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Cloud Fax Services to Suit Your Needs

Need to reduce your license and maintenance costs? Plan to replace your existing fax server solution, change to VoIP or increase your fax capacity and delivery rate? Take advantage of Retarus’ Fax Cloud!

Retarus’ Fax Portfolio

Easy to use: send faxes from any Windows application, your email client, your business application, your SAP or ERP systems, via web interface or with our service bureau.

Faxolution for SAP

World leading fax service for SAP applications

Retarus Faxolution for SAP enables you to send offers, order confirmations and delivery notifications directly from your SAP system effectively and securely via Retarus’ Fax Cloud. Certified by SAP, this managed service provides the highest transmission security and availability, as well as nearly unlimited fax capacity. Real-time status reports directly delivered into your SAP system as well as daily or monthly itemized reports guarantee highest levels of process and cost transparency.

Clear Processes

Critical business processes are initiated and run faster, therefore enduring the best quality and timeliness of information to your customer-supplier network. Messaging during peak times, batch jobs or CRM campaigns will be processed without any delays. With Faxolution for SAP you receive real-time reports directly into your SAP system, making Retarus the best choice!

Certified by SAP

Retarus Faxolution for SAP is the first cloud fax service in the world that was officially certified by SAP with the “Unicode-ready” label. This character set enables the use of characters from diverse languages – any problems with processes across national borders become thus a thing of the past.

Faxolution for Applications

Fax service for all business applications, tailored to your needs

Retarus Faxolution for Applications enables you to connect any business application to Retarus’ Fax Cloud. This allows your company to send documents such as bills of lading, order confirmations and delivery notifications quickly, at low costs, and ensures transaction security. The cost savings are extensive and reduction in processing speed is unmatched. Retarus’ NeverBusy technology guarantees maximum delivery rates.

High performance with maximum reliability

Documents are transmitted to our Managed Fax Services infrastructure via FTP or Web Service (SOAP) and immediately sent to the recipients. Fax delivery from Retarus offers many advantages, such as the highest transmission security, detailed delivery reports directly back into your business applications and more – all this without any capacity constraints or competition for resources within your own infrastructure.

Clear processes and in-depth information

The Retarus Enterprise Administration Services portal offers a level of transparency and a control that is unprecedented in our industry. It provides you with configuration possibilities, comprehensive live reports, extensive daily transaction statistics and monthly reports with individual connection details as well as high performing analysis functionalities.

Faxolution for Exchange

Professional cloud fax service for Microsoft Exchange

Retarus Faxolution for Exchange gives you the freedom you need – should you chose to replace your existing fax server or switch over to Voice over IP. You can lower your communication costs and still continue to utilize fax as a means of communication. Its company-wide implementation requires only a few clicks of the mouse.

Reliable, scalable and easy to calculate

By outsourcing your fax communications to Retarus, you have at your fingertips the complete capacity of Retarus’ Fax Cloud. This guarantees you a quick, error-free delivery of your mission critical faxes and the highest availability. Your advantage: maximum reliability, unlimited scalability, detailed reports and absolute cost control.

Easy to use

Retarus Faxolution for Exchange allows you to immediately use Retarus’ fax infrastructure – with no need for any expensive or complicated training sessions. The user interface, operation and addressing in Retarus Faxolution for Exchange leverages the existing controls in your Exchange environment. As a result, all employees across your company can use Retarus Faxolution for Exchange immediately after implementation.

Faxolution for Notes

Efficient fax communications, designed for Lotus Notes

Retarus Faxolution for Notes is specifically tailored to the requirements of Lotus Notes users. The client-based application can be integrated quickly into many Notes applications and does not require any changes to the mail template – there is no need to operate a dedicated fax server, and the service can also be perfectly used after changing over to Voice over IP.

Immediately available

The user interface, operation and addressing in Retarus Faxolution for Notes leverages the existing controls in your Lotus Notes environment. And even if there is no connection to the Domino server, faxes can be composed without interfering in server tasks – which makes it easy for your employees working on the road. As a result, all employees across your company can use Retarus Faxolution for Notes immediately and without the need for any expensive or complicated training sessions.

Reliable, scalable, and easy to calculate

By outsourcing your fax communications to Retarus, you have at your fingertips the complete capacity of Retarus’ Fax Cloud, spanning multiple data centers and thousands of fax lines. This guarantees you a quick, error-free delivery of your mission critical faxes and the highest availability. Your advantage: maximum reliability, unlimited scalability, detailed reports and absolute cost control.

Faxolution for Windows

Simple desktop fax solution for Windows

Retarus Faxolution for Windows helps zou consolidate your IT infrastructure. Retarus can meet your needs if you want to eliminate your old fax server or if you decide to switch over your existing communications to Voice over IP and still want to retain your fax functionality.

