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Mark MaloneThe Urgency of Cloud Fax Innovation Report

“The demand for fax systems has not diminished, business needs are growing, and almost 100% of fax services growth will utilize cloud computing platforms.”

Why You Should Read the Innovation Report

Just because companies need to fax, they should not be in the business of running a large-scale fax operation. Maintaining fax servers is burdensome and time-consuming for IT teams, and it takes up resources that are better spent elsewhere.

With the advantages of cloud fax well within reach, it makes little sense to continue using a dated fax infrastructure. By moving to Retarus Cloud Fax, businesses benefit from increased productivity, more reliable communication processes, and freed up IT resources. And most importantly: They make faxing a thing their IT teams no longer need to worry about.

Download the report by Mark Malone, a leading industry analyst, to learn more about why fax servers are holding your business back, how you can benefit from cloud fax, and why migrating to the cloud is easier than you might think.

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