Retarus Cloud SMS Services

Communicate via SMS from all systems and into all networks. With Retarus Cloud SMS Services you send and receive messages directly via your desktop or business application.

Send and receive on a grand scale

Airlines notify passengers about changing departure times, delivery services inform recipients that their orders have been dispatched, banks send their customers mTans and online services provide log-in details for two-factor authentication – in a growing number of business areas SMS is performing valuable services.

SMS with Retarus – discover all the benefits

Unlimited transmission capacity without your own infrastructure
Send and receive unlimited volumes of SMS conveniently via Retarus’ infrastructure without installing or operating any GSM modems. In this way your messages reach more recipients in half an hour than you can reach via GSM modem after one and a half days.
Express transmission for critical applications
Time critical applications, for instance the transmission of mTans or time-restricted login details for two-factor authentication for online applications, are handled for you as express deliveries by Retarus. This means that your SMS is processed within milliseconds and delivered to a mobile communications carrier. Your communication partners will thus receive their access details with in a blink of an eye following their request.
Successful delivery according to regional regulations
In many countries, communication via SMS is strictly regulated. In some regions, for instance, an available response number is required, while in others SMS messages containing disallowed words are blocked. Retarus’ communication experts in Germany, the US as well as Central and Western Europe, in Asia and in Australia are well-informed about regional requirements, and work closely together with network carriers which are specialized in these specific markets. In this way, Retarus ensures that your SMS messages actually reach their recipients – no matter where they are currently located.
Two-way SMS for bi-directional communication
Retarus Cloud SMS Services offer you real dialog via SMS. This means you can send and receive directly via your application or email client. This bidirectional exchange of information must accommodate, among other things, fast confirmation and coordination processes with clients, partners, and colleagues, but also various other application scenarios. Retarus also provides the long and short codes needed so your communication partners can reply from anywhere in the world.
From all systems to all networks around the globe
With Retarus Cloud SMS Services, you send short messages quickly and reliably to recipients all around the world. Directly from your email client, straight from a web browser or automated from the business application of your choice – for instance out of SAP or your own web application. Via Retarus’ infrastructure with its network of aggregators, you reach 99 percent of all mobile communications networks on all continents.
Maximum transparency and delivery rates
With Retarus you automatically receive a delivery confirmation for every SMS you send. This allows you to track and document when your SMS passed through the Retarus infrastructure, when they were transferred to the cell phone carriers and, if required, when they were delivered to the recipients. That way you always have maximum control over your SMS.
Long and short codes for your international requirements
To fulfill legal requirements for SMS communication you need short or long codes in certain countries – for instance in France or the US. Retarus’ communication experts provide you and register all the numbers you require. In each and every country around the globe.
From personal messages to A2P and M2M
SMS is becoming increasingly important for business communication. This is confirmed by the statistics of the regulatory authorities, which show that the use of SMS for business purposes is rising all over the world. Airlines are informing their passengers about changing departure times, delivery services are letting their customers know that their orders have been sent and car rental services are sending their customers confirmations of their bookings. Banks are providing their customers with mTans and authentication services are using SMS to send log-in details for two-factor authentication of VPNs or online services. Staffing agencies are using SMS to coordinate their human resources and retail companies to manage their sales representatives. There are also use cases for the logistics business, for the management of production procedures, for alerting services or for campaigns directly from CRM systems. In this way, you are perfectly equipped for both Application-to-Person (A2P) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M)-applications.

How can your business achieve more with SMS?

SMS with Retarus – Overview of all services

Retarus Cloud Services for Applications

The world's first managed service that allows you to communicate directly from your business application via email, fax, SMS and EDI with just a single interface. This gives you maximum flexibility without the need to install a specific infrastructure.
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Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices

Experience the seamless flow of information with your business partners. With fully scalable fax and SMS communication directly from and to your email client or windows applications.
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Retarus Cloud Services for SAP

Benefit from the first SAP certified messaging service worldwide: Send and receive business documents - as email, fax, SMS - directly via your SAP system. When utilizing Retarus' Enterprise Messaging Platform there is no need for any additional hardware or software.
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Retarus WebExpress

Send your personalized content reliably, even to large distribution lists. By email, fax or SMS—it's easy with a standardized and intuitive platform. Communicate directly from your web browser.
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