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Precise to the millisecond: NTP services in the “Internet of Things”

The “Internet of Things” is growing at an astounding rate: Therefore, an increasing number of applications which require precise and synchronized time information in order to perform their tasks reliably. Retarus now offers reliable, fail-safe and future-proof NTP services, which allow businesses to control and monitor the time synchronization of client devices flexibly via the internet. Using service level agreements, Retarus provides a binding guarantee that the services will remain available throughout the entire contract period.

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Machine to machine and person to person: This is how Industry 4.0 can succeed

Digitalization is making its way into factory halls. Keywords such as “the digital factory” and “industry 4.0” are heralding the implementation of an increasing number of “smart” machines. In order to encourage the necessary acceptance of automated systems, it is, however, important to integrate them as seamlessly as possible into the human work processes.

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