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Improve Patient Care With Modernized Cloud Communications

Increase collaboration and protect patient health information.

Compliant and Secure Healthcare Workflows

Healthcare is full of regulatory demands and time-sensitive data. Retarus empowers healthcare networks to modernize their processes in order to digitize and scale their business communications with compliant, accurate, and efficient workflows.
Through the Retarus Enterprise Cloud for Healthcare, keep up with high volumes of communications and alleviate bottlenecks. Increase speed, efficiency, accuracy, and turnaround time:

  • 100% cloud-based infrastructure
  • High availability, full redundancy
  • Intelligent, automation-ready processing across workflows
  • HIPAA compliant fax, email, SMS designed for your healthcare network, such as Epic
  • Integrate with popular output management solutions such as PaperCut MF and ActFax
  • REST API for easy integration with any standard or individual healthcare software
Innovation Report

The Urgency of Cloud Fax

Learn how Retarus can drive digital transformation across business communications, enhance security and industry-specific compliance, increase workflow automation, and help reduce overall operational costs.

Each customer is a recommendation

Please review our references for examples of how businesses in the healthcare industry have successfully mastered specific requirements thanks to Retarus’ Cloud Services.


Making Healthcare Communication Secure

In this webinar you will find out why Retarus is exactly the right partner when companies in the healthcare sector want to successfully secure, digitalize and automate communication processes and workflows via the cloud.

24 min | English

Communication Challenges in Healthcare

Issues from dated infrastructures

Inadequate capacity for peak traffic, limited by available phone lines and installed equipment can prevent organizations from innovation and growth. Additionally, constrained budgets limit legacy technology upgrades and delay innovation.

Process interruptions and customer experience issues

Complex, manual processes can lead to high error or failure rates. The inability to keep up with high volumes of messages delays communication deliverability, reduces business efficiency, hinders operational innovation, and ultimately prevents growth.

Reporting and compliance gaps

Building and running a robust information risk management program is resource-intensive and costly. For many organizations, effectively managing risk is a complex and ever-changing process, often met with confusion and stress. Regular updating/patching of software is required. Constant concern around additional attack vectors for cyber attacks adds unwanted load.


Distributed costs, too many vendors

High up-front costs for software maintenance and licenses as well as a growing demand for required staffing for application management and support reduces an organization’s investment in growth. Furthermore, decentralized data management across multiple vendors and servers leads to the inability to meet regional processing requirements. Lack of vendor consolidation limits the benefits from economies of scale, reduces business continuity, and reduces SLA leverage, resulting in vulnerable and less resilient operations with higher costs and lower performance.

As a state of the art surgery center we rely on fax to retrieve the majority of our cases, therefore, up-time and reliability are critical for our business. Since we switched to Retarus we have experienced zero downtime, reduced cost and increased efficiencies.

Sam Murema. IT Specialist, Malo Ambulatory Surgery Center

Retarus Healthcare Communication Benefits

Cloudify Communications Infrastructure

With Retarus’ cloud-based messaging services you only pay “per use”. Eliminate your hardware investment and consolidate your data centers. You’ll experience zero service interruptions by maintenance and our API-based architecture allows for smooth integration into your operations and ecosystems. When your business grows, Retarus’ cloud services grow with you.

Improve Customer Experience

Communication is all about deliverability and reachability. Retarus uses special outbound and inbound mechanisms such as carrier and ISP management, “never-busy” and smart retry technologies, premium routing, local fax numbers, VoIP optimized settings, user-based email routing, and local connectivity via private MPLS. These features create a perfect mix of availability, fast delivery times, international network coverage, compliance with regional regulations, and an ideal cost-benefit ratio.

Protect Your Patient Data and Avoid Data Breaches

Retarus is devoted to data protection, quality assurance, and supporting your compliance requirements. Our data centers and processes are auditable and we ensure full data at rest and data in transit encryption. Retarus adds redundancy for business continuity. Specific standards we adhere to include SOC1/ SSAE18/ ISAE3402 Type I + II, SOC2 Type I + II, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, HL7, FHIR, and GDPR.

Save Money and Accelerate Time to Value

Retarus is the industry leader in throughput and delivery rates with our intelligent routing and global carrier management. We fast track migration of server environments and offer bandwidth options to meet your specific business needs. Sophisticated reputation management as well as bounce and traffic management ensure your messages reach the proper audiences. Retarus removes legacy manual processes to allow organizations to go directly to digital; increasing speed, efficiency, accuracy, and turnaround time.

