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Professional Communication with Retarus WebExpress

The Challenge

In today’s fast-moving world, companies would like to keep their employees informed as promptly and transparently as possible — no matter whether it’s a regular newsletter from the company director, emergency notifications, updates on restructuring or invitations to the annual Christmas party. The challenge is that a variety of departments may be involved in the communication process, depending on the situation. A wide variety of different channels are often used to communicate with staff. Email is not always the channel of choice, particularly when communicating information that is especially urgent. There is hardly a communication channel that reaches employees as quickly as an SMS. On the other hand, sending a fax is often the most successful way of communicating simultaneously with remote branch offices and subsidiaries.

The Background

Many HR and technical departments continue to rely on their email clients for internal communication. However, this offers extremely limited options, both in terms of layout and personalization. Often reliable reports containing statistics on delivery status, open rates, and click counts can only be created with additional tools. Especially in the case of change processes, reporting is both necessary and mandatory. Apart from conventional email, other delivery methods can only be handled by additional providers or services, if at all.

The Solution

With Retarus WebExpress, companies can reach their internal target groups in the blink of an eye, addressing them personally across multiple messaging channels. The portal offers the communication channels email, fax, and SMS on one standardized browser interface. So a single campaign can comprise multiple messaging channels. Distribution lists can be maintained directly in Retarus WebExpress. For example, they can be imported as Excel files or automatically synchronized via an HTTPS interface.

Customer Benefits

  • Improvement of internal communication processes
  • Adherence to compliance requirements
  • Faster response times in cases of emergency
  • Integration of branch locations
  • Greater staff loyalty

Benefits at a Glance

Operated in Retarus’ data centers
Scalable bandwidth and high availability
Personalized and scheduled sending
Transmits using multiple media channels
Personal support

Use Case

Retarus WebExpress is intuitive, enabling employees from various departments to send notifications themselves at any time. No IT support is needed in most cases. Thanks to granular user management functions, access rights can be defined individually for each department, meaning that the platform can be used by HR, technical departments and the works council at the same time. Distribution lists and transmission reports are kept strictly separate. To not only reach recipients reliably, but also gain their full attention, a personal greeting is absolutely crucial. For information sent by HR, in particular, it is advantageous to automatically customize the message with regard to supervisor, department, or subsidiary location.

More information
The more closely the notification is personalized to the specific employee and department, the more effective it is. Retarus WebExpress offers personalization functions that go far beyond simply inserting a personalized greeting. In principle, all information stored in the distribution list can be used to customize the individual message. Comprehensive reports allow highly detailed analysis of open rates and clicked links. In communication with staff, for example, this makes it possible to track whether an invitation to mandatory training courses has reached all relevant employees.
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Did You Know?

According to a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, organizations that personalize their messages increase customer orders by 57 percent.

Other Scenarios

Subsidiaries and branch offices

When employees at various branch offices need to be reached at once, sending a fax with Retarus WebExpress is a good option. A fax machine can easily be operated in any retail store, without IT support and with virtually no maintenance.

External communication

To reach external target groups, such as customers or business partners, Retarus WebExpress helps users to create marketing newsletters and email campaigns in a matter of minutes using the company’s own corporate design – including subscription management with double opt in.

Notifications in cases of emergency

By integrating various communication channels Retarus WebExpress is perfectly suited for promptly contacting employees in cases of emergency. SMS messaging reliably notifies employees in special circumstances, such as severe weather and product recalls.

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