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Tag: ENS

  • 22/05/2024 – Retarus, global provider of Cloud solutions for Fax, SMS, Transactional Email, and Email Security, has announced the elevation of its National Security Framework (Esquema Nacional de Seguridad = ENS) certification from medium to high, achieving the highest possible level of this certification. This better positions Retarus to handle the most stringent demands of highly-regulated industries, including banking, finance, telecommunications, and public administration.
  • 07/11/2022 – Retarus, a global provider of Enterprise Cloud solutions for Enterprise Messaging, Email Security, and Business Integration, has received the National Security Scheme (ENS) certificate in the field of E-Government, without which companies cannot provide services to public administrations. Retarus has obtained this certificate thanks to its compliance with the requirements guaranteeing corporate security, risk management, prevention, reaction and recovery, lines of defense, periodic reassessment, and differentiated function, in accordance with the Royal Decree 3/2010 of January 8.