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High Volume Fax Service Retarus Faxolution: High Performance Communications at Adidas

In order to succeed in the global market, the Adidas Group needs to remain up to date not only in their product line but also with their corporate communication systems. Retarus’ innovative messaging services provide Adidas with that edge.

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Initial Situation

High Volume Fax Transmissions: Up to 40,000 Faxes All over the Globe

There is hardly another sector as global as sporting goods. Adidas’ headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany coordinates all global operations for multiple business units, design studios, subsidiaries and worldwide dealers. To consolidate and expand their market position, the Adidas Group therefore depends on a stable and reliable communication system. The corporation is also competing in a saturated trading environment, which sometimes tends to be traditional.
To reach this sector, it is rather typical for communication to be based on the tried and tested fax technology. More recent communication channels, such as email, have not had significant traction. Fax communication continues to be the most cost effective, reliable and fastest to handle Adidas’ monthly volume of 20,000 to 40,000 pages.


High-Performance Solution for Highly Diverse Corporate Divisions

Fax communication is utilized across the board in the Adidas Group. New products, price updates, inventory status, customer surveys, account detail updates and marketing campaigns targeting retailers are all conducted via fax. In order to manage this large volume of fax transmission, Adidas needs a communication solution with high performance and availability.

“Retarus is the technological leader for electronic enterprise communications. That means that we are excellently advised and equipped to deal with all future technological developments.”

Willi Geißdörfer, Senior Manager Sales Services, Adidas

Primary Challenges

High Definition Faxes for a Uniform Brand Presence

For the sporting goods manufacturer, it was not only essential to be able to easily manage their large volume of faxes, but also to process documents in high definition, as in the sectors which focus on design and lifestyle corporate identity has a particularly high impact on the brand image. Another crucial detail was the ability to check the fax numbers against national and international Robinson lists. The support for creating individualized headers within the application is also of practical importance in the company’s day to day work, as it significantly simplifies the identification of faxes which could not be delivered.These factors were decisive for choosing Retarus’ fax service.


Problem-Free Integration into Daily Work

Retarus Faxolution for Windows is remarkably easy to use for a platform with such impressive performance and significant functionalities. The application appears to the user as a regular Windows printer driver and can be controlled from any Windows program. To send a fax, the user only has to enter a fax number or alternatively select a saved list of numbers. Everything else is completely automatic. The status of the sent fax jobs can also be monitored at all times – at the touch of a button.

Key Benefits

  • High-performance solution for the transmission of large volumes
  • Transmission of high definition fax documents
  • Easy to use without training
  • Seamless integration into all Windows applications
  • Allows users to assign individual headers and apply Robinson lists

No Investment in Specific Hardware

In the background, the program accesses Retarus’ fax infrastructure. This allows the user to benefit from the performance of Retarus’ multiply redundant data centers. As a result, an almost unlimited volume of faxes can be transmitted fast while reducing costs as there is no investment for hardware, telephone lines or fax software.


Intuitive Handling without Training

Adidas has been using Retarus’ Faxolution for Windows and Faxolution Broadcast services for many years. This means that the sporting goods manufacturer has been relying on a powerful communication solution for its global electronic fax transmission. The easy handling, which has been met with particular approval, generally eliminates the need to train employees. With regard to technological development, the Adidas management feels that they are in the best hands with Retarus and well equipped to face future challenges.

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