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Email Security Services Get the best protection from cyber attacks.

Scammers swindle large sums of money, steal personal data or cripple the entire production process. Protect your business from end to end with the unparalleled Retarus Platform for Email Security.

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Protect your business. Retarus Email Security.

Email is a company’s main method of communication and a threat at the same time, because an email gateway is the front door to your IT system for cyber attacks. The consequences of an attack range from malfunctions in the IT infrastructure and data loss to complete system failure and far-reaching damage to a company’s image. In most cases there are huge costs involved that could have been prevented. Choose Retarus Email Security now for end-to-end protection with innovative defense mechanisms. Because your email is meant to support your business, not put it at risk.

Made in Europe

IT Security Made in Europe

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more intelligent.
Are your defenses keeping up?

Attacks are becoming more precise and intelligent. They long surpass the capabilities of conventional defense mechanisms, posing a continuous risk to companies. That is why you need Retarus to help you create an effective defense system—one that will increase your company’s level of security over the long term.
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Don’t get caught by ransomware, phishing, and CEO fraud.

The consequences of cybercrime: thousands of attacks daily with financial damage in the billions. Data is targeted and stolen, hard drives are locked, ransoms are demanded, infrastructures are compromised, and even entire business operations are temporarily paralyzed. In 90% of all cases, an email is where the attack begins. This means that maximum control of every incoming email is essential for reliable business continuity. Retarus ensures you are in control by ensuring that preventative protection (even against advanced threats), early detection of threats not yet identified, accelerated response processes, monitoring, and analyses work together perfectly.

For your employees and colleagues

Retarus Anti-Phishing Guide

Phishing emails that make it to the inbox despite email security have only one opponent: the mail users themselves. Sensitize them to phishing attacks with regards to Coronavirus! We can help you: with the new Retarus Anti-Phishing Guide. Download it now as a free PDF file in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, perfect for sending to employees and colleagues.
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What leading IT analyst houses say

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“Now Tech: Antiphishing Solutions, Q1 2019”

Learn from the Forrester Report “Now Tech: Antiphishing Solutions, Q1 2019” what really matters when it comes to anti-phishing, what the different defense measures are, and who the key providers are.

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The Radicati Group, Inc.
“Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant 2019”

What do key providers of email security gateways offer? What is their strategy? What are their strengths and weaknesses? The “Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant 2019” report by Radicati Group provides answers.

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Stop attackers before attackers stop your business.

How do you protect your company from known and unknown malware, advanced threats, and targeted attacks? The general rule is that the more targeted the attacker, the more targeted the course of action against the attacker must be. Retarus has developed defense mechanisms that are perfectly harmonized to protect you from attacks.

Advanced protection against advanced threats

To protect from intelligently executed attacks, companies need protection that is just as intelligent. That is why Retarus offers four virus scanners, deferred delivery scanning, sandboxing, time-of-click protection, and CEO fraud protection. We call this advanced.

Targeted protection from targeted attacks

Approximately 80% of targeted attacks are carried out via attachments or links in an email. What’s the best way to protect yourself? Check each incoming email for criminal content. In the case of spear phishing, for example, Retarus detects and filters emails with fake sender addresses. This is also known as CEO fraud. Retarus effectively prevents phishing attacks by checking links the moment they are clicked and obstructing direct access to untrustworthy sites.

Identify unidentified threats

There is no such thing as 100% protection from cyber attacks. Even brand new malware can’t be stopped by the best virus filters the first time around, because their patterns are still unknown. With our patented Patient Zero Detection® technology, it is now possible to identify malware in emails that have already been delivered and warn the recipients as soon as the matching patterns exist. Analysts highly recommend the use of postdelivery protection.
What level of protection do you need?

Protect your information and ensure compliance

Unencrypted emails are easy prey for data thieves. They’re just like a postcard on its way to be delivered. Retarus Email Encryption encrypts emails for you, ensuring that only authorized persons read what you’ve written. Retarus Data Loss Prevention ensures that confidential data, such as customer, production, or design data does not end up somewhere outside of your company’s network. In addition, you can archive your entire email correspondence with Retarus Enterprise Email Archive. Tamper-proof and in real time. With Retarus, you protect not only your information, but also ensure compliance with regulations and international data protection guidelines such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Benefits of Retarus Email Security at a glance


Maximum usability

Take the load off your help desk and make daily emailing easier for your users. Thanks to innovative quarantine management with well-structured alerts for filtered emails, your employees won’t waste time manually classifying and deleting bothersome spam emails.
  • Increase protection of your entire email structure
  • Receive warnings for fraudulent emails
  • Stop attacks in action before they do harm
  • Comply with regulations for encryption and archiving
  • Prevent the loss of confidential information from your company’s network

Maximum identification rates

Benefit from Retarus AntiVirus MultiScans with up to four optimally harmonized virus scanners. Don’t settle for less.

