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Reliable Detection of Malware and Efficient IT Forensics with Retarus Patient Zero Detection®

The Challenge

Simple protective measures have long been insufficient. The number of viruses attacking a company’s infrastructure on a daily basis has grown too large. Once malware has entered the system, it becomes crucial to limit the damage it can cause. Only by identifying the recipients of infected messages, the socalled patient zeros, can timely measures be taken to prevent greater harm from being inflicted. At the same time, system settings have to be optimized continually to ensure comprehensive protection from future threats.

The Background

Unfortunately, a large portion of electronic mail consists of spam, virus or targeted phishing attacks. Across the globe, more than 390,000 new instances of malicious software are registered daily. That means an average of 270 new computer viruses per minute. Email security programs are generally reliable at filtering out infected emails. However, no virus filter can offer 100 percent protection. When a specific virus first appears, even the best virus scanners are not familiar with its signature. That’s why in addition to cloud services a lot of companies employ on-site virus scanners or elaborate sandboxing solutions. But in such cases administrators and recipients also often only learn about the existence of new types of viruses after it is already too late and the malware may have already had a chance to cause damage. The fact that the origin of the attack often remains unknown additionally complicates IT forensics enormously.

The Solution

Retarus Email Security safeguards reliably against malware attacks thanks to multi-level virus protection, intelligent spam and phishing filters as well as a unique attachment blocker. Retarus‘ proven fourfold virus scan, for instance, already ensures a very high level of protection by filtering out 35 percent more viruses than conventional virus protection services which rely on only two scanners. In combination with Retarus Patient Zero Detection®, businesses can now protect their infrastructures even more securely against attacks and are moreover able to detect previously unknown malware.

Customer Benefits

  • Maximum protection for your IT infrastructure
  • Quick response to attacks
  • Simplified IT forensics
  • Efficient business communication
  • Sustainable optimization of system settings

Benefits at a Glance

Recipients of previously undetected malware reliably identified
Seamlessly integrates with Retarus Enterprise E-Mail Archive and Retarus E-Mail Encryption
Email delivery without any delay
Detailed reports and analyses
Instant alerting

Use Case

Retarus E-Mail Security makes use of multiple virus scanners with continually updating filter rules, which already provide an effective safeguard against the overwhelming majority of malicious messages. Retarus’ innovative Patient Zero Detection® technology also identifies dangerous emails which have already been delivered. To this end, a digital fingerprint is generated for each attachment carried by incoming emails and stored in a database within the Retarus infrastructure. This does not result in any delay in delivery times. As soon as a virus scanner identifies malware in the same type of attachment at a later time, Retarus compares the fingerprint for the malicious attachment with the information saved in the database. The infected email is deleted immediately. If the signature matches one already stored in the database, the responsible administrators and, optionally, all previous recipients of the attachment are alerted immediately. With Patient Zero Detection® Real-Time Response, findings can be rule-based processed to identify and automatically move or delete potentially dangerous emails in a user’s mailbox.

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The impacted systems can be identified in no time and measures can be taken to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the company’s network. In this way, the infected email can often be deleted even before it has been opened. Once an infected attachment has been opened, Retarus Patient Zero Detection® simplifies the IT forensics. Detailed reports and analyses provide concrete points of reference about which files should be searched for viruses. In order to ensure better protection for the system in the future, the filter settings in Retarus Email Security are continually optimized based on information obtained from Retarus Patient Zero Detection®.

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Did You Know?

According to Kaspersky, $ 861,000 is the average cost resulting from a cyber attack against enterprises.

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