No, Slack’s Not out to Kill Email

No, Slack’s Not out to Kill Email

Slack has just launched its new Slack Connect feature. Paying corporate customers can now use the service to share slack channels with up to 20 other businesses. But that certainly doesn’t mean that email is anywhere near in danger of becoming superfluous.

Slack’s CEO, Stewart Butterfield, was at pains to emphasize as much in an interview with ‘WIRED’. “We don’t need to kill email. We never set out to,” says Slack’s CEO in an interview thoroughly worth reading. “Email serves so many purposes, and I think it has some real advantages, especially in being the lowest common denominator. That might sound like a negative, but I don’t mean it that way. It’s a universal standard.” Everyone is able to run their own SMTP or IMAP server, and within universal namespace email, anyone is able to message anyone else.

True enough, Mr. Butterfield. However, even though anyone can set up and operate their own email servers in principle, we still highly recommend outsourcing your email communication – which is often business-critical, yet still not considered part of the core business – to a provider with expertise and experience. At Retarus, for example, we have in-depth knowledge about Email Security (including Business Continuity) and offer mass messaging with an impeccable sender reputation straight from your business applications.

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