Innovative technology

Expect innovative solutions that go beyond state-of-the-art: from Quiet Time to the patented Patient Zero Detection® technology, which enables early detection of threats not yet identified.


No unpleasant surprises: benefit from a transparent and fair pricing structure thanks to a consistent pay-per-use approach and monthly billing without any advance payments. Purely on the basis of mailboxes you actually use and not for each individual alias address.

Realtime monitoring

Greater insight for your administrators. When did an email run through certain components of the Retarus infrastructure and which filters were used? With Email Live Search, your support team can track each email, quickly, clearly, and in detail.

Connect easily

Choose the direct path. Retarus Email Security can be seamlessly integrated in all customary email systems (STMP) and is compatible with cloud services such as Microsoft 365, HCL Notes Domino, and Google Workplace (Gmail). Simply convert the MX record and that’s it.

Highly available and global

Rely on reliable email security worldwide. The Retarus Enterprise Cloud with its own data centers in Europe, Asia, and the USA provides maximum availability and security. 24/7.

Security and compliance

Rely on maximum security. Retarus’ Enterprise Cloud with its globally distributed data centers fulfills the most stringent country- and industry-specific requirements for data protection and data security. For example, GDPR, PCI DSS, or HIPAA.

Well informed

Get an overview quickly of the effectiveness of Retarus Email Security Services. The web-based Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal allows you to monitor the status of your email at any time, using dashboards and detailed reports. In real time or in user-defined periods.

Enterprise-Level SLAs

Choose the service level agreement that best meets your needs in terms of quality, support, and response time. We offer customized SLAs to guarantee special requirements, for example, the processing of your data only in a special Retarus data center.

Direct delivery

Instead of using your central gateway to deliver emails, use your local email server and gateways. This user-based routing is particularly useful when you are using multiple email systems.

Service and support

Experience first-class support. The Retarus Support Team is here to answer your questions and help you find the right solution for your needs. Anywhere in the world.

Local data processing

Comply with data protection and compliance guidelines relevant to your company’s location. Through local processing in one of the global Retarus data centers.
Retarus Email Security Services offer a high level of reliability and excellent identification rates.
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Kurt Walther

Director Global IT and Business Intelligence, Puma AG

Retarus is our reliable partner in email communication. Thanks to reliable yet innovative solutions, we are also well protected from future threats.
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Stefan Hopf

Head of Messaging & Collaboration, Continental AG

Thanks to wide-ranging experience in the financial and insurance sectors, Retarus is the ideal partner for quickly implementing complex requirements set forth by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).
Read Case Study
Alexander Rose

Head of IT, LV 1871

With Enterprise Email Archive, Retarus helps us fulfill central compliance and business continuity requirements. The service offers us unlimited, scalable, and maximum security when storing email communications.
Peter Ohlig

Head of IT, TROST Auto Service Technik SE

How much security does your email communication need? Find out now.

Email Security Services from Retarus can be customized to meet the security needs of your company. Is the level of security offered by Retarus Essential Protection sufficient? Or do you need more security with Retarus Advanced Threat Protection? Or perhaps you need the maximum security that includes Postdelivery Protection? Simply click the individual components in the packages to learn how they can increase your security.

Target: Maximum protection



Double AntiVirus MultiScan
AntiVirus MultiScan scans incoming and outgoing emails and attached files for malware, and uses heuristic analyses to protect from unknown malware. More information
External Sender Visibility Enhancement
External Sender Visibility Enhancement flags incoming emails sent by an external sender pretending to have the same sender domain as that of the recipient’s company network (spoofing). This feature makes it easier to detect spoofed sender addresses. More information
Phishing Filter
The phishing filter systematically checks incoming emails for phishing attacks and compares the link in the email with specialized sources of known phishing URLs. Suspicious emails are either moved to quarantine and flagged as “phishing” or deleted. More information
AntiSpam Management
Incoming emails are spam-checked using multilingual content analyses and many other identification rules. Depending on the service setting, emails classified as spam are flagged or quarantined. More information
Attachment Blocker
The Attachment Blocker prevents receipt of emails with certain types of attachments that should not be allowed to reach the business infrastructure. For example, .exe, .zip, or Office files with macros. More information
Directory Filter
The Directory Filter rejects incorrectly addressed emails and uses its traffic shaping and traffic throttling mechanisms for improved reputation management. Valid addresses are automatically reconciled with the customer’s systems. More information
Large Email Handling
Large Email Handling allows recipients to receive large emails despite a size limitation defined for the mail server. Access to large emails and attachments is provided via download with simplified user authentication. More information
Administration & Analysis
Directory Synchronization
Automated Directory Synchronization significantly simplifies user administration, since user data from customer directory services (AD or LDAP) is automatically synchronized with Retarus. More information

Access Management
Access Management enables the flexible and requirement-based assignment of administration access rights, e.g. according to country, domain, or department, as well as targeted management of access options to sensitive data. More information

Email Live Search
Email Live Search provides detailed information on the status of each individual email in real time. This search function makes it easier to find emails, simplifies the analysis of delivery delays, and supports IT forensics. More information

Forensic SIEM Integration
Forensic SIEM Integration offers events you can subscribe to that enrich your data stream with details about email security. More information

Monitoring & Reporting
In addition to the easy management of service instances and user profiles 24/7, the web-based Retarus Enterprise Administration Services portal (EAS) offers information about the effectiveness of Retarus Email Security Services. More information

Additional options
Quadruple AntiVirus MultiScan
Recommended upgrade: using four virus scanners from different providers increases the identification rate of malware up to 75% compared to a typical double scan. More information

Quiet Time
Quiet Time allows you to define periods during which external emails may not be received. To protect your employees, e.g. during evenings and on weekends, or for easy, hassle-free maintenance of your email server. More information

Email Signature
According to statutory requirements, business emails must contain signatures, in the same way they are required for customary business letters in commercial correspondence. Retarus Email Signature helps create and centrally manage signatures and disclaimers quickly and efficiently. More information

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)


Quadruple AntiVirus MultiScan
Using four virus scanners from different providers increases the identification rate of malware up to 75% compared to a typical double scan. More information
Deferred Delivery Scan
Deferred Delivery Scan subjects emails with attached files to a second analysis using additional re-scan methods. Because of the delay, signatures, which could lead to the detection of the latest malware, could exist at the time additional scans are performed. More information
Time-of-Click Protection
Time-of-Click Protection automatically rewrites links (URLs) contained in emails (URL rewriting) and checks if the links are potentially dangerous at the time they are clicked, and then prevents direct access to untrustworthy sites. More information
CxO Fraud Detection
CxO Fraud Detection subjects emails to an algorithm check that identifies from-spoofing and domain-spoofing. This allows for reliable identification and filtering of emails sent from fake sender addresses. More information


Features // Detect

Quadruple AntiVirus MultiScan
Using four virus scanners from different providers increases the identification rate of malware up to 75% compared to a typical double scan. More information
Patient Zero Detection (PZD)®
Retarus’ patented Patient Zero Detection® technology makes it possible to identify malware in emails that have already been delivered and warn the recipients as soon as the matching patterns are found. More information

Features // React

PZD Real-Time Response
The Patient Zero Detection® Real-Time Response helps administrators and users respond quickly to threats identified retrospectively and makes IT forensics easier. More information

Information Protection & Compliance


With Retarus Email Encryption, emails are automatically encrypted, signed as needed, and sent securely to the recipient, without the installation of hardware or software.

Data Loss

Retarus Data Loss Prevention uses pattern detection and configurable monitoring entities (credit cards or account data) to prevent confidential information from being emailed.

Email Archive

With Retarus Enterprise Email Archive you can archive internal and external emails in real time, prevent modifications and unauthorized access, and find them in milliseconds.

You and the new Retarus Email Security frontend

End User Quarantine

Your users will love you and will appreciate all that you do for them.

Email Live Search / Monitoring

It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for, with transparency down to the smallest detail.

Service Configuration

Reach your goals in the blink of an eye and sign off for the day a little bit earlier.

Use cases:
Retarus Email Security in real-life applications

Patient Zero Detection®

Reliable malware detection and efficient IT forensics
Detect risks early on

Email Encryption

Encrypted sending of confidential patient data
Transmit sensitive data reliably

Email Security

Comprehensive protection with Advanced Threat Protection
Secure your email communication

It’s time to attack cyber attacks!

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