Fax Cloud instead of your fax server

Retarus Faxolution for Windows enables you to send faxes from any of your Windows applications via Retarus’ Fax Cloud. Documents are transmitted to Retarus’ high-performance Managed Fax Service infrastructure and then quickly delivered to the intended recipients. Your advantage: no expensive fax server and no extra telephone lines needed to manage the process.

The least amount of effort

Retarus Faxolution for Windows is fast and easy to implement and operate: all you need to do is open the document you want to send as a fax in the Windows application of your choice and then print it with the Retarus Faxolution for Windows print driver. In the user interface, you can enter the recipients’ fax numbers, choose multiple address mailing lists and schedule the job to be sent.

Inbound Fax Services

Workflow optimization without the need for a fax infrastructure

Retarus Inbound Fax Services are the chosen solution for digital fax reception – they are cost effective and optimized to be ready for immediate deployment in any environment – be it analog, ISDN or a VoIP environment. Faxes that are received will be delivered via FTP, TIFF, SMTP or web service. If required, you have the choice of retaining your current fax number so incoming documents are automatically routed to Retarus. Retarus can also provide you with new service numbers upon request – in whichever country you need them.

Retarus Fax2Applications

Retarus Fax2Applications handles all your company’s inbound faxes directly transmitting them into your business application via FTP, HTTP, SMTP or webservice (SOAP, Rest). Your received documents can conveniently be stored and archived. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables you to automatically process the documents. If required, your incoming faxes can be digitally signed, and we also offer individual Smart Routing functions. You do not require any fax server nor dedicated fax lines. With Retarus’ Fax Cloud, you never have to worry about capacity, redundancy, or security because we take care of all of that for you! Our web based administration portal, which provides total transparency into your messaging process, ensures you always know the status of your fax communications.

Retarus Fax-to-email

Retarus Fax-to-email allows incoming faxes to be delivered directly to your employees’ email inboxes. Each employee can have their own fax number. Alternatively, we receive the faxes via central service numbers. Incoming faxes are received by our data centers and sent as email directly to your employees. All documents can thus be routed to a workflow management system or conveniently be stored and archived. Confidential fax documents can also be encrypted if you wish so. As an option, you can even save all incoming faxes in Retarus’ storage system for a period of 30 days. Whether you want to process the replies of a marketing campaign or optimize the processing of inbound documents, Retarus Fax-to-email helps you improve productivity right from the day of its implementation.

Retarus Fax2Printer

Do you still need the faxes to be printed out? Then Retarus Fax2Printer is the right choice for your business. Retarus’ cloud fax service will receive all of your fax documents and print them directly to one or more of your printers – offering flexible connectivity with support for all standard network and printing protocols as well as optimized format adaption. If you wish, we can simultaneously route the electronic copies via email, encrypting and digitally signing them for safe keeping.

Retarus IP-Fax

If you currently utilize or are planning to implement VoIP for your voice services and would like to implement a Fax over IP solution, Retarus’ cloud fax services can provide the ultimate solution. Retarus’ IP based inbound fax services enable you to easily integrate into Retarus’ Fax Cloud. This is of special advantage when interconnecting subsidiaries abroad. When establishing connections via T.38 or G.711, there will be no extra costs for international fax routing. Thus you will reliably and securely benefit from the advantages of Retarus’ Inbound Fax Services, using your own fax numbers.


Fax functionalities for email clients

Retarus Mail2Fax is the quick and easily deployable fax solution for any email client. The Retarus Cloud Fax concept makes internal fax servers a thing of the past. Retarus Mail2Fax offers you unlimited fax capacity as well as a maximum level of transmission security and reliability. In addition, it allows you to transmit your documents quickly and smoothly in a short span of time, around the clock.

Universal fax interface

You simply send your messages from any email client directly to the Retarus data centers and from there they are sent as faxes to all individual destination numbers of your distribution list. It goes without saying that Retarus Mail2Fax supports formatted HTML messages as well as any type of attached Office documents. The user receives status notifications per email detailing the faxes that have been successfully sent. Retarus Mail2Fax allows you to integrate our powerful fax infrastructure into your business applications such as ERP- and CRM systems.

Printing alternative for mobile devices

Retarus Mail2Fax is also an ideal printer for Smart phones and mobile devices. You simply send an email with all its attachments via Retarus Mail2Fax to a nearby fax machine.


Efficient multi-channel communication per fax, email and SMS

Retarus WebExpress merges fax, email and SMS into an easy-to-use, web-based messaging platform, enabling you to send any document by any of these three communication channels including all relevant contact information. Your Dialogue Marketing activities in turn, display a closer attention and personalized connection to your customers.

