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The complete solution for efficient and trouble-free global email communication: Multilingual anti-spam filters, multi-level virus protection, gateway-based encryption, and innovative email management.

Directory Filter

Misdirected emails are rejected already by our systems. As a result, the processing time of incoming and outgoing emails is notably accelerated. Valid addresses are regularly synchronized with your systems.

  • Protection against Denial-of-Service and Directory Harvest Attacks
  • Dynamic traffic management through traffic shaping and traffic throttling mechanisms
  • Dynamically learning service with scoring/penalty system for spam relays
  • Queueless-design with validation on SMTP session level
  • Automatic address book synchronization with Lotus Notes / Domino, Microsoft Exchange, LDAP
  • Configuration and manual address maintenance via the web-based administration portal
  • Provision for aliases and other domains
  • Bounce Management according to RFC 3461, 3463 and 3464

AntiVirus MultiScan

Retarus’ Antivirus MultiScan technology provides powerful protection against virus-infected messages and attachments by utilizing up to four different virus scanners. The redundant, high-speed scanners check incoming and outgoing messages automatically (including attachments) for viruses. By means of heuristic analysis we detect even as-yet unknown malware.

  • Higher detection rate with the use of up to four virus scanners
  • Protection against unknown viruses through heuristic analysis (Zero-Hour Protection)
  • Eliminate threats before it impacts your infrastructure
  • Virus definitions updated every minute
  • Notification of the deleted emails that were infected

Retarus AntiSpam

Our AntiSpam service checks incoming emails using continuously updated rules and tools for spam detection. Once classified as a spam message, depending on your service settings the Retarus service will mark the message or isolate it in the Retarus quarantine system. With our innovative technologies Retarus’ multilingual anti-spam service will achieve a significantly higher detection rate than conventional anti-spam tools.

  • Spam protection with a detection rate over 99.95 percent
  • False-positive rate of less than 0.0001 percent
  • Protection against mass-generated non-delivery notifications
  • User-and domain-based blacklists and whitelists
  • Attachments are blocked according to file size or file type on demand
  • Multilingual content analysis by means of over 3,000 rules
  • Content and structure analysis using heuristic modeling
  • Fingerprint analysis, Bayes algorithms, and sender verification
  • Continuous updates of intelligent filter-, pattern- and recognition rules

Quarantine Management

The digests, which we send you at individually definable points in time, provide you and your staff an overview of all intercepted spam and virus messages. From there, any message that is classified as spam can be quickly released from quarantine without the need to access a portal. Additionally, we offer online access to the Retarus quarantine with simplified user authentication (OneClick token login). This quick login makes it possible to search for specific messages. We also offer an online quarantine version for mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

  • Quarantine of spam emails, optionally with online access
  • Combined spam and viruses reports by email
  • User-based quarantine and report settings
  • Direct request of messages without authentication
  • System-wide configuration via EAS portal for administrators

TLS Connection

Maximum data protection right from the beginning: Your systems are connected to Retarus’ data centers via TLS (Transport Layer Security). This hybrid encryption protocol protects your data against unauthorized access while being transmitted between your servers and the data centers.

  • Encrypted data transmission via TLS
  • Protection against unauthorized access
  • Maximum data protection already during data transmission to and from Retarus

Administration, Reporting, Monitoring

Our web-based Enterprise Administration Service (EAS) Portal provides real-time information on the efficiency of Retarus’ E-Mail Security. All reporting and monitoring information can be downloaded right from the portal. Retarus’ EAS portal is the most powerful tool available on the market today and provides total transparency for your managed email service.

  • Transparent view of all service instances
  • Secure access via web browser (HTTPs)
  • Detailed reports, powerful analysis functions and performance monitoring
  • Enterprise E-Mail Monitoring – Reporting on all incoming and outgoing emails in real-time
  • Maintenance and management of service instances
  • Maintenance and management of user profiles
  • Tracking of support tickets

Access Management

Retarus Access Management enables you to flexibly control the access of every administrator in your company to the various reporting and configuration modules Retarus offers on our web-based Enterprise Administration Service. This allows a clear and compliant access management to all reports and monitoring data.

  • Flexible and customer-specific access limitations, by countries/ domains and profile settings
  • Limited access to sensitive reporting and monitoring data
  • Implementation of company-wide compliance policies thanks to individual assignment of admin rights
  • Direct configuration within Retarus’ web-based Enterprise Administration Services portal

Attachment Blocker

The Retarus Attachment Blocker prevents the receipt of file attachments from inbound emails that appear questionable or should be barred the company‘s infrastructure for other reasons, such as EXE, PIF, SCR or MP3 files. File types can be blocked not only by file extension but also by MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) type. The Retarus Attachment Blocker helps you to apply email policies efficiently and protect your infrastructure against unwanted files.

  • Effectively block the receipt of unwanted email attachments
  • Define files to be blocked by file extension and/or MIME type
  • Inform recipients and/or administrators about the deletion of attachments (optional)
  • Send a copy of the original email to administrators (optional)
  • Efficiently implement of email policies

Large E-Mail Handling

Retarus Large E-Mail Handling allows for handling the reception of large emails flexibly. Even messages comprising several megabytes, such as job applications, balance sheets, engineering drawings, contracts or requests for loans will reach their intended recipients directly in spite of predefined size restrictions. Recipients access their emails and included attachments easily, securely receiving all business-relevant information without needing to find different ways of transmission. There is less strain on the email infrastructure, outlay on data backup is reduced, and acceptance among users is improved.

