Use your SAP systems to communicate digitally

Are you planning production, processing orders, or invoicing? As a strategic platform for the digital transformation, SAP offers a variety of ways to accelerate your business processes. Retarus’ innovative Fax Services for SAP is the perfect complement to solutions such as SAP S/4HANA or SAP BusinessByDesign. Retarus services help you communicate with suppliers and customers efficiently, flexibly, and reliably at all times. You can easily digitize faxes and integrate them into your workflows. And it doesn’t matter whether your landscape is on-premises, uses the cloud, or is a hybrid of the two.

Stay flexible

The digital transformation is placing high demands on your company’s IT infrastructure. Increasing data volume, targeted use of cloud solutions, the switch to Voice over IP, and increasingly stronger international interconnectedness require flexible solutions that can be easily adapted to meet new requirements. With Retarus Fax Services for SAP, you can reliably communicate with your business partners in a digital environment at all times.

Your processes can cross country borders smoothly and still fulfill all international and company-internal compliance requirements. Thanks to the ideal combination of a sustainable standard and customized options, these services can be integrated seamlessly in your SAP environment. Even switching to your preferred communication channel, for example, from fax to email, is easy and possible anytime.

With Retarus Fax Services for SAP, it’s now easy to switch to Voice over IP for your fax communications. Faxes are no longer sent via the telecommunication provider’s VoIP infrastructure, but rather directly through the Retarus data center. This means you benefit from maximum reliability and transaction security. Without further investments in hardware, software, maintenance, licenses, and lines.

Your benefits at a glance

Seamless integration and SAP certification

Regardless of the SAP version you use or the interface you prefer, with Retarus you are always on the safe side. This is because Retarus Fax Services can be integrated seamlessly and without the need for system customizations in your SAP environment thanks to SAP-certified interfaces (RFC and BC-SMTP).


Scalable and flexible

Prevent over- and under-utilization of capacity. Regardless of whether you send 1,000 faxes today or one million tomorrow from your SAP system—the Retarus Global Delivery Network provides you with the exact bandwidth you need at any given point in time. Peak time problems in batch runs and problems with fax campaigns sent from your SAP system are things of the past and business-critical processes become faster.

All channels on one platform

Stay flexible. Retarus Services for SAP offers you the right service for every communication channel. And along with enabling you to send faxes from the SAP system, our service also provides you with reliable communication via text, email, or EDI.

Use cases: Retarus Services for real world applications

Smart process, little effort

Automated order processes

Entering orders manually in an ERP system is time-consuming. With Retarus Managed Capture Services, you can highly automate your ordering processes. Even forms filled out by hand can be processed in the same digital infrastructure—with efficiency and transaction security.
Automate the order process

Automate processes 100%, reduce costs by 60%

Large email volumes

Regardless of whether you are sending out a mass-volume email marketing campaign, a high number of individualized invoices, or automatically sending notifications from shop systems and travel platforms. With Retarus Email for Applications, you can send high volume of emails directly from your business applications. Fast, reliable and without your own email server.
Send large volumes of emails

Voice over IP, fax over Retarus

Fax service, not fax server

Fax servers can’t be virtualized, but fax communication can be. Retarus Fax Services enable you to communicate by fax anytime without the need for additional hardware or software—reliably, securely, and on demand. Under and over utilization are things of the past and peak times are no longer an issue.
Replace your fax server

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