Cross-media communications

Whether you use it for ad hoc publicity, press releases, internal communications or sales management – Retarus WebExpress allows you to reach any recipient with a personalized message in seconds using his preferred communication method, be it email, fax or SMS. And if you send emails with large files attached, Retarus global infrastructure will deliver them quickly and in their original format, regardless of how many recipients you’re sending them to.

Easy to use, quick and efficient communication

With Retarus WebExpress you can easily create and manage fax, email and SMS mailings, as well as templates, black lists and distribution lists via web browser. Using the workflow-optimized interface you realize any type of mailing in the wink of an eye. Just upload your mailing lists and templates into the system, or select and modify campaigns from the template management area, and you’re done! The delivery takes place automatically via Retarus’ high-powered data centers.

Faxolution Broadcast

Full service for your special, individualized needs

The fax delivery full service Retarus Faxolution Broadcast allows you to address customers directly and personally without any effort. Just send us your fax documents along with the pertaining distribution lists and we do the rest! There is no need for hardware or software on your side. You only pay for the actual costs incurred for sending the fax broadcast.

Optimization included

We test the delivery quality of your fax documents and templates for perfect transmission results. We do number comparison against international restriction lists as well as your company’s particular black lists. We update your distribution lists, we compile detailed delivery reports for you, and much more.

An array of useful applications

Retarus Faxolution Broadcast is the ideal solution for the quick, reliable and high quality transmission of corporate information. For example: media agencies use it to send out their press information. Retailers make use of it for communicating daily prices, sales and special offers. Quoted companies entrust it their day-to-day investment information. Several corporate tourist groups use it for their sales and marketing activities to inform travel agencies of their daily offers, last minute travel and special deals.

Why Retarus?

Business-Messaging: Quick, safe, dependable and innovative
Let us tell you more
Thousands of large and mid-size businesses as well as 50 percent of the enterprises listed in EURO STOXX 50 entrust their day-to-day Business Messaging to Retarus, with good reason: Retarus offers the highest quality, security and innovation for their messaging applications.

The Perfect Network

Efficient business processes and smooth, transparent electronic communications are among the key factors for success at any enterprise or organization. As a global provider of professional messaging services, we develop market-leading products and solutions for electronic company communications and for the automation and optimization of business processes. Retarus’ vision is to create the perfect network for the global economy. Therein, Retarus manages the safe and efficient flow of information for enterprises around the world. Since 1992 our Managed Services have been providing a level of security, performance and transparency which is unique in the market.

Quality & Innovation

We owe our success to the high quality of our services and to the know-how and many years’ experience of our employees. We focus on our skills and competencies and aim to be the best at everything we do. We conduct research into the latest trends, listen carefully to our customers, and develop and continually expand innovative services offering maximum benefits for clients. Thousands of international companies rely on Retarus for their daily business communications.

Customer Focus & Transparency

From personal targeting by our Support and Sales teams to the project-related customization of our services: our primary focus is always on the customer. As we want you to know at all times what we are doing for you in our various data centers, we offer you in-depth reports – not only during but also after our provision of the services. In this way we can offer a level of process transparency which is second to none in the market. Do you have any questions about Retarus or any of our services?

Faxolution in Action

Success through smooth and effortless fax communications

Let us show you some real life examples

Efficient Dialogue Marketing, full fax functionality with VoIP or effortless document transmission directly from your ERP/CRM system: Retarus’ fax services optimize your communications – just like those of Adidas, Honda and thousands of other businesses. Companies all over the world entrust their day-to-day Business Messaging to Retarus.
In order to succeed in the global market, the Adidas Group needs to remain up to date not only in their product line but also with their corporate communication systems. Retarus’ innovative messaging services provide Adidas with that edge.
There is no need to invest in a costly fax infrastructure to send more than 50,000 faxes a month from SAP systems. AGCO/Fendt, an internationally renowned manufacturer of agricultural equipment, utilizes Retarus Faxolution for SAP, the world’s first SAP-certified managed fax service.
As one of Europe’s leading travel agencies, Thomas Cook AG sends out numerous messages and circulars every month to over 10,000 travel agencies. In order to ensure that these critical messages are quickly and reliably received, regardless of the channel used, Thomas Cook AG chose to use Retarus WebExpress.
We will be happy to discuss what we can do for you during a personal meeting. We can help with all types of industries and business processes.

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Companies of all sizes and all industries optimize their business messaging and business processes with Retarus’ fax services.
Amer Sports
The Linde Group
Thomas Cook

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