. Learn more ›

Retarus WebExpress

Send your personalized content reliably, even to large distribution lists. By email, fax or SMS—it's easy with a standardized and intuitive platform. Communicate directly from your web browser. Learn more ›

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