Delivery tracking via SMS: How SMS services facilitate last mile delivery

Delivery tracking via SMS: How SMS services facilitate last mile delivery

Online rather than window shopping: According to a recent study by the Centre for Retail Research, in Germany alone the turnover for online shopping has risen by 23.1 percent over the last year to 52.8 billion Euros. The study estimates that total revenues for 2016 are set to reach 62.5 billion Euros.

Meeting the last mile delivery challenge

With the growing importance of e-commerce and online shopping, the demands on logistics companies are also on the rise. At the end of the day, the ordered goods have somehow to be transported from the distribution center to their final destination (this is known as last mile delivery or last mile fulfillment). And customers don’t only expect their long-awaited packages to be delivered quickly and reliably, but would also like to be kept informed about the current status via delivery tracking at any given time.

Optimized delivery processes thanks to Retarus SMS Services

With the assistance of Retarus SMS Services, logistics companies can send short messages on a regular basis to inform their customers of the latest delivery status and the estimated delivery time, helping them to efficiently manage all of the communication processes for the last mile. These companies don’t only benefit from the highly dependable sending and receiving of SMS within a few seconds, but also from virtually unlimited transmission capacities, maximum transaction safety and the highest levels of transparency.

Zyllem relies on Retarus to optimize its network of suppliers

One company that has recognized the crucial role communication plays in last mile delivery is Zyllem. The logistics innovator headquartered in Singapore manages its communication processes for last mile fulfillment by means of SMS services from the cloud. As the provider of an innovative platform for parcel delivery, Zyllem has set itself the goal of optimizing shipment and delivery processes. To ensure the efficiency of its supplier network, the logistics enterprise keeps its customers up to date about the status of their packages with the help of Retarus SMS for Applications. The authentication process for the Zyllem platform is also done by means of Retarus’ services. To enable the registration to be carried out quickly and easily using a smartphone, new customers receive an SMS containing an authentication link as part of the automated registration process.

Higher customer and partner satisfaction with Retarus SMS Services

With the introduction of Retarus SMS for Applications, both delivery and authentication processes have become substantially more convenient and transparent for Zyllem’s stakeholders, which include shipping partners, e-commerce and online retail shops as well as the end customers. Thanks to more efficient communication and the dependable sending and receiving of SMS within seconds, the company now measures greatly increased levels of customer and partner satisfaction. Find out more about this project in our press release. Discover more details about Retarus SMS Services here or from your local Retarus contact person.

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