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Communication at the Enterprise LevelOne Partner. All Solutions.

Successful businesses need efficient and reliable communication processes. Retarus’ cloud-based platforms offer all the technologies and services enterprises require for their most important and demanding areas of business communication.

The Messaging Platform

Communication solutions for the digital workplace and enterprise applications. Replaces on-premises communication servers, gateways, and hubs. Combines easy-to-implement interfaces for a seamless integration into today’s IT environments with security, compliance, peak performance, and superior service.
Discover the Retarus Messaging Platform

The Secure Email Platform

Europe’s leading email security service that answers all your transactional and marketing needs as well as your enterprise email requirements. Simply integrates with all industry standards and proprietary applications. Empowers you to separate your desktop email from transactional and marketing email.
Discover the Retarus Secure Email Platform

Integration and Automation

Format and media-independent processing of documents and messages that enhances process communication in digital supply chains and workflows. Convert unstructured data from documents and messages into structured data and divide, edit, or route it based on content. Automation solutions for non-EDI-enabled business partners and services for both inbound and outbound orders and invoices. 
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Enterprise Services

Excellent service that makes a difference: individual and personal. Customized SLAs for maximum security and control. Experienced technical consultants who solve even the most complex integration scenarios for you. Worldwide premium support in the local language 24/7/365. Personal Service Managers who proactively monitor your services to ensure the most consistent and highest quality.