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The global economy is wholly dependent on reliable information logistics. And each member of the Retarus team makes a significant contribution to its success. That’s a hugely important and challenging mission.

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HR Administrator (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

Werkstudent Enterprise IT (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Regular Part Time

Senior Account Manager (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

IT System Engineer / Linux Engineer (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

Praktikant im IT-Consulting (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

Werkstudent IT Compliance & IT Security (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Regular Part Time

Business Development Analyst (m/f)

New Jersey // USA // Full Time

Billing Specialist (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

Accountant – Messaging Market

New Jersey // USA // Full Time

IT Senior Service Desk Engineer

New Jersey // USA // Full Time

Werkstudent Networks (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Regular Part Time

Werkstudent Online Marketing (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Regular Part Time

Werkstudent Produktmanagement (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Regular Part Time

Werkstudent Webentwicklung und Scripting (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Regular Part Time

Werkstudent im Bereich Informatik (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

Senior Network Engineer (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

B2B (Senior) Account Manager

London // United Kingdom // Full Time

B2B Senior Account Manager (m/f)

Paris // France // Full Time

Software Entwickler (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

Technical / Pre-Sales Consultant (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

B2B (Senior) Sales Manager

Singapore // Singapore // Full Time

IT Support Engineer – Messaging Market

New York // USA // Full Time

B2B Senior Account Manager (m/w)

Zurich // Switzerland // Full Time

B2B Account Manager (m/w)

Vienna // Austria // Full Time

Praktikant Java-Entwicklung (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Regular Part Time

Werkstudent Java-Entwicklung (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Regular Part Time

Product Manager Cloud Services B2B (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

Werkstudent/Praktikant Controlling (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time/Part Time

Auszubildender zum IT-Systemkaufmann (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

Web Entwickler (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time/Part Time

Software Tester – Enterprise Portale (m/w)

Munich // Germany // Full Time

Apply at Retarus:

Apply at Retarus:

We have efficient decision-making processes in place and we all believe in teamwork. The company is flexible and there are plenty of opportunities. That’s why I love being a Retarian!

Jan Volz

Contract Manager

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10 great reasons employees love working at Retarus.
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Grow as an individual.

The Retarus Academy helps you to learn to grow, both professionally and personally.
Retarus Academy

years of company service on average

years of start-up spirit


women – way above average


of the team have been with us for over 10 years

nationalities at sites worldwide


of trainees have been taken on

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Qualified. As experts, strategists and humans.
The ideal Retarus manager sets and achieves goals – keeping the bigger picture in view, using in-depth knowledge, and showing a good understanding of people. Are you goal-driven, strategic in your thinking, and professionally or technically qualified? Are you able to listen, convince, lead, and motivate? Do you set an example, make decisions, provide support, and work well with others?
Become a team manager at Retarus and contribute to our success. Benefit from the established structures and shared values every day at a globally active, owner-led company.
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Settle in. Then move forward.
Do you have several years as a professional under your belt and now want to try something different? Are you looking for a workplace where challenges and security, continuity and innovation, success and humanity are not mutually exclusive? Good. Your next destination is in sight.
Pursue a career as a specialist or in projects, verticals or horizontal development, working behind-the-scenes or center-stage to satisfy renowned customers. Opt to get on the management track or work abroad for a while. Whether you’re an expert, a generalist, or making a lateral move, Retarus offers a wide range of professional paths to follow. And the Retarus Academy will support you on your way.
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Young Professionals

Cold water, green fields, and a great climate.
Have you recently completed your training or studies and are now looking for the perfect environment to begin your professional life in earnest? Congratulations, you’ve just found the right place.
At Retarus you are welcome to start your career in hands-on mode. Use and expand your knowledge, set and achieve goals, make mistakes and learn from them, show initiative and assume responsibility, contribute ideas, take advantage of development opportunities—all in a positive, energetic work environment. Engage in constructive interaction, giving you lots of room to be yourself, to use your creativity, and to take the road less traveled.
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University students

Practically unbeatable.
Retarus is successful around the world, but we’re not a corporate conglomerate. Retarus is experienced, but has remained young at heart. Retarus is an IT service provider, but the company develops, operates and sells its cloud services on its own. You can look forward to a very exciting range of tasks and duties in the most diverse departments.
Join in and get involved. Put theory into practice, ask questions and find answers, support our teams or work on your own projects. It’s a chance to expand your knowledge, your horizons, your network, and your prospects.
What are your options at Retarus?
During your studies, you can be employed as a working student (up to 20 hours/week) or within the scope of an internship/practical semester (full time). Final thesis? Not a problem, if your topic is one of ours. Permanent position opportunities? You bet. Many of our former working students are now Retarus employees.
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Vocational training & apprenticeships

Why is an apprenticeship at Retarus the perfect start for your future in IT?
At Retarus you’ll learn about the various departments and scope of work at an internationally successful IT company. From the very start you’ll be assigned tasks that will help you develop professionally and personally, and you’ll learn (little by little) to work independently and autonomously, even on international projects. Your colleagues and managers will guide and support you along the way. During the last part of your vocational training, you’ll have the opportunity to work exclusively and intensively in the department of your choice.
Retarus has been a successful market player since 1992 and is growing internationally, yet it has retained the character of a startup company. During your training at Retarus you’ll not only experience defined structures and organized processes, but also creative freedom and innovative development.
Retarus’ apprentices often complete their studies with Competitive grades: good or very good. Even better- most of them complete their training not only having learned a lot, but with a clear goal in mind—a career at Retarus.
Who can I become at Retarus?

  • IT specialist for system integration (m/f)
  • IT management assistant (m/f)
  • IT specialist for application development (m/f)
  • Office manager (m/f)

Find out more about what our trainees think about working for Retarus. “IT Superheroes” is a film created especially for you by our trainees.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Apply for an internship instead and find out if vocational training at Retarus is the right option for you.
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Achieve your goals.

We care about your personal development. The Retarus Career Team aims to support you in developing your personal skills. And you’ll sense this at every step along your career path at Retarus— during your interview, on your first day, during the onboarding process, and of course, as you participate in numerous courses of training.
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Do the right thing.

You may have many questions when you apply. To find all the answers you need, take a look at this overview of the application procedure. There’s is also an FAQ section which answers the most common questions.
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What do you like about Retarus?

…the positive working environment, great colleagues (including managers), and the ability to develop personally and professionally while also helping others…

Orlando Ellis

Implementation Engineer

… that I work in a great team with fantastic people and that even after almost 22 years I still feel really good here …

Petra Kühnel

Key Account Executive

…that honest opinions are respected, and really helpful colleagues who are also a lot of fun to work with…

Nico Giannelli

Account Manager

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