Retarus is transformational for the workflow, they offer a simple, elegant solution that works. Our manual workflows had constrained our ability to scale our business and grow. They understand our business patterns and needs and help us to utilize our capacity in an efficient way. We would be out of business if it wasn’t for Retarus’ solution.

Business Owner at Leading Pharmacy

HIPAA compliant Cloud Fax Services. Ready for Business.

Consolidate, digitize, automate – and your faxes will always reach their destination. Cut your investment and process costs up to 70% with hipaa compliant cloud fax services by Retarus.

The Retarus Advantage

  • Industry leading throughput and delivery rates
  • Intelligent routing and global carrier management
  • Local and global number provisioning and porting
  • Never busy technology
  • Enterprise Level SLAs


  • Premium security, compliance, and availability
  • No need for SW/HW updates or maintenance
  • Highly scalable, flexible, and performant
  • Real time monitoring and analytics
  • Fast track migration of server environments

More information:

Retarus Cloud Fax Services

Transactional Email. Built for Performance.

Unburden your own infrastructure, become a trusted sender and send transactional emails in compliance with local data protection regulations and requirements. Ensure your delivery rate is close to perfect with a high sender score.

Designed for Reliability, Scale, and Compliance

  • World’s fastest delivery platform
  • Sophisticated reputation management
  • Bounce and traffic management
  • Blacklist prevention via intelligent routing
  • CSA-certified whitelisting for large ISPs


  • Built-in encryption features
  • Guaranteed throughput / bandwidth options (SLA)
  • No efforts for multiple ISP management
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting data via API
  • Designed for smooth application integration


More information:

Retarus Transactional Email

Enterprise SMS. The Direct Connection to Your Patients.

Retarus helps you reach 99% of all mobile networks. That means
almost everyone in the world. Quickly and reliably.

Secure, effective communication

  • Ideal for process notifications, two-factor authentification, emergency alerting
  • Sender ID selection; long- and short-codes
  • Global black-out time capabilities and duplicate checking
  • Two-way for stop-SMS or process interaction


  • Strong local and global coverage via hyper-aggregation
  • Premium SMS option for high deliverability
  • Reliable delivery notifications
  • Smooth integration via various interface options

More information:

Retarus Enterprise SMS Services

Secure Email Platform. Ensure secure critical communications every time.

The complete solution for the most centralized of all channels: with the best-in-class solution for email, communication processes are reliable and secure at all times. From email security and email encryption to email continuity. Always 100% GDPR compliant and processed in European Retarus data centers.

The highest security for your digital nervous system: your email infrastructure

  • The highest level of inbox protection with modular options
  • Patented solutions combined with market-leading technologies
  • Email continuity in emergency situations
  • Simple data encryption for greater sender and recipient acceptance


  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • No US providers or hyperscalers
  • Customized service and support
  • Seamless integration in all common (cloud) email systems
  • Cost-efficient pay-as-you-use model per inbox

For more information, visit:

Exchange Healthcare Data easier and faster. Retarus HL7 Services.

Retarus Managed EDI/HL7 Services ensure that communication between Healthcare Systems is efficient and secure. Optimize not only your information flow, but also your supply chain. Communicate efficiently across any Health, ERP or SCM System.

The future of healthcare is digital

  • Fully managed EDI / HL7 Platform
  • Capture and document validation services
  • AI-based intelligent document recognition engine
  • Electronic signature
  • SLA monitoring, automatic ticket creation, service management


  • HL7 / HIPAA compliant
  • Data validation based on master data
  • Long term archive including multi-file support
  • Migration specialists and proven implementation methodology
  • Managed file transfer

More information:

Retarus Managed EDI Services

Use cases: Premier Cloud for your Healthcare Communications

secure transmission of laboratory results thanks to cloud fax services

Data security

Data security and patient rights are of the utmost importance in the healthcare industry. With Retarus Cloud Fax Services, healthcare companies can ensure that sensitive information like lab data is transmitted quickly and reliably.
Transmit sensitive data reliably

Reliable patient reminders

Thanks to Retarus Enterprise SMS Services, doctors can remind patients of their appointments or payment via text, significantly reducing the cost and effort involved in managing appointments and the dunning process.
Appointment reminders by SMS
Optimized order processes via fax cloud solution

Email Encryption

Sensitive data should never fall into the wrong hands. With Retarus Email Encryption, companies and institutions can ensure the confidentiality of their communication and comply with data privacy and protection regulations without difficulty.
Protect sensitive data

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