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Ready-for-the-future: Retarus Premier Cloud Faxing designed to keep up with the modern, diverse, and dynamic healthcare landscape

Secaucus, 30.06.2020 // The healthcare industry’s fast-paced environment has been challenged by current events. While companies are advised to shift their enterprise workloads to the cloud by 2022, the need has hit this particular vertical with increased urgency. The channels of communication are vital to the success of this ever-evolving industry and its mission critical needs. With its Premier Cloud Fax, Retarus has seamlessly migrated multiple healthcare organizations to a robust cloud communications environment, helping them meet all the requirements for secure, fast, and reliable digital fax communication.

The use of Cloud Fax from Retarus, a leading provider of Enterprise Cloud Services, makes it possible to replace outdated fax infrastructures and to comply with legal regulations, industry standards, and compliance requirements such as HIPAA and HITRUST at all times. In addition, healthcare companies benefit from Retarus’ competitive pricing, which helps them optimize their budget while improving workflow efficiency.

At the end of the value-added chain, the transmission of fax documents is all about ensuring optimal patient care – as quickly, securely, and reliably as possible. With Retarus, healthcare networks modernize and digitize their processes. For example, Retarus Premier Cloud Faxing Services support clinical laboratories in securing laboratory results, in pre-authorization, and in transmitting transaction messages directly from their business applications. Healthcare companies benefit from legally compliant, targeted, efficient, and scalable business communication. This helps maximize profits, builds trust with patients and business partners, and enhances their reputation.

Secure transmission and data security to the highest standards

As one of the world’s leading providers of cloud fax services, Retarus is heavily invested in data protection, quality assurance, and compliance with legal regulations. The company takes its responsibility towards its customers and their data very seriously and is therefore always looking for ways to improve the security, privacy, and compliance posture of the industry and clients globally.

Retarus Premier Cloud Faxing Services meet the utmost quality and transmission requirements, which can be contractually stipulated in SLAs and are HIPAA and HITRUST compliant, among many other things. Retarus’ HITRUST CSF compliance means that the organization meets the requirements set by more than 44 authoritative sources, globally-recognized standards, regulations and business requirements, including: HIPAA, HITECH, NIST, ISO, PCI, FTC, COBIT and relevant State laws. Besides meeting all requirements for data protection and data security, the services can be audited at any time. In addition, data protection-compliant processing in the local Retarus data centers offers healthcare companies maximum security – one of the main reasons why more and more American healthcare providers are choosing Retarus as their cloud service provider.


Fast transmission – thanks to intelligent document routing

In the healthcare sector, the handling of time-critical data is part of daily business. Intelligent document routing ensures particularly fast fax transmission. Retarus ensures that all faxes are automatically sent via the routes or carriers whose line quality and availability best match the respective dispatch order. This enables the cloud service provider to achieve higher throughput compared to fax servers and devices. Neither server failures nor transmission errors disturb the process-relevant fax communication. To ensure perfect control of their fax communication, healthcare companies also have access to features such as real-time monitoring and detailed reports.

Quick and tailored implementation

With Premier Cloud Faxing, healthcare organizations get an innovative solution designed to their unique needs and budget, replacing outdated fax server infrastructures with minimal effort. Retarus’ fax services are immediately ready for use. Thanks to open standards, they can be connected to business or cloud applications from almost any manufacturer very quickly and efficiently. Retarus also provides its customers with local service and telephone numbers which can be conveniently managed and assigned. It is also possible to port existing incoming fax numbers at any time.

70 percent less investment and process costs

Thanks to Retarus’ fair and transparent pricing structure, healthcare companies that opt for Premier Cloud Faxing reduce their investment and process costs by up to 70 percent when compared to self-operated fax servers or infrastructures. They can massively reduce (and in some instances, completely eliminate) their expenses for telephone and fax infrastructures, fax servers, software, updates, administration, and maintenance. The Retarus billing models (flat or pay-per-use) rely on fixed package or page prices instead of hidden costs – regardless of the transmission time. Thanks to Retarus Premier Cloud Faxing, confusing costs spread over several providers are finally a thing of the past.

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With its outstanding solutions and services, intelligent infrastructure, and patented technology, Retarus manages communication for companies worldwide. Retarus’ state-of-the-art technologies, highly available data centers, and innovative cloud messaging platform offer maximum security, maximum performance, and business continuity. With experience in steering information flows at the enterprise level, Retarus ensures that information is transferred securely and reliably to the right place, at the right time, in the right format—since 1992 and with now 15 subsidiaries on four continents. 25 percent of S&P100 companies as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies in the banking, finance and healthcare sectors rely on Retarus’ services. Longstanding customers include Adidas, Amer Sports, athenahealth, Bayer, BNP Paribas, Bosch, Continental, Cubic Corporation, DHL, Fujitsu, Geico, Goldman Sachs, John Deere, J.P.Morgan, LabCorp, Merck, Petronas, PSA, Sony, and Zeiss.

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