  • Handle your email size limits flexibly
  • Receive large emails reliably
  • Efficiently implement email policies
  • Save time and improve user productivity
  • Reduce load on your email infrastructure and back-up systems
  • Accelerate restore times, minimize storage costs

Directory Synchronization

The Retarus Directory Synchronization feature ensures regular synchronization of your enterprise address book, no matter whether you use Microsoft Exchange/Active Directory, IBM Notes/Domino or LDAP. The constant updating of address data ensures proper functioning of Retarus’ Directory Filter. Thus, Directory Synchronization allows you to keep your email systems running at an optimal level of performance, preventing them from being overloaded or even breaking down.

  • Automated synchronization of your enterprise directory
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange/Active Directory, IBM Notes/Domino and LDAP
  • Customized synchronization schedules
  • Optimal levels of email system performance

E-Mail Signature

Business emails have to contain a signature by law, as is the case with conventional written business correspondence. Retarus E-Mail Signature allows you to create, edit and manage signatures and disclaimers in a quick and easy way from a single point within the Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS). This helps you minimize the effort of keeping mandatory information up to date. Signatures and disclaimers are only attached to external emails, thus reducing the load on your email servers, back-up systems and archives.

  • Centralized management of personalized email signatures and disclaimers
  • Simple editing thanks to the EAS Portal WYSIWYG editor
  • Customizable using data from Lotus Domino/Notes or Active Directory
  • Signatures and disclaimers can be assigned at profile level
  • Signatures and disclaimers can be mixed and matched with one another
  • Email bloat is kept to a minimum

Data Leakage Prevention

The theft of sensitive data, for example production plans or customer contracts, can put a company’s very existence at risk. With Retarus Data Leakage Prevention you can prevent data from being undetectedly sent out by email, thus protecting confidential data effectively. Users can only send out emails if a supervisory authority or a designated function mailbox is included in the distribution list. Checks can then be made on a random sample basis and/or if misuse is suspected. This enables you to meet compliance requirements efficiently.

  • Definition of supervisory entities for email transmission
  • Granular configuration options on profile, group and user level
  • Definition of exceptions on the basis of blacklists and whitelists
  • Effective protection of company data
  • Improves the quality of email communications

E-Mail Check

Retarus E-Mail Check constantly checks the availability of your email systems. In case of non-availability, we immediately inform you via SMS. All emails we cannot deliver to your systems at that moment will be redirected to a queue. Thus we ensure no email is lost, while allowing you to patch your systems straightaway.

  • Constant email server availability check
  • Notification in case of non-availability of your systems
  • Improved reactivity in case of system downtimes

E-Mail Size Reduction

Retarus E-Mail Size Reduction removes unnecessary parts, such as invisible elements in the header or alternative email body text (HTML, plain text), from incoming emails. File attachments are compressed automatically on request (ZIP function). These measures help reduce the size of inbound emails by as much as 30 percent, with no loss of information for the user. The simplified coding means better and faster presentation in the email client. And you save a huge amount on costly storage and backup capacity.

  • Reduces data volume by as much as 30 percent
  • Compresses attachments (ZIP) and recodes text parts on request (e.g. Quoted-printable to 8-bit MIME)
  • Removes superfluous header information and alternative email body text
  • Takes the strain off the email server and the backup infrastructure, saving costly storage space
  • Faster, better email display thanks to simplified coding

Inbox Assist

With Retarus Inbox Assist managers and department heads can have all inbound emails automatically forwarded to their assistants while excluding certain private sender addresses thanks to a simple synchronization with local address books, webmail providers and cloud services such as Apple iCloud. This prevents important emails from getting lost in bulging mailboxes as they can be sorted and processed in advance.

E-Mail Quiet Time

With Quiet Time, you can define time periods, such as evenings and weekends, during which no external emails will be sent to your employees. Instead, inbound emails are stored in the Retarus data centers and automatically delivered to the intended end device once the retention period has elapsed. A bypass feature for high-priority emails and an emergency button both help to ensure that emails that need to be dealt with quickly are immediately delivered to the intended recipient.

  • Configuration of email-free periods (external emails)
  • Individual settings for various user profiles
  • Secure temporary email storage in the Retarus data centers
  • Automatic delivery of emails once the retention period has elapsed
  • Bypass feature for high-priority emails
  • Emergency button for immediate delivery of emails during email-free periods

Patient Zero Detection

  • Reliable detection when previously-unknown malware is received (“Patient Zero”)
  • Immediate and targeted responses to attacks thanks to alerts to admins and (optionally) users
  • Notifications for users that contain clear recommendations which can easily be implemented
  • Facilitates easier IT forensics
  • Optimization of system settings (e.g., blacklisting)
  • Seamless integration with other functions such as Retarus Enterprise E-Mail Archive or Retarus E-Mail Encryption

Enterprise E-Mail Migration

Enterprise E-Mail Migration allows you to seamlessly migrate large data volumes to Retarus’ E-Mail Security. Retarus supports all relevant formats, such as PST, EML, MIME or Notes.

  • Migration of large data volumes
  • Seamless transfer of existing data
  • All relevant formats such as PST, EML, MIME or Notes

E-Mail Encryption

Retarus E-Mail Encryption encodes and decodes inbound and outbound emails using Policy Based Encryption, a customized set of rules. We support the PGP and S/MIME encryption methods and take care of the administration work for the key.

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Enterprise E-Mail Archive

Retarus Enterprise E-Mail Archive allows you to securely store your company’s internal and external email correspondence on a long-term basis, and to retrieve it at your convenience.

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Retarus E-Mail Security

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