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Email SecurityEffective Protection from Cyber Attacks. Modular to Meet Your Needs.

Easily defend against sophisticated and persistent malware and phishing attacks before they ever reach your network. Prevent cyber criminals from stealing sensitive data, capturing funds, crippling your systems, and even extortion. Retarus’ cloud-based Email Security Services help you reliably secure your company, users, and data from cyber attacks and the resulting consequences. Seamless integration with any email system thanks to Retarus’ gateway approach. From cloud or hybrid to on-premises.

The challenge

Email is the Most Common Attack Vector for Cyber Crimes

Email is the main method of communication for companies. At the same time, 94% of all malware is spread via email. This makes email the number one attack vector for cyber criminals. The number of email attacks has also increased significantly in recent years. Ransomware attacks in particular, are steadily increasing. Attacks against companies are becoming increasingly sophisticated, not to mention the extortion demands for the release of encrypted data or systems becoming ever higher.

The effects of malware and phishing attacks have become more detrimental for affected companies. They range from massive disruptions of their IT infrastructure to data loss and complete failure of information and production systems.

Interruptions to supply and sales chains lasting several days are not uncommon. In its Risk Barometer, Allianz puts the average cost of cybercrime per affected organization at over 12 million euros.

In addition to the cost of recovery and restoration, this figure also includes consequential costs such as loss of revenue and damage to the organization’s image. Costs that are often incurred due to inadequate email security. That’s why it’s essential to choose comprehensive email protection offered by Retarus’ Cloud Security Services – with their patented, multidimensional defense mechanisms. Because your email is meant to support your business, not put it at risk.

The solution

Email Security Offered by the Retarus Secure Email Platform

Intelligent, Modular, and Protective Components that can be Combined for Maximum Security.

Spam, malware, phishing, business email compromise (BEC) – the attack methods used by cyber criminals are not only diverse. Attackers have become more and more targeted and often combine different methods. As a result, the attacks are becoming more complex and much more difficult for conventional email security solutions to detect. Retarus Secure Email Platform effectively protects your email communications against all kinds of cyber attacks. Intelligent, multi-level defense mechanisms, and patented protective components guarantee perfect cooperation between preventive protection and accelerated response processes. It is especially effective in defending against advanced threats such as ransomware, spear phishing, and CEO fraud, including early detection of previously unknown threats. Maximum control over every incoming and outgoing email is essential for reliable business communication.

That is why the Retarus Secure Email Platform enables you to track the path of every single email through our infrastructure in real time with our admin portal, myEAS, in addition to the detailed reports and comprehensive analyses available. This is data that we can also make available to you via a secure interface for direct integration into your SIEM tools.

Effective Protection from Cyber Attacks with Maximum Flexibility.

Retarus Essential Protection effectively protects your email infrastructure against threats such as malware, spam, phishing, or spoofing. For extended protection, we offer innovative modules as enhancements. They can be added à la carte according to your requirements.

Do you need a higher level of security for your inboxes? With Retarus Advanced Threat Protection, you are optimally equipped against even complex cyber attacks thanks to four parallel virus scanners, Time-of-Click Protection (URL rewriting), and CEO Fraud Detection.

Your email infrastructure can additionally be secured with market-leading sandboxing technology. Suspicious file attachments are executed in a partitioned virtual machine and deleted or quarantined if found.

For maximum protection, Retarus Post Delivery Protection enables subsequent identification of malicious code in emails that have already been delivered. With PZD Real-Time Response, dangerous emails can even be automatically deleted from your users’ inboxes.

Need a connection to your existing SIEM tools? No problem. Forensics SIEM integration delivers events in real-time through a protected interface, allowing you to supplement your data stream with email security details.

Good to know: Retarus’ Email Security Services are the perfect modular enhancement, offering additional protection for standard security components used by Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.


Advantages of Retarus Email Security at a Glance


Maximum usability for users and administrators

Simplify your users’ daily business email routine and reduce the workload of your help desk admins thanks to an innovative quarantine management with a daily email digest detailing filtered emails and a multi-lingual online quarantine portal. For more transparency and user awareness among email recipients and lower support ticket volume.


Maximum detection rates and protection

Take advantage of Retarus’ AntiVirus MultiScan which is connected to several aligned email virus scanners and the leading phishing data sources. Supplemented by an anti-spam engine, spoofing protection, and sandboxing. Don’t settle for less when it comes to email security.


Patented technology

Rely on a provider with innovative solutions that go beyond the state of the art. With Retarus Security Services, you benefit from patented protection features with software we design ourselves. Supplemented content classification and threat prevention from leading technology providers in line with our “best of breed” approach.


Seamless integration

Cloud, hybrid, or on-premises? Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspace? Thanks to a gateway approach, Retarus Email Security integrates seamlessly with all customary email systems without the need for any additional hardware or software. Retarus Email Security is provided securely and with high availability via the Retarus Enterprise Cloud in our own data centers – 100% reliable and auditable at any time.


Well informed

Greater insight for more transparency: with our web-based myEAS admin portal, you can access information quickly for insight into the effectiveness of Retarus’ Email Security Solution. When did email run through certain components of the Retarus infrastructure and which filters were used? Thanks to Email Live Search, you can track each email, quickly, clearly, and in detail. With additional features such as detailed dashboards, live monitoring, and reports.


Transparent billing

No unpleasant surprises: benefit from a transparent and fair pricing structure. Thanks to a systematic pay-per-use approach and monthly billing there are no pre-payments. Billing is effected purely on the basis of mailboxes you actually use, not for each individual alias address.


Service and support

Experience first-class service directly from the provider, from implementation to operation. No anonymous call center provider outsourcing, but our own real expert employees – on site and on the spot even when things get more complex. 24/7 and in the local language.

“Retarus Email Security Services offer a high level of reliability and excellent identification rates.”

Kurt Walter, Director Global IT and Business Intelligence, Puma AG

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Made in Europe

IT Security Made in Europe

Look & feel

Email Security for Admins.

Immediate Results for Help Desk Requests

  • Direct access via myEAS portal
  • Tracking of all incoming and outgoing emails in real time
  • Targeted query of results for individual security features (e.g., anti-spam, phishing detection, sandbox)

Retarus Email Security live search
Retarus Email Security live search results
Retarus Email Security - Allowlist and blocklist
Retarus Email Security - quarantine

Email Security for End Users.

Spam and Malware Report (Digest) for End Users via Email and Browser

  • Increased user awareness: easy to read, understand, and manage
  • Self-configurable digest settings, block and allow lists
  • Instant retrieval of individual emails without user authentication (token login)
  • Available in 11 languages

Everything from a single source

Perfect Solutions for All Aspects of the Number One Business Communication Channel

Approach email with a holistic view. Rely on the Retarus Secure Email Platform. In addition to “classic” email security, you also benefit from numerous other modular solutions for Email Compliance or Email Infrastructure. All of this, as you have come to expect from us: with best-in-class solutions at the enterprise level. From email encryption and secure email archiving to email continuity. Perfectly complemented by one of the most powerful services on the market when it comes to sending emails from business applications. Intelligent workflow and routing features round out our complete package.

Retarus Secure Email Platform

Essential Protection
Advanced Threat Protection
Post Delivery Protection
Forensics (für SIEM, NOC, SOC)
Email Archive
Email Encryption
Data Loss Prevention
Transactional Email
Trace & Recover
Bounce & Response Manager
Email Continuity
Predelivery Logic

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