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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)Automated and Efficient Order Processing

Digitize your communication with customers and suppliers. Read our use case to find out how you can leverage automation to reduce your manual order processing costs by approx. 60%.

Digitize and Automate Workflows

Do your suppliers or customers send business documents, such as orders or invoices, via fax or email? Retarus Intelligent Document Processing increases the level of automation in your business communications and simultaneously improves efficiency.
The paper chase is over! Your employees no longer have to manually process business documents. You benefit in many ways. From faster order processes, a faster cash flow, and a cost benefit of approximately 60% compared to manual order processing.

Made in Singapore

AICPA: SOC certificate
AICPA: SOC certificate

This Is How Retarus’ IDP Solution Works

We receive your incoming documents via email or fax for you. We run them through our powerful Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) system that uses multiple OCR engines to make them 100% readable. This turns unstructured data into structured data. Documents that are unreadable by IDR because, for example, the handwriting is illegible can be manually entered. We then convert the document according to your requirements and send it to you. We can also send the original document as a PDF so you can archive it.

Your Benefits


Cutting-edge IDR technology

Achieve maximum automatic recognition rates and minimize manual processing. Improved quality in document recognition drastically lowers your error rate, helps you prevent return shipments, and ultimately saves you money.

Widely accepted by business partners

You can even integrate suppliers and customers who don’t use EDI into your processes quickly and efficiently, without impacting their business processes. When using Retarus Intelligent Document Processing, your partners will not be confronted with system-related limitations or additional costs.

Faster order processes, quicker cash flow

Significantly faster order processing means it’s easier to meet deadlines and cut-off times, even with capacity bottlenecks. Orders can be processed on short notice and data reaches the ERP system on time.

Years of industry expertise

From automotive and manufacturing, banking and retail, to pharma and cosmetics— companies from diverse industries are successfully using Retarus’ customized solutions. We have many years of experience that you can benefit from as well.

Simple integration

Retarus Intelligent Document Processing can be integrated seamlessly into your existing system and process landscape, not the other way around. You benefit from fully automated conversion and direct delivery of captured business data to your business application.

More time for what really matters

Less time spent on admin means more time for your customers. Automated document capture frees up your sales team so they can concentrate on what’s really important: consulting with customers and generating sales.

Retarus Enterprise Cloud

Our IDP solution is part of the Retarus Enterprise Cloud. For you, this means no hardware and software investments, zero time and money spent on administration, operation, and maintenance. And it’s all fully scalable.

Fully Satisfied Customers

Many companies around the world already trust in Retarus. Select your industry and learn more about companies already benefiting from our Integration and Automation Services:

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