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Faxing and the Switch from ISDN to All IPAll IP nd sddnly prblms wth fx?

Once All IP is in and ISDN is out, things will get tricky for faxing. To ensure that you can continue to send and receive (All IP) faxes reliably, you need to take action. Do it right. And make it easy on yourself.

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Voice-over-IP, Fax over Retarus

Save yourself the trouble of trying to integrate fax into your telecommunications systems using a media gateway and start faxing with Retarus. The Retarus Messaging Platform provides you with the perfect fax infrastructure with all the interfaces and APIs you need for connecting your systems and applications. Save administrative costs by implementing a cloud faxing system.
Whether you fax via mail client or multi-function printer, out of / into CRM and ERP systems or web applications. Whether you work with Microsoft, IBM, SAP, or Oracle. Once you are connected to the Retarus Messaging Platform, faxing is a piece of cake—without ISDN and with many additional benefits that a professional cloud fax service has to offer.

Do you use other communication applications besides fax that don’t work with IP? For example, EDI via OFTP1 or X.400?

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Mail2Fax & Fax2Mail

The Perfect Fax Team for Employees.

Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, HCL Notes Domino or Google Workspace—it can be any mail system, on premise or in the cloud. Simply connect to Retarus. Mail2Fax & Fax2Mail runs autonomous from your own telecommunications infrastructure, without ISDN and without additional hardware and software.

Your administrators enjoy convenient configuration options and your employees can fax as easily as before—from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Directly via Outlook, Notes, and other applications. With address book integration and status and delivery reports.

Let your employees save time through fax over IP, from within Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or Adobe Acrobat

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IP Telephony, Unified Communications & fax

Communication Expert Seeks Fax Connection.

Skype for Business, Cisco CallManager (Cisco UC Manager), Unify OpenScape Business, Avaya Aura, and the list goes on.
When it comes to IP communication, more companies are turning to hosted PBX/Unified Communications & Collaboration systems. And it’s no wonder. Audio and video telephony, instant messaging, desktop sharing, email, voicemail, online meetings: cloud telephone systems/UCC systems are all-in-one solutions. Well, almost. Contact Retarus and complete the picture with what hosted PBX/UCC systems can’t do—fax. Additional hardware or software? You won’t need either.

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Fax APIs for ERP, CRM, Web Applications, Online Shops, Etc.

Secure and Reliable Faxing.

Can your enterprise systems send and receive documents, such as orders, order confirmations, delivery schedules, and more by fax? Retarus ensures that your process-relevant fax communication is always secure and reliable. Anywhere in the world.

Once your systems—state-of-the-art or legacy, SAP (SAP S/4HANA, C/4HANA, Business Suite / Netweaver), Oracle, Microsoft, or IBM—are connected to the Retarus fax infrastructure via the corresponding interfaces and APIs, you can say goodbye to ISDN and not look back. The same goes for your fax server.

Your systems don’t communicate by fax? The Retarus Enterprise Cloud also handles email, SMS, and EDI.

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Fax for Multi Function Printers

Sometimes It Just Needs to Be on Paper.

For the exchange of documents – handwritten order forms, urgent documents to and from administrative offices, public authorities, or associations, order lists for employees in the warehouse, or ad hoc credit- and insurance-related documents—fax by multi function printer is often simply the best choice.

Simply retain proven processes. Pull the ISDN cord and remove the telephone plug from the fax card and keep using your Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Canon, Xerox, Kyocera, HP, Samsung, or Brother multi function printer for faxing. With Retarus even after the All IP changeover without transmission problems and with value-added services such as Intelligent Document Processing.

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ALL IP Fax – Why Retarus?

With Retarus, faxing is a piece of cake even without ISDN. Switching to a new solution is easy and pays off, right away and in the future. Your benefits at a glance:

Connecting made easy

  • Connect without changing your systems
  • All standard interfaces and APIs, for example, SOAP, REST, SMTP, (S)FTP, BC-SMTP, SAP RFC, etc.
  • Provision of new telephone numbers or porting of existing numbers
  • No media gateways or fax servers necessary
  • Connection in less than four hours in urgent cases
  • Technical consulting and engineering as needed

Legal compliance and data security

  • Data processing according to applicable national regulations (SLAs and processing domains)
  • Data centers can be audited anytime as needed
  • Compliant to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), PCI DSS, HIPPA & HITECH, BDSG, and ITAR
  • Encrypted data transfer possible (VPN and TLS/SSL)

Reduce overhead, increase flexibility

  • Pay-per-use model: costs are billed according to use and can be calculated exactly
  • Transparent billing according to cost center upon request
  • Sending volume is scalable with no over- and under-utilization of capacity
  • Simplify your IT infrastructure by consolidating vendors
  • Can be expanded to include additional functions (for example, long-term fax archiving, OCR for text and barcode recognition, and encryption)

High administrative usability

  • Web-based administration portal Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS)
  • Convenient configuration options
  • Comprehensive control through real-time monitoring, detailed reports, and analyses

Highest level of availability, delivery reliability, and quality

  • Retarus has data centers in Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, and the USA
  • Multi-redundant tier 1 carrier connection per data center
  • 99.9% delivery success thanks to never busy technology, active carrier management and routing
  • Supports secure network communications (SNC)
  • First, second and third level support, as needed, 